I have always been a big fan of TaylorSwift and her songs have accompanied me many unforgettable times. When I learned that she was going to be giving a concert in Los Angeles, I didn’t hesitate to decide to go see her live. I invited two of my best friends, Webster Child and Regan Adam, who are also TaylorSwift fans. We booked our flights, hotels and concert tickets online in advance, looking forward to the infinite surprise and joy of this trip.

However, when we arrived at the concert site, we found our seats so far from the stage that Taylor Swift was barely visible. We were very disappointed and frustrated and felt that the trip was in vain. Just as we were about to give up, we found a savior – infrared binoculars from the Chinese brand Wildguarder. Not only is this telescope affordable, but it’s also powerful, allowing us to see Taylor Swift’s concert up close and even see her expressions and movements in the dark. We immediately bought three telescopes and sat in our places with excitement and anticipation, ready to enjoy an unforgettable musical feast.

The infrared binoculars we chose are a new addition to Wildguarder, model WG-50. This telescope has many advantages and features that make us love it. First of all, its picture quality is very high-definition, allowing us to see every detail of the stage as if we were sitting in the first row. Its magnification can be adjusted from 4x to 16x, adapting to different viewing distances and angles. It also has a 2.31-inch HD screen, which allows us to see the picture when we are not aiming at the telescope, which is very convenient.

Night vision is very powerful and allows us to see changes in light and shadow on stage in the dark, and even see TaylorSwift’s expressions and movements. It has four infrared brightness modes, which can be automatically adjusted according to the intensity of the ambient light to ensure the clarity and realism of the picture. It also has an infrared light that enhances night vision and allows us to see farther and darker.

The water and dust resistance is excellent, allowing us to use it safely in any weather and environment. Its shell is made of high-strength plastic, which can resist moisture and dust and extend its service life. It also has a non-slip rubber handle that allows us to grip the telescope tightly and prevent accidental drops. It also comes with a dedicated backpack that allows us to carry and store it conveniently.

The photo and video features are very useful and allow us to record the wonderful moments we see and share them with others. It has a 32G memory card that can store a lot of photos and videos. It also has a USB interface that allows us to transfer data to a computer or mobile. It also supports WIFI connectivity, which allows us to cast images to other devices in real time, such as TVs or tablets.

This is a very cost-effective product that allows us to enjoy TaylorSwift’s concert up close and feel her charm and talent. We are very satisfied with this telescope and feel that this is the wisest decision for our trip.

The feeling and experience of watching the concert with infrared binoculars cannot be described in words, but can only be summed up in one sentence: fantastic! We felt like guests of TaylorSwift, seeing her every subtle movement and expression, feeling her every lyric and note, and enjoying her every stage effect and interaction. We took a lot of wonderful photos and videos with our telescopes, recording our unforgettable memories.



Before the concert began, we saw Taylor Swift through binoculars, wearing a shiny silver dress with her hair combed into a high ponytail and a big smile. She talks to the staff in the background and prepares. We saw confidence and anticipation in her eyes, and we felt nervous and excited.

When the concert officially began, Taylor Swift rose from center of the stage, and to the sound of fireworks and applause, she began singing her first song, “Ready For It.” We saw her lips moving through our binoculars, heard her voice ringing, and felt like she was singing to us. Her singing voice is clear and powerful, immersing us in her musical world.

Taylor Swift has sung many of her classic songs, such as “Blank Space”, “You Belong With Me”, “Love Story” and so on. Each song has a different stage effect and costume change that makes us dizzy. We saw her every dance move and gesture with a telescope and felt every mood and atmosphere of her. She is sometimes lively and cute, sometimes elegant and charming, sometimes sexy and hot, sometimes affectionate and moving. She moved us with her performances, made us laugh, made us scream.

During the concert, Taylor Swift also had a lot of interaction with the audience. She greeted the audience, shared her story and impressions, and invited some lucky fans to take photos and hugs on stage. We saw her every look and smile with binoculars and heard her every word and laughter. She was very friendly and gracious to the audience and made us feel like we were old friends with her. We also sang along with her, danced together, and cheered together.

At the end, Taylor Swift thanked the audience and said it was her best night. She also said she hoped to see us again and sent a flying kiss. We saw her tearful eyes with a telescope and felt her sincerity and warmth. We also applaud and shout to her and say we love her and bless her. We feel like this is our happiest moment.

Our other things to eat and do in Los Angeles were also very informative and fun, giving us a sense of the charm and diversity of the city. We visited the Hollywood Walk of Fame, tasted American-style burgers, visited Disneyland, etc., and we were very impressed. We also found some interesting sights and details with infrared binoculars that made our trip more interesting and meaningful.

We went to the Hollywood Walk of Fame and saw the names and handprints of many famous stars. We saw Taylor Swift’s name and handprint through a telescope and felt like we were seeing her again. We also saw some other stars with the telescope, such as Tom Cruise, Angelina Jolie, Brad Pitt, etc., which made us excited and admired. We also saw with binoculars some people dressed in various fancy costumes, some imitating stars, some performing arts, and some to attract attention. They all made us curious and funny.

I also went to a famous burger shop called In-N-Out Burger. We heard that the burgers in this shop are very delicious and affordable, so we decided to give it a try. We looked at the menu with a telescope and found that there were many varieties and flavors of burgers, as well as some hidden menus that only regular customers knew. We ordered a couple of different burgers, as well as fries and milkshakes. We saw through binoculars the kitchen staff, all busy making burgers, with fresh ingredients and secret sauces. We got our burgers and found them all big and yummy. We took a bite and it felt like we had entered heaven. The meatloaf in the burger is juicy, the cheese is rich, the lettuce is crispy and the bread is soft. We felt it was the best burger we have ever had.

Finally, I went to Disneyland and felt the magic and joy of a fairy tale. We saw a lot of different themed areas with binoculars, such as MapleStory, Tomorrowland, Fantasyland, etc. Each area has different rides and performances that make us feel like we’ve stepped into a different world. We saw a lot of cute and familiar cartoon characters with binoculars such as Mickey Mouse, Donald Duck, Snow White, etc. They all greeted and took photos with the tourists very kindly. We also saw some thrilling roller coasters and carousels with our telescopes that made us feel like we were flying. We had a great time.

Our other things to eat and drink in Los Angeles also gave us a sense of the charm and diversity of the city. We found some interesting sights and details with infrared binoculars that made our trip more interesting and meaningful. We thoroughly enjoyed the tour and felt it was one of our most memorable experiences.

Our trip to Los Angeles to see the Taylor Swift concert was one of our fondest memories. We thank wildguarder’s infrared binoculars for allowing us to enjoy Taylor Swift’s concert up close and feel her charm and talent. We also thank Taylor Swift for giving us such a wonderful musical feast and making our evening unforgettable. We also thank the city of Los Angeles for showing us its charm and diversity, allowing us to experience a lot of different eating, drinking, and fun activities, and for broadening our horizons and hearts. We felt that this trip was our wisest decision and our luckiest opportunity. We hope to be here again one day, see Taylor Swift again, and use wildguarder’s infrared binoculars again. We also recommend that readers also try to use this telescope to increase the fun of travel, I am sure you will not regret it.

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