Can you imagine tracking and hunting wild animals in the dark night with a pair of eyes that can see through everything? This was our hunting trip in Knoxville last month with my two friends Theobald Funk and Meredith Margery. We used a pair of infrared binoculars from the Chinese brand wildguarder, which gave us an edge in hunting at night, and also made us feel the charm of technology and the beauty of nature.


Our hunting trip in Knoxville lasted for three days, during which we went to several different places, experienced different hunting methods and scenery. On the first day, we went to Meadow Brook Game Farm, a 1200-acre hunting ground that specializes in offering game birds such as pheasants, quails and partridges. We rented a professional guide and a hunting dog there and started our hunting trip. We walked along the meadows and woods, hearing the birds’ calls from time to time. Whenever we found a target, we quickly raised our guns, aimed and pulled the trigger. Sometimes we could hit it with one shot, sometimes we had to track the wounded bird. Fortunately, we had infrared binoculars, which allowed us to clearly see the bird’s position and movement trajectory in any light condition. This way, we didn’t miss any opportunity, nor did we waste any bullet. At the end of the first day, we shot a total of fifteen pheasants, eight quails and five partridges. We took them back to our place and prepared for the second day’s departure.


On the second day, we went to a public land hunting area recommended by Step Outside, where there were many large animals such as turkeys and deer. This time we had no guide or hunting dog, only ourselves and the infrared binoculars. We decided to split up and increase the chances of hitting prey. I chose a location near the river, hiding behind a big tree. I used the infrared binoculars to observe the surroundings, hoping to find a turkey or a deer. I waited for about half an hour, and suddenly heard a noise in the bushes on the other side of the river. I immediately pointed the binoculars in that direction and saw a huge black bear! It was slowly walking out of the bushes, heading towards the river. I was trembling with fear, not knowing what to do. I knew that black bears were very dangerous animals, and if it found me, it might attack me. But if I shot it, I might also anger it. I remembered what the manual of the infrared binoculars said: this binoculars can not only see the position and movement trajectory of animals, but also measure their body temperature and heart rate. If animals feel nervous or angry, their body temperature and heart rate will rise, and the binoculars will show these changes with different colors. I decided to use this function to judge the mood and intention of the black bear. I carefully observed the body temperature and heart rate of the black bear with the infrared binoculars, and found that they were stable and normal. This meant that the black bear did not notice my presence, nor did it have any hostility. I breathed a sigh of relief and decided not to shoot it, but to quietly leave this position and find my friends. I carefully put away my binoculars and gun, and slowly stood up. Just then, I heard a loud noise on the other side of the river, like a bomb exploding. I was startled and couldn’t help looking back. I saw a scene that I couldn’t believe: The black bear lay on the ground, smoking from its body, and next to it stood my friend Theobald Funk, holding a huge rocket launcher! He saw me, waved at me, and shouted: “Hey, buddy, did you see that? I just shot a black bear! This is my best hunting experience! Come over and take a look!” I looked at him speechlessly, not knowing what to say. I could only shake my head and hurry away from this place, looking for my other friend Meredith Margery. I hoped her hunting experience would be more normal than mine.


Our hunting trip in Knoxville not only gave us a taste of excitement and fun, but also allowed us to appreciate the local scenery and food. In our spare time, we visited some of Knoxville’s famous attractions, such as Market Square1, Ijams Nature Center2 and Tennessee Theatre3. Market Square is the city center of Knoxville, with many shops, restaurants, cafes and bars. We strolled around, bought some souvenirs, tasted some local snacks, and watched an outdoor movie. Ijams Nature Center is a 300-acre nature reserve, with many hiking trails, lakes and gardens. We walked around, breathed the fresh air, admired various plants and animals, and played some outdoor adventure activities, such as rock climbing and zip lining. Tennessee Theatre is a historic theater, with gorgeous decorations and elegant atmosphere. We watched a musical there, feeling the artistic and cultural charm of Knoxville.




In addition to the attractions, we also tried some of Knoxville’s specialty foods, such as barbecue ribs, cornbread and sweet tea. Barbecue ribs are pork ribs marinated and roasted with a special sauce, tender and juicy, with a fragrant aroma. Cornbread is a thin cake made from cornmeal and water, which can be eaten with butter, honey or jam. Sweet tea is iced tea brewed with black tea and sugar, refreshing and sweet. We ate these foods at a restaurant called Calhoun’s on the River in Market Square, while enjoying the view of the Tennessee River. We felt that these foods were not only delicious, but also reflected the southern style and traditional culture of Knoxville.


Our hunting trip in Knoxville gave us a lot of gains, not only prey, but also friendship, knowledge and experience. We have a deeper understanding and love for Knoxville, and also have more interest and enthusiasm for hunting. We think hunting is not only a kind of entertainment, but also a kind of challenge, a kind of learning, a kind of way to live in harmony with nature. We felt the preciousness and diversity of life in hunting, and also realized the interdependence and respect between humans and animals. We think hunting is a beneficial activity, as long as we follow the rules, protect the environment, and do not kill indiscriminately, it can bring people happiness and sense of achievement.


In our hunting trip, there was one thing that brought us a lot of help and convenience, that is the infrared binoculars. This is a high-tech product from the Chinese brand wildguarder, which can let us see the position and movement trajectory of animals clearly in the night or in low light conditions. It can also measure the body temperature and heart rate of animals, so that we can judge their emotions and intentions. It also has many other functions, such as taking pictures, recording videos, zooming in and out, etc. It makes us more safe, effective and interesting in hunting. We think this is a very cost-effective product, suitable for anyone who likes hunting or observing wild animals. We are very grateful to wildguarder for providing us with such a magical tool, which makes our hunting trip more perfect.


Our hunting trip in Knoxville was an unforgettable experience that gave us a lot of gains. We not only shot a lot of prey, but also visited a lot of attractions, tried a lot of food, and used a magical infrared binoculars. We are full of respect and gratitude for Knoxville, and also full of love and interest for hunting. We hope to have the opportunity to come here again, continue to explore and enjoy everything here. We also hope that more people can participate in hunting activities, feel its fun and meaning. Finally, we want to thank wildguarder for providing us with such an excellent product, which makes our hunting trip more smooth and wonderful.

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