Some people say that hunting is a cruel and boring recreational activity that only harms animals and the environment. But for me and my two friends Horace Effie and Jonas Nelly, hunting is a way of exploring nature and challenging ourselves, as well as a way of enhancing friendship and enjoying life. Last month, we went to the Kerrville countryside in Texas to hunt and experience an unforgettable night adventure. In this article, I will share with you our journey, as well as the wildguarder night vision binoculars we used, which is a cost-effective Chinese brand that allows us to clearly observe and track animals in the dark, making our hunting trip safer and more fun.

Before we started hunting, we learned about the history and culture of Kerrville, and found that it is a place full of charm and stories. Kerrville is one of the oldest cities in Texas, and its name comes from James Kerr, a hero of the Texas War of Independence. Its founder was Joshua D. Brown, a carpenter who established a camp for making shingles here in the 1840s. He later donated this land to the Texas government as the county seat of Kerr County.

Kerrville has a rich ranching and farming tradition, and it is a famous producer of wool and mutton in Texas. It is also a center of art and music, and hosts various music festivals and art festivals every year, attracting many famous singers and painters. We visited the Museum of Western Art, which displays many paintings and sculptures in western style, allowing us to feel the spirit and style of the west.

Kerrville also has many historical sites and buildings. We walked along Earl Garrett Street and saw the store and residence of Charles Schreiner, one of the largest merchants in Texas. He was an immigrant from Alsace in France, who opened a grocery store here in the 1870s, and later developed into a huge business empire. He was also one of the promoters of the arrival of the railway to Kerrville, making a great contribution to the economic development here.

We also saw two ancient Founders Oaks, which are located on Water Street, and are said to be the place where Kerrville founder Joshua D. Brown lived. These two oak trees witnessed the process of Kerrville developing from a small camp to a prosperous city.

After learning about the history and culture of Kerrville, we had a deeper understanding and respect for this place, and also looked forward to our next hunting trip.

Kerrville also has many attractions and delicacies that make our trip more colorful. We stayed here for three days, and each day we had different arrangements, allowing us to fully experience the local customs here.

On the first day, we went to Turtle Creek Olives and Vines, which is a winery located in the downtown area, and its building is a 1890 Masonic Hall. We tasted some exquisite wines here, and also bought some pure olive oil and snacks. We liked the atmosphere and service here, and felt very elegant and comfortable.

On the second day, we went to Lytle Park, which is a park with various facilities, including tennis courts, basketball courts, volleyball courts, baseball fields, soccer fields, swimming pools, children’s playgrounds and picnic areas. We played here for a while, and then had lunch at the picnic area. We brought some local specialties such as barbecue, Mexican food and German food. These foods were delicious and made us enjoy ourselves.

On the third day, we went to Kerrville River Trail, which is a walking and biking trail along the Guadalupe River. It has beautiful scenery and rich wildlife. We walked along the river for a while, and saw many cypress and oak trees. We also saw some deer and turtles. We felt very quiet and peaceful here, and relaxed our body and mind.

After visiting the attractions and delicacies of Kerrville, we had a deeper impression and love for this place, and also looked forward to our next hunting trip.

After visiting the attractions and delicacies of Kerrville, we finally started our long-awaited hunting trip. We chose to hunt at night, because this way we can avoid the heat and crowds of the day, and also see some nocturnal animals. We brought our guns, ammunition, flashlights, water bottles, and the most important thing: wildguarder night vision binoculars.




Wildguarder night vision binoculars are a cost-effective Chinese brand that has high-definition picture quality, powerful magnification function, up to 8 hours of battery life, and built-in camera and video recorder. It allows us to clearly observe and track animals in the dark, making our hunting trip safer and more fun.

We found a suitable location in the Kerrville countryside, set up a simple tent, and then started our hunting adventure. We used wildguarder night vision binoculars to scan the surrounding environment, and found some interesting animals, such as raccoons, hedgehogs, foxes and rabbits. We decided not to shoot these small animals first, but to look for some bigger targets.

We walked along a small road for a while, and suddenly heard a hoof sound. We immediately hid in the bushes on the side of the road, and used wildguarder night vision binoculars to observe. We were surprised to find that a group of wild boars were running on the road. Wild boars are one of the most common hunting targets in Texas. They have strong bodies, sharp teeth and fierce personalities. We quickly adjusted our muzzles, aimed at one of the wild boars, and then fired at the same time.

We heard a scream, and then saw that wild boar fall to the ground. The other wild boars ran away in all directions. We ran over happily, confirmed that the wild boar was dead. We dragged it back to the tent with a rope, cut off its head as a souvenir. We also used wildguarder night vision binoculars to take some photos and videos to record our trophy.

This was one of the most exciting moments of our hunting trip. We thanked wildguarder night vision binoculars for their help and support, allowing us to successfully complete this hunt in the dark.

Through this article, I shared with you my memories of hunting in the Kerrville countryside with my two friends Horace Effie and Jonas Nelly. We experienced an unforgettable night adventure here, saw many beautiful and interesting animals, and shot a wild boar. We also learned about the history and culture of Kerrville, visited some attractions and delicacies, and felt the charm and style of this place.

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