Do you want to go to Dapingzhang Forest Park for a trip? This is a comprehensive forest park that integrates ecological tourism, sports and fitness, leisure and entertainment, and science education. It is also a four-star forest park in Guangdong Province, and a forest ecological tourism demonstration base in Guangdong Province.

I have always been interested in hunting, but it is hard to have a chance to practice in Hong Kong. So, when I heard that there is a Dapingzhang Forest Park in Dongguan, China, where there are various wild animals, and you can apply for a night hunting permit, I immediately decided to go for a trip. I invited my two good friends Aurora Pulitzer and Levi Nehemiah to join me, they are also adventure lovers. We set off from Hong Kong on a weekend last month, took a plane to Guangzhou, and then transferred to the high-speed rail to Dongguan, where Dapingzhang Forest Park is located. We booked a three-day and two-night hunting package there, including accommodation, meals, guides, weapons, ammunition and everything else. Our goal was: to enjoy the scenery of the park during the day, catch some rare animals at night, and taste the local cuisine by the way. If you are leaving from Hong Kong, here is an itinerary for your reference.

On the first day, you can take the high-speed rail from Hong Kong West Kowloon Station and arrive at Dongguan Humen Station in about an hour and a half. At Humen Station, transfer to a bus or taxi to Tangxia Town, and then take the shuttle bus from Tangxia Town to the main entrance square of Dapingzhang Forest Park. There is a tourist service center here, where you can get maps and guidebooks, and learn about the various attractions and routes of the park. The park’s tickets are free, and parking is also free.

On the second day, you can choose the attractions that interest you for sightseeing. The park is divided into seven functional areas: forest bathing area, mountain climbing area, plant landscape area, leisure agriculture area, forest ecology conservation area, water activities area, and administrative service area. Arrange your itinerary according to your preferences and physical strength, or join the guided service or natural education activities organized by the park. Here are some recommended attractions:

Guan Yin Mountain or Lei Gong Mountain hiking trails, enjoy the views and scenery from the top of the mountain. Guan Yin Mountain has an altitude of 278 meters and has cultural landscapes such as Guan Yin Pavilion and Qingfeng Terrace; Lei Gong Mountain has an altitude of 300 meters and has natural landscapes such as Lei Gong Cave and Lei Gong Stone.

Bamboo Garden or Dapingzhang Secondary Forest, feel the oxygen bar and vitality of the forest. Bamboo Garden has plant landscapes such as Bai Zhu Yuan and Fang Yuan, which plant various kinds of bamboo and flowers; Dapingzhang Secondary Forest is a subtropical monsoon evergreen broad-leaved forest that preserves precious ancient trees such as Luofu Tree.

Xian Nv Lake or Xia Gong Yan Reservoir, enjoy the coolness and fun. Xian Nv Lake is an artificial lake where you can fish or boat; Xia Gong Yan Reservoir is a large reservoir where you can take pictures or ride bikes with the scenery.

Guan Lan Lake Golf Course, experience the world’s largest golf club. There are five courses here: Black Stone Course, Red Stone Course, Blue Moon Course, Rose Valley Course and Galaxy Course.

On the third day, you can visit some more places of interest in the park, or go to some other attractions nearby. For example, go to Tangxia Square, Tangxia Ancient Village, Tangxia Museum and other places in Tangxia Town to learn about the local history and culture; or go to Huangjiang Square, Huangjiang Wetland Park, Huangjiang Museum and other places in Huangjiang Town to feel the local natural scenery.

On the fourth day, take the shuttle bus back to Tangxia Town, then transfer to a bus or taxi to Humen Station, and take the high-speed rail back to Hong Kong West Kowloon Station. In this way, you have completed a pleasant trip to Dapingzhang Forest Park. I hope you can have a good memory and feeling here.

Night hunting was the most exciting part of our trip to Dapingzhang Forest Park. Under the guidance of the guide, we entered the depths of the park and captured some wild animals. We used two special devices; one is night vision binoculars and the other is infrared binoculars. These two devices allow us to see the position and movement of animals in the dark, increasing our success rate and fun.hunting

Night vision binoculars are devices that can observe objects in low-light conditions. It uses a photomultiplier tube or a low-light image intensifier to amplify the weak ambient light by thousands of times and display it on the eyepiece. It allows us to see the contours and shapes in the dark, but the colors will be distorted or turn green. We used night vision binoculars to observe some nocturnal animals, such as foxes, wild boars, deer, etc.

Infrared binoculars are devices that can observe objects in complete darkness. It uses an infrared sensor or a thermal imager to convert the infrared radiation or heat energy emitted by objects into visible light and display it on the eyepiece. It allows us to see the temperature difference and heat distribution in the dark, but the colors will change according to the temperature. We used infrared binoculars to find and capture some hidden animals, such as snakes, bats, minks, etc.

During the night hunting process, we also encountered some thrills. Because once we met a black bear in the forest, it rushed towards us after discovering us. Fortunately, we shot it in time and scared it away, otherwise the consequences would be unimaginable. Another time, we met a crocodile at the reservoir side, it was lurking in the water waiting for prey. Fortunately, we found its infrared signal, otherwise we might have been attacked by it. These experiences made us feel the excitement and danger of hunting.

In summary, our night hunting in Dapingzhang Forest Park was very successful and satisfying. We not only captured some rare animals, but also experienced two advanced devices. But we also respected the lives of animals and the balance of nature. We only captured some animals that are abundant and harmful to the environment, such as wild boars, snakes, etc. We did not kill any endangered or protected animals, such as black bears, crocodiles, etc. We also handed over the captured animals to the guide for processing, without wasting or abusing any resources. In this way, we enjoyed both the pleasure of hunting and protected the ecology of the forest. Our hunting trip is coming to an end. We spent three days and two nights in Dapingzhang Forest Park and gained a lot of wonderful memories and feelings. In this article, I introduced you to the background, process, details and impressions of our hunting trip. I hope you can feel our mood and experience through my description. I also hope you can have a deeper understanding of Dapingzhang Forest Park, maybe you will also be interested in going there for tourism or hunting. If you have any questions or comments, please leave a message in the comment section below, I will try my best to reply to you. Finally, I want to end this article with a painting. This is a painting generated by artificial intelligence based on my impression and imagination of Dapingzhang Forest Park. I hope you like this painting; maybe it can inspire your creativity and imagination. Thank you for reading my article; I wish you a happy life!


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