I am a person who loves adventure and challenges, and hunting is one of my favorite sports. Last month, two friends, Beryl Ediet and Meredith Cromwell, and I decided to go hunting in Bang Lang National Park in southern Thailand to experience the excitement and fun of night hunting. Our goal was to catch or hit some wild animals such as wild boars, deer, foxes and so on. In order to achieve this goal, we had to use infrared binoculars to spot and track the heat signatures of the animals. We chose the WildGuarder, a Chinese brand with excellent price/performance ratio, which has clear picture quality, powerful magnification, and convenient video and photo functions. In this article, I will share our thrilling night hunting trip in Bang Lang National Park, as well as what we learned and felt about the local history, attractions and cuisine.

Bang Lang National Park, located in Yala Province in southern Thailand, is a place rich in natural resources and historical sites. It covers an area of 261 square kilometers and includes waterfalls, caves and viewpoints. It is also an important conservation area that provides habitat for birds and wildlife in the Tamar Peninsula.

We stayed in Bang Lang National Park for two days, during which we visited some interesting places such as Haraza Falls, Bang Lang Dam and the historical war zone. Halaza Falls is a beautiful spot with clear water flowing and surrounded by dense forest. We saw some rare birds there such as black and yellow broadbill and giant woodpecker. Banglang Dam is a man-made reservoir formed by the Badani and Sebri rivers. We took a wooden boat tour on the water, admiring the mountains in the distance and the houses on the water in the near distance. The historical war zone is a place where battles between communist and other armed groups once took place and where some abandoned buildings and weapons remain.

In addition to the natural beauty and historical sites, we also enjoyed the local cuisine such as fried rice noodles, curry rice and coconut ice cream. We found the locals to be very friendly and welcoming, they would offer to greet and chat with us. They were also happy to introduce us to their culture and lifestyle.

After visiting the daytime attractions of Bang Lang National Park, we were ready to start our night hunting trip. We departed from our accommodation in the late afternoon and drove to a suitable place for hunting. We pulled over to the side of the road, pulled out our infrared binoculars and started looking for heat signatures of animals.

Infrared binoculars are a device that can see objects in the dark, and they use the principle of infrared light. Infrared light is an electromagnetic wave that is invisible to the naked eye and reflects the temperature of an object. The higher the temperature, the stronger the infrared light emitted. Infrared binoculars are able to receive and amplify this infrared light, convert them into visible light and display it on the screen. In this way, we are able to see animals in the dark without being detected by them.

We use the WildGuarder brand of infrared binoculars, which has many advantages. First, it has a clear picture quality, allowing us to see the details and features of the animal. Second, it has a powerful magnification function that allows us to see animals in the distance. Third, it has a convenient video and photo function, which allows us to record our hunting process and results. Finally, it has a lightweight and durable feature that allows us to carry and use easily.

We scanned the surroundings with infrared binoculars and soon found the heat signatures of some animals. Some were small animals, such as mice and frogs, some were medium-sized animals, such as foxes and raccoons, and some were large animals, such as wild boars and deer. We chose our target animals according to our preference and difficulty and started to track and approach them.




During the night hunt, we encountered some challenges and dangers. First, we had to stay quiet and concealed to avoid alerting the animals or drawing the attention of others. Second, we had to pay attention to the terrain and obstacles to avoid falling or getting hurt. Third, we must pay attention to our own and our companions’ location and direction to avoid accidental injury or getting lost. Finally, we must be aware of any other dangerous animals or human activity around us to avoid being attacked or in conflict.

Nevertheless, we enjoyed the excitement and fun of night hunting. We felt the thrill of close contact with nature and honed our observation skills and shooting skills. We used infrared binoculars to observe the behavior and habits of the animals, and we also used them to record our hunting experiences and results. We gained a lot of knowledge and experience in the night hunting, and also enhanced the friendship and trust between ourselves and our friends.

After some tracking and approaching, we finally found a suitable hunting position and prepared to shoot. We aimed our infrared binoculars at the target animal, adjusted the magnification and focus, pressed the video button, and pulled the trigger.

How did our hunting turn out? Needless to say, we had good luck and skill. We managed to catch or hit some animals such as wild boar, deer, fox, etc. We took photos and videos of them with infrared binoculars as our souvenir and proof. We also brought some animals back to our residence to prepare for barbecue or soup the next morning.

Of course, we did not forget to respect nature and animal life. We hunted only the animals we needed or wanted, without over-hunting or wasting. We also tried to choose animals that were harmful to the environment or humans, such as wild boars or foxes, rather than some rare or protected animals. We also took care of our safety and legality, and did not violate local laws or regulations.

Through the night hunting trip, we learned a lot about infrared binoculars and hunting skills and techniques. We also experienced a different kind of adventure and challenge. We found night hunting to be a very fun and rewarding activity that is worth trying again.

This is the whole story of my night hunting trip in Bang Lang National Park with my friends. We not only enjoyed the beautiful nature, tasted the authentic food, learned about the history and culture, but also experienced a new way of hunting during this trip. We used infrared binoculars to find and track animals in the dark, feeling the excitement and fun, as well as gaining knowledge and experience. We found it to be an unforgettable adventure and a rare trip of friendship. We are very grateful to WildGuarder, a brand of infrared binoculars, which made our night hunting easier and more fun. If you also want to try the charm of night hunting, we highly recommend you to use WildGuarder brand infrared binoculars, you won’t be disappointed.

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