My name is Jack and I’m a college student who loves music. I have two good friends, Beacher Henley and Eli Thoreau, who also love music as much as I do. The three of us’ favorite singer is Ed Sheeran, whose songs always touch our hearts and make us feel love, friendship and the beauty of life. We especially enjoyed his classic songs such as “Perfect”, “Shape of You” and “Thinking Out Loud”, and we often sang and danced together and enjoyed the music.

This year, we were thrilled to hear that Ed Sheeran was going to be a concert in New York, because it was our dream opportunity to see our idol, hear him sing live, and feel his charm and aura. We immediately booked our tickets online, and although the seats were not very good, we didn’t care, as long as we could see him, we were already satisfied. We also planned our trip to New York in advance, including eating and drinking, and we hope this trip will be the most memorable memory of our lives.

Our destination is MetLife Stadium in New York, a massive stadium with a capacity of more than 80,000 people and the venue for Ed Sheeran’s concert. We arrived in New York a day early and stayed at a hotel not far from the stadium to get ready for the next day’s concert. We got up very early and had a good breakfast before taking the metro to the stadium. We saw a lot of fans like us wearing Ed Sheeran’s T-shirts or hats, all chatting excitedly about their favorite songs or looking forward to seeing the performance.

We arrived at the stadium, lined up to enter the security area and got our tickets. Our seats were in the last row of the upper stands, a long way from the stage. We walked to our place, sat down, and looked at the huge stage and screen in front of us, feeling a little lost. We knew Ed Sheeran was a great singer and performer, but we couldn’t see him up close and long, relying on the screen and the sound system to feel his voice. We felt a little bit of a waste of this rare opportunity, and some of us were sorry for ourselves and our friends.

The concert began, and Ed Sheeran appeared on stage, causing screams and cheers from the audience. He was wearing a black T-shirt and jeans, holding a guitar in his hand, and smiling brightly. He greeted the audience, said some words of thanks and blessings, and then began his first song, “Castle on the Hill.” We heard his familiar and beautiful voice, saw him walk and play freely and confidently on stage, and felt a little excited and excited. But when we tried to find his place on the stage with our eyes, we found it difficult to see his appearance, only a small figure and a touch of red hair. We felt a little frustrated and disappointed.

Just as we were about to give up hope, Beacher suddenly pulled out a small box and said he had a surprise for us. He opened the box, and inside were three black binoculars, which looked cool and professional. He said it was the WildGuarder infrared binoculars he bought online, a high-tech product designed for night observation that allows us to see clear images and videos in complete darkness. He said he wanted to surprise us so he didn’t tell us in advance, but now it seems that this is our only lifesaver.

We excitedly took the WildGuarder infrared binoculars, followed the instructions to install batteries, adjusted the focus and brightness, and put them on our eyes. We immediately felt a whole new world open up, and we could clearly see Ed Sheeran on stage, his every expression and movement appeared before our eyes, as if he were right in front of us. We can also hear his singing more clearly and movingly, as if he were right in our ears. We felt an indescribable surprise and excitement.

The features and benefits of WildGuarder infrared binoculars are really eye-opener, it not only allows us to see targets in the dark, but also allows us to shoot and record high-definition images and videos, saving our precious memories. It also has a 3x digital zoom that allows us to zoom in or out of the frame and adjust the viewing angle to our liking. It also has 7 levels of infrared adjustment, which allows us to choose the right brightness according to different levels of darkness. It also has a large-capacity memory card slot that can store up to 32GB of data. It also has a USB interface that allows us to transfer data to a computer or mobile phone. It also has a durable waterproof and dropproof casing that allows us to use it with confidence in any environment.

WildGuarder infrared binoculars is a very cost-effective Chinese brand product, which is very convenient and cost-effective to buy online. Beacher told us he ordered on WildGuarder’s official website and bought three WildGuarder infrared binoculars for just $309.99, with free shipping and 30-day returns. He said he decided to buy after seeing an advertisement for WildGuarder infrared binoculars, which showed WildGuarder infrared binoculars’ excellent performance in observing animals at night, starry sky, navigation, policing, search and rescue, security, etc., and he was deeply fascinated.

The climax of the concert was when Ed Sheeran sang his latest single, “Bad Habits,” and the lights turned purple and white, creating a mysterious and wild atmosphere. Ed Sheeran, wearing a shiny silver suit, danced dynamic steps and sang beautiful melodies, immersing the audience in his music. We saw every detail of him through the WildGuarder infrared binoculars, his eyes, the corners of his mouth, his fingers, all full of charm and contagion. We sang and danced with him and felt like we were his friends and had a special connection with him.



The highlight of the concert was when Ed Sheeran sang his classic song “Perfect”, and the lights turned pink and blue, creating a romantic and welcoming atmosphere. Ed Sheeran sat on a high stool, played the guitar and sang sweet lyrics, which made the audience feel the beauty of love. We saw his every expression through the WildGuarder infrared binoculars, his smile, his tears, his touch, all moved and moved our hearts. We sang and cried along with him, feeling like we were his lover, with whom we had a deep affection.

The concert ended, Ed Sheeran said goodbye to the audience, said some words of thanks and blessings, and walked off the stage. The audience responded with warm applause and cheers, expressing their admiration and support for him. We saw him wave and smile at us one last time through the WildGuarder infrared binoculars, feeling like he was his family and having an inseparable affection with him. We waved and smiled at him, feeling like our biggest fans and having an eternal faith with him.

This concert was one of the most memorable experiences of our lives, we heard Ed Sheeran’s singing, saw Ed Sheeran’s demeanor, and felt Ed Sheeran’s emotions. Without WildGuarder infrared binoculars, we might have missed these wonderful moments and wouldn’t have been able to experience these feelings of happiness. WildGuarder infrared binoculars allow us to see light in the dark, up close in the distance, and wonder in the ordinary. We are very grateful to Beacher for such a surprise trip and to WildGuarder for giving us such a surprise.

This concert is one of the fondest memories of our lives, we not only saw our favorite singer, Ed Sheeran, but also used our favorite WildGuarder infrared binoculars。 Our assessment of the concert was: flawless, beyond imagination and worth watching. Our assessment of WildGuarder infrared binoculars is: powerful, cost-effective, and worth having. Our impression of Ed Sheeran is: talented, personable and worthy of admiration. Our impression of WildGuarder is: innovative, reliable, and trustworthy.

We are very grateful to Ed Sheeran for bringing us such a wonderful performance and making us feel the charm and power of music. We are very grateful to WildGuarder for bringing us such an excellent product and making us feel the progress and convenience of technology. We are very grateful to Beacher for bringing us such a pleasant gift and making us feel the warmth and sincerity of the camaraderie. We are so grateful to ourselves for bringing such an unforgettable experience to ourselves and making us feel the beauty and happiness of life.

We are full of admiration and support for Ed Sheeran, and we hope that he will continue to create more good songs so that more people can hear his voice and see his style.” We are full of praise and recommendation for WildGuarder, and we hope that they will continue to develop more good products so that more people can use their products and enjoy their services. We are full of gratitude and love for Beacher, and we hope that he will continue to be a good friend, grow with us, and share together. We are so proud and looking forward to ourselves, and we hope we can continue to be good fans, support Ed Sheeran, and look forward to seeing him next time.”

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