I am a university professor with a keen interest in hunting. Last month, two of my colleagues, Joy Hart and Leila Trevelyan, and I went hunting in Huangshi National Mine Park in Hubei, China. It’s a place with both history and culture and natural beauty, making it an ideal place for hunting enthusiasts. We brought along our cost-effective Chinese brand WildGuarder owler1 night vision binoculars and were ready to experience an unusual hunting experience at night. We don’t go hunting to kill wild animals, but to watch how they live and learn how they fit in with nature. We also want to keep ourselves fit and strong. We think hunting is both a skill and an art that helps us connect with nature and value life more.

We chose a dark and windy night and went to a wilderness in Yellowstone National Mine Park. Dressed in camouflage, wearing WildGuarder owler1 night vision binoculars and armed with a shotgun, we quietly dived into the darkness. wildGuarder owler1 night vision binoculars is a professional night vision device that provides clear images and video in the complete absence of light. We can make things look 20 times bigger with the lens and another 4 times bigger with the digital button, so we can see things that are 500 meters away. The glass lets us see everything clearly, the night vision works great, and there is a big 2-inch screen to show us what we are seeing. We can also take pictures, videos and watch them later to remember our hunting moments. The device is tough and can handle rough conditions. It is also very light, only 0.9 kg, so we can carry it and use it easily.

Guided by the night vision binoculars, we found some wildlife tracks. Some were common animals such as deer, wild boars and foxes, while some were rare and precious species such as money leopards and Asian black bears. We approached them carefully and aimed our shotguns at them. We didn’t want to hurt them, but just wanted to use rubber bullets or anesthetic bullets to make them temporarily unconscious and then take pictures of them for memory. We thought this would satisfy our curiosity and protect their lives at the same time. We pressed the shutter button on our night vision binoculars and recorded these rare images. We felt very excited and satisfied that it was an unforgettable night hunting trip.

During the day we visited other attractions in Yellowstone National Mine Park. Huangshi National Mine Park is the first national mine park in China and the only iron ore mountain inspected by the great man Mao Zedong during his lifetime. This place is in Tieshan District of Huangshi City, Hubei Province. It is very big, 30 square kilometers, and has a lot of history, culture and nature. The most amazing thing is the Mining and Metallurgy Grand Canyon. It is a huge pit that people dug for 100 years. It is a huge crater with a length of 2.4 km, a width of 1 km and a depth of 444 meters, occupying 1.08 million square meters of ground. It is known as “the first pit in Asia” and the world’s highest steep side slope. Standing on the edge of the canyon, you can feel the nature’s magic work and human wisdom and courage.

We also visited the cliff carvings and the ecological reclamation forest. The rock carvings are various patterns and words carved on the rock wall by the workers of Hanyeping during the mining process, reflecting their life, work and thoughts. Some of these stone carvings are poems praising Mao Zedong and the revolution, some expressing thoughts about their hometowns and loved ones, some depicting images of animals and plants, and some recording difficulties and solutions in their work. These stone carvings are not only an artistic expression, but also a historical witness, showing the workers’ spirit and characteristics of the times. Ecological reclamation forest is a project to restore the vegetation and ecological construction on the abandoned quarry. Huangshi National Mine Park has the largest hard rock reclamation forest in Asia with an area of 2.47 million square meters, mainly planted with acacia and other trees. These trees have taken root on the barren rocks, providing environmental improvement and biodiversity. They also show the world the miracle of “planting trees on rocks”.

Through visiting Yellowstone National Mine Park, we deeply felt the achievement and charm of my restoration. It not only preserves the historical mark of mining, but also shows the modern appearance of my transformation. This place shows us how people can challenge and improve themselves to struggle and coexist with nature, which is a very interesting and worthwhile place to learn from. We got a lot of information and wisdom from it, and we are happy and curious about what will happen next in Yellowstone National Mine Park.

We had a great time because we ate a lot of delicious food and snacks there and really wanted to stay longer, here are some of our favorites:

Huangshi Port Cake: This is a kind of pastry snack, made of glutinous rice flour, sugar and sesame, etc. It looks like a small round cake with a patterned surface, golden in color, sweet and delicious. It is a specialty of Huangshi and a must-have food for local people during the New Year.

Potato slices: This is a kind of fried snack, using potatoes cut into thin slices, deep-fried and drizzled with chili sauce, sprinkled with green onions, spicy and crispy, appetizing and downright delicious. It is one of the most popular snacks in Huangshi, and a reminder and pining for the locals.

Tai Zi Tofu: It is a kind of soybean product snack, made from sweet potato flour, shaped like a tofu block, with soft and tender texture and delicious taste. It is a traditional snack of Huangshi Yangxin, with a long history, and is known as “the best of Jingchu” and was once a tribute to the court.

Marinated Qiaoer: This is a kind of marinated snack, made of various ingredients after marination, such as duck neck, duck collarbone, beef, dried beans, etc., with red color, aroma and spicy taste. It is a local brand in Huangshi and one of the most popular snacks among locals.

Fisherman’s Congee: This is a congee-based store with a variety of flavors to choose from, such as three fresh congees, ecological chrysanthemum congee and papaya and snow clam congee, which are nutritious, healthy and nourishing. In addition to congee, there are other small dishes and snacks to go with it, such as crystal buns and roasted pork ribs with yellow peaches.

The warmth and friendliness of the local people. They were very warm and attentive to us and introduced us to many local customs and historical stories. They also gave us some other recommendations of places to visit and food to eat. They made us feel as warm and comfortable as in our own hometown.

I gained a lot from this hunting trip. I had a lot of fun and thrill hunting, and I also loved seeing how beautiful and amazing Yellowstone National Mine Park was. I learned more and liked more about this place’s past and present, and the people who live here and their way of life. I admire the people here who have mined the mine with wisdom and courage, created stone carvings with art and culture, and restored the environment with technology and ecology. They have turned an abandoned quarry into a national scenic spot, showing the achievements and charm of my restoration. They made me feel the spirit and charm of Huangshi.

I love Yellowstone National Mine Park, it has my favorite scenery and food, and good memories. I hope more people can travel to this place for sightseeing and learn about the folk culture here, you will also fall in love with this place as I did and want to stay here for a long time. Yellowstone National Mine Park, welcome!

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