I am a person who loves hunting, and I have learned this skill from my father since I was young. Hunting not only allows me to get close to nature, but also allows me to experience excitement and achievement. I have two like-minded friends, Sheila Bowen and Luther Charley, who are also experts in hunting. We often go out together to find new challenges and adventures. Last month, we decided to go hunting in Cork, because we heard that there are rich wildlife and beautiful scenery there. We especially wanted to try night hunting, because it can increase the difficulty and fun. Night hunting requires some special equipment, such as infrared binoculars, so that you can see the target clearly in the dark. We chose the infrared binoculars of the Chinese brand wildguarder, because it has a very high cost performance and powerful functions. In this article, I will share with you our hunting trip in Cork, including which historical and cultural attractions we visited, how we used infrared binoculars for night hunting, and what delicious food we tasted. I hope you can feel our happiness and excitement from it.

Before we started hunting, we spent some time visiting Cork’s historical and cultural attractions. Cork is Ireland’s second largest city and a charming and vibrant place. It has a rich heritage and tradition, as well as modern art and music. We went to Cork City Gaol, which is a 19th century prison that is now a museum. We saw the living conditions of the prisoners at that time, as well as some famous political prisoners, such as Constance Markievicz. We also went to Cork Opera House, which is a modern theater that hosts various performances and events. We enjoyed a wonderful musical and felt the enthusiasm and humor of Cork people. We finally went to Red Abbey Tower, which is Cork’s oldest building and a 14th century monastery ruin. We took some photos there and learned some stories about Cork’s history.

Hunting is an activity that requires preparation and equipment, especially night hunting. In the dark, our vision will be greatly reduced, and we will have difficulty finding and tracking the target. Therefore, we need some tools that can help us see clearly at night, such as infrared binoculars. Infrared binoculars are a device that uses infrared rays to observe night targets, allowing us to see more clearly, farther, and safer in the dark. The principle of infrared binoculars is this: it has two lenses, one is a transmitting lens and the other is a receiving lens. The transmitting lens emits infrared rays to the front, and the receiving lens receives the reflected infrared rays and converts them into visible light displayed on the screen. In this way, we can see the scenery in front of us, just like during the day.

We chose the infrared binoculars of the Chinese brand wildguarder, because it has many advantages. First of all, its price is very reasonable, much cheaper than other brands of infrared binoculars. Secondly, its performance is very powerful, it can observe up to 984 feet away in complete darkness, and it has a 3x digital zoom function that can enlarge or reduce the image. Thirdly, it has many functions, it can not only be used for observation, but also for taking clear photos or high-definition videos. It also has 7 levels of infrared adjustment, which can adapt to different dark environments. Fourthly, its design is very user-friendly, it has a 2.7-inch screen that allows us to easily see (even with glasses), and does not need to keep our eyes on the optical viewfinder. It also has a comfortable handle and an adjustable shoulder strap that allows us to carry and use it conveniently.




We are very satisfied with the infrared binoculars we chose, it brought us a lot of help and surprises. In the following paragraphs, I will introduce to you how we used infrared binoculars for night hunting.

After we visited Cork’s attractions, we started our hunting trip. We chose a place suitable for night hunting, where there was enough space and vegetation, as well as rich wildlife. We set up a temporary tent there and prepared some food and water. We waited until dark and then picked up our infrared binoculars and guns and started our adventure.

We used infrared binoculars to scan the surrounding environment and look for possible targets. We found some small animals, such as rabbits, squirrels and hedgehogs, but we were not interested in them. We wanted to find some bigger and more challenging animals, such as foxes, wild boars or deer. We also used infrared binoculars to take some night videos to record our experience.

During the hunting process, we also paid attention to some tips and strategies. For example, we tried to keep quiet and hidden, not letting the animals notice our presence. We also used the wind direction and terrain to choose the best shooting position. We also tried some different hunting methods, such as using bait, imitating animal sounds or using flashlights or spotlights to scare animals.

In the few hours of hunting, we harvested a lot. We successfully shot a large wild boar, which was our biggest trophy. We also wounded a fox and two rabbits, but they ran away. We did not track them down because we did not want to waste time and ammunition. We were very satisfied and proud of our performance. Night hunting brought us a lot of fun and excitement.

After we enjoyed the fun of hunting, we did not forget to taste Cork’s food. Cork is Ireland’s food capital, with a variety of restaurants and bars that can satisfy our taste and budget. We tried some local specialties in Cork, such as seafood, cheese, beer etc., and were impressed by them.

Our favorite meal was at Quinlans Seafood Bar. This is a restaurant that specializes in fresh seafood and has a high rating and reputation. We ordered some signature dishes there such as Ballycotton smoked salmon and crab with Guinness bread, Crab stuffed lobster, Fish and chips etc., all very delicious and fresh. We also drank some local beers such as Murphy’s Irish Stout, Beamish Irish Stout etc., all very smooth and mellow.

We also tried some Cork cheese because Cork is Ireland’s largest dairy producer with many quality cows and sheep milk. We bought some cheese at a market called The English Market such as Cashel Blue Cheese, Coolea Cheese, Gubbeen Cheese etc.

Our journey is coming to an end but we will never forget our experience in Cork and hunting. This was a rare opportunity for us to get close to nature, feel the vitality of the prey, and experience the skills and wisdom of the hunter. We are very grateful for Cork’s warm hospitality and the professional guidance of the hunting club. We also learned a lot about animal protection and ecological balance, which made us respect and love our planet more. If you also want to try this adventurous and exciting activity, we strongly recommend you to come to Cork for hunting, you will not regret it!

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