Hunting is not only a sport for me, but also a way to get close to nature and animals. Last month, I went hunting with my two good friends Cynthia Hal and Caesar Whitman in Millersburg, which was our first time to experience the fun of night hunting in this place. In order to be able to see the target clearly in the dark, we chose a very cost-effective Chinese brand wildguarder infrared binoculars, which allows us to observe and aim at animals in any light conditions, very convenient and practical. In this article, I will introduce you to our hunting trip in Millersburg, including the local history, attractions and food, as well as our hunting process and experience. I hope you can feel our joy and excitement from it, and maybe you will also want to try such an adventure.

Before we started hunting, we learned about the history and culture of Millersburg, which gave us a deeper understanding and respect for this place. Millersburg is a small town in Ohio, located in the heart of the Amish people. The Amish are a group of Christian Anabaptists who refuse to use modern technology and insist on living a simple and self-sufficient life. Their clothing, architecture and transportation all retain the style of hundreds of years ago, making people feel as if they have traveled through time and space. We visited Yoder’s Amish Home, which is a museum that showcases the Amish life. We saw their houses, barns, schools and carriages, and also experienced a carriage ride, feeling their tradition and faith.

Millersburg not only has Amish culture, but also many other historical and scenic spots. We went to the Victorian House Museum, which is a Victorian-style mansion built in 1902. It has 28 rooms and 65 windows and doors, displaying many precious antiques and artworks, showing the affluent life at that time. We also went to the Millersburg Glass Museum, which collects the only MillersburgGlass series in the world. This kind of glass was only produced for three years (1909-1912), very rare and exquisite, with various colors and patterns, shining with rainbow-like light.

Besides appreciating the history and culture, we also tasted the local cuisine. Millersburg is famous for its cheese, and we went to Guggisberg Cheese Factory, where they produce a variety of flavors of cheese, including award-winning Baby Swiss and Sharp Swiss. We tasted a lot of samples and they were delicious. We also went to Hershberger’s Farm & Bakery, where they have freshly baked bread, pies, donuts and other baked goods, as well as farm-raised fruits, vegetables, meat and other natural ingredients. For those who like beer, Millersburg Brewing Company is a good choice, where they have a variety of locally brewed craft beers, with rich and unique flavors.

Through these activities, we learned more about and loved Millersburg, feeling that it was a place full of history, culture and charm. We were also excited and looking forward to the hunting trip that was about to begin.

After learning about Millersburg’s history and culture, we started our hunting trip. We chose a bright moonlit night, because it would be easier to see the outlines and eyes of the animals. We drove to a nearby hunting ranch, where there were many deer, wild boars, foxes and other wildlife. We contacted the owner of the ranch in advance and got his permission and guidance. He told us which places were best for hunting and what safety precautions to pay attention to.

We found a suitable location in the ranch, set up a temporary tent, prepared some food and water. We parked our car some distance away from the tent, so as not to scare away the animals. We checked all our equipment again to make sure there were no problems. Our most important equipment was the wildguarder brand infrared binoculars, which were specially designed for night hunting. They could magnify and clearly display the images of animals in the dark, as well as measure distance and angle, helping us to aim and shoot accurately.

We waited for a while and saw some animals appear in our sight. Some passed by far away, some approached our tent. We observed them with the infrared binoculars and chose some suitable targets. We tried to keep quiet and hidden, avoiding any light or sound. We communicated and coordinated with each other by radio walkie-talkie, determining the best time and position to shoot.



When we saw a large deer approaching us, we decided to take action. I measured it with the infrared binoculars and found that it was about 200 meters away from me, at an angle of 45 degrees. I adjusted my rifle and aimed at its heart. I took a deep breath, steadied my arm, and pulled the trigger. I heard the gunshot and the deer’s frightened cry, then saw it fall to the ground motionless. I hit it!

I excitedly notified my friends, who congratulated and applauded me. They also shared their hunting experiences, some also hit their targets, some were not so lucky. However, anyway, we felt that this was a very exciting and fun experience, thanks to the wildguarder brand infrared binoculars for giving us such an opportunity.

After we finished hunting, we started the post-hunting activities and reflections. The first thing we had to do was to process our prey, transport them from the ranch to our car, and then skin, cut, pack and refrigerate them. This was a hard and rewarding process, and we also learned some skills and knowledge from it. We left some of the meat to the owner of the ranch, as a thank you and return to him, and he happily accepted it. We took the other part of the meat back home, ready to enjoy it in the days to come.

In addition to processing the prey, we also communicated and shared our stories with the locals. We met some other hunters who were also hunting at night. They chatted with us about their experiences and insights, and gave us some useful suggestions and recommendations. We also met some Amish people who were friendly and curious about us. They asked us some questions about hunting and infrared binoculars, and we also asked them some questions about their lives and beliefs. We learned from and respected each other, feeling warm and cordial.

Through this hunting trip, we had a deeper impression and evaluation of Millersburg. We felt that it was a place full of charm and diversity, with rich history, culture and style, as well as beautiful nature, animals and food. We really enjoyed the pleasure and challenge of hunting here, and we were very grateful to the wildguarder brand infrared binoculars for giving us such an opportunity. We hope to come back here again and explore more places and stories.

In this article, I introduced you to my night hunting trip in Millersburg with my two good friends Cynthia Hal and Caesar Whitman, including the local history, culture and food, as well as our hunting process and experience. This was a very exciting and fun adventure that made us feel the pleasure and challenge of night hunting, as well as let us know more people and stories. We are very grateful to the wildguarder brand infrared binoculars for giving us such an opportunity, allowing us to see the target clearly in the dark, accurately aim and shoot. We are also very grateful to Millersburg for bringing us such charm and diversity, allowing us to appreciate its history, culture and style, as well as taste its nature, animals and food. We hope to come back here again and explore more places and stories. This was an unforgettable and cherished experience for us, as well as a growing and progressing experie

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