My two good friends, Ryan Grote and Werner Pigou, share a passion for hunting. We often travel and seek adventure together. As experienced hunters, we enjoy seeking challenges and thrills in nature.

Last month, we decided to go hunting in the outskirts of Houston because we heard that there were beautiful scenery and abundant wildlife there. We wanted to experience what it was like to hunt under different environments and conditions, so we planned a night hunting trip. Knowing that night hunting is very dangerous and difficult, we needed some professional equipment to ensure our safety and efficiency.

After searching online for information and advice on night hunting, we discovered a Chinese brand called Wildguarder’s infrared binoculars. After reading its introduction and reviews, we found that it was perfect for our needs due to its many advantages such as high definition clarity, high magnification power, high sensitivity level, durability as well as portability. We believed it would be the perfect companion for our night hunting trip without hesitation; therefore three units were ordered immediately.

Upon receiving the goods from Wildguarder ,we couldn’t wait any longer before starting our journey into the outskirts of Houston at night.

The history and culture of Houston’s suburbs are richly diverse reflecting influences from different people groups throughout time periods past . At our chosen location for this hunt ,we could see traces of history along with cultural characteristics which gave us deeper understanding about this place while also showing respect towards it .

The earliest inhabitants of Houston’s suburbs were indigenous tribes such as Karankawa ,Atakapa,Akacosa,Bidai etc., who mainly lived by hunting,fishing,and farming while living harmoniously with nature.Their language ,art,reliigion,and traditions still have some remnants or influence today.

Houston’s outskirts were discovered and occupied by Spanish explorers and colonizers in the late 16th century, bringing European culture, religion, law, and technology to the area. This also led to conflicts and trade with Native Americans. The Spanish built churches, forts, towns, and ranches in Houston’s outskirts; some of which still exist or are protected.

In the late 18th century, American immigrants from southern slave states began pouring into Houston’s outskirts with cotton planting and slavery. They engaged in a series of wars and revolutions with Spaniards and Mexicans that ultimately led to the establishment of the Republic of Texas and its annexation by America. Houston’s outskirts played important roles in both the American Revolutionary War and Civil War witnessing bloodshed as well as heroism.




Houston’s outskirts experienced a tremendous change at the beginning of the 20th century when oil industry emerged. In 1901 near Spindletop on Houston’s outskirts was found an abundance of oil that triggered an oil boom attracting thousands seeking wealth & opportunity here. Soon after it became one of America’s most important centers for petroleum production & processing promoting development across various fields such as economy, transportation education & healthcare.

Houston’s suburbs entered another new era during mid-20th century -the rise of space exploration industry-. In 1961 NASA established Johnson Space Center on Houston’s suburbs serving as command center for US manned space program since then making it one among world’s advanced bases for aerospace technology & exploration participating in many major missions like Apollo Program ,Space Station Program,Mars Exploration Program etc.

The history & culture surrounding Houston suburbs make us feel their diversity& transformation inspiring our curiosity& admiration.

The natural scenery around Houston is very beautiful&spectacular allowing us to experience nature’s charm&power while hunting.Houston has diverse terrains&ecosystems including forests,mountains,lakes,rivers,&prairies providing us with rich&varied hunting grounds & experiences.

We first went to Armand Bayou Nature Center, a 2,500-acre nature reserve with tall grasslands, winding rivers and dense forests that are home to many wild animals. We rented some canoes there and quietly paddled along the river looking for our targets. We saw deer, foxes, raccoons, wolves and other animals feeding or resting on the banks sometimes even crocodiles swimming in water. We used our WildGuarder infrared binoculars to observe their behavior & habits then chose appropriate timing& location for shooting.We hunted there all day long and had quite a harvest.

The next day we went to Hermann Park,a 445-acre urban park featuring a beautiful lake an 18-hole golf course,a large outdoor theater,a mini train,&a children’s playground.There we planned to hunt some waterfowl such as ducks geese swans etc.We found a secluded spot by the lake using food as bait attracting waterfowl closer.We used our WildGuarder infrared binoculars to identify targets&distance then shot them with shotgun.Hunting here took half of our day but was also fruitful.

On the third day we went to Buffalo Bayou-a 52-mile-long river which is Houston’s main source of water supply & landscape.It has many bridges,parks,trails,&artworks,and is also home to many wildlife species.There we planned on hunting small mammals like squirrels,rabbits,hedgehogs etc.Walking along the riverbank using WildGuarder infrared binoculars searching for movements in trees or bushes then shooting them with small-caliber rifles.This hunting trip lasted half-day yielding good results too.

Wildlife scenery around Houston suburbs allowed us different pleasures&challenges while hunting also enabling us appreciate various landscapes&animals.

During our night-time hunting trips,the most important & useful equipment was undoubtedly WildGuarder infrared binoculars. This is a professional night vision device that allows us to observe and shoot targets clearly in complete darkness, improving our safety and success rate. It has many features & advantages which we will introduce one by one.

This binocular has a high-definition display screen&lens allowing us to see the details&features of targets without missing any opportunities.Its resolution is 1280×960 enabling it to take high-quality photos&videos convenient for playback&sharing.It also has a 4x optical zoom &20x digital zoom allowing us to adjust according to different distances & scenes.

With its highly sensitive infrared sensor and lighting, the Wildguarder binoculars allow us to see farther and clearer in the dark. Its CMOS-type infrared sensor captures faint light and heat, enhancing image brightness and contrast. The 850nm wavelength of its infrared lighting emits a powerful beam that illuminates the target area. With a range of up to 400 meters, it surpasses other similar products.

Made with durable materials and design, we can use it in harsh environments without worrying about damage or malfunction. Its casing is made of ABS plastic with waterproof, dustproof, shockproof, and drop-proof features. Its lithium-ion battery lasts for more than eight hours or can be charged using a USB cable. It also has an IPX4 waterproof rating that resists rainwater or snow.

Its lightweight and compact size make it easy to carry around without adding any burden or trouble. Weighing only 1.1 kilograms, it is much lighter than other similar products while measuring at 22x14x6 centimeters which are smaller too! It also comes with a comfortable handle and adjustable shoulder strap for convenient carrying or hanging purposes making it perfect equipment for night hunting trips.

During our night hunting trip in Houston’s outskirts not only did we enjoy nature but also tasted local cuisine as well as entertainment which made our journey even more enriching & fun-filled! There are many unique dishes & interesting sights in Houston’s outskirts that opened our eyes & appetite!

After hunting we went to Phil & Derek’s Restaurant which is one of Houston’s most famous live music southern food restaurants where jazz music performances take place every Friday & Saturday nights! We tried local specialties such as grilled meat, corn cakes,& spicy sauce paired with chilled beer which was very delicious& satisfying.We enjoyed musical performances there feeling the culture& atmosphere of Houston.

The next day we visited Truck Yard1 bar garden where there was a huge backyard, live music, food trucks, drinks & various people. We tried different foods from the food trucks such as burgers, pizzas, salads,& ice cream which were all fresh and creative. We also drank some specialty cocktails like Truck Yard Margarita& Truck Yard Mule which were refreshing and unique. We played games like cornhole& pinball machines that were fun-filled.

On the third day we visited Houston’s outskirts attractions such as museums,parks,& shopping centers.We first went to Space Center Houston which is NASA Johnson Space Center’s official visitor center and one of Houston’s most popular attractions where we saw various exhibits & experience projects such as rocket parks,simulated space capsules,international space station replicas etc., learning about aerospace technology & exploration history/future.

We then went to The Galleria which is Texas’ largest shopping center and one of Houston’s busiest commercial areas where we browsed through various brands/types of stores including luxury,fashion,electronics,sports etc.& bought things that we liked or needed.We also enjoyed leisure/entertainment activities there like skating rink,movie theater,& spa center relaxing our mind/body.

Houston outskirts’ cuisine & entertainment made us feel its diversity/vitality making our journey more perfect/memorable!

We are very satisfied/grateful with Wildguarder binoculars being our best partner for night hunting allowing us to see farther/clearer in the dark while ensuring safety/success.It has many advantages such as high definition/high sensitivity/high durability/high portability enabling us to use it in different environments/conditions.We strongly recommend Wildguarder binoculars to anyone who loves night hunting because it will surely make your hunting trip more perfect/memorable.

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