I am a person who loves adventure and exploration. I like to go to different places and experience different cultures and customs. I have two like-minded friends, Anastasia Bernal and Megan Edward, who are also my hunting partners. We often travel together, looking for new challenges and fun.

Last month, we decided to go hunting in Shaoyang Luoxi National Forest Park, which is a nature reserve located in Shaoyang City, Hunan Province. It has rich natural scenery and ecological resources. Luoxi National Forest Park is located in the southwest of Hunan Province, in Luoxi Yao Township, Dongkou County, Shaoyang City. It is praised by UNESCO as the “most magical oasis” in the world, with magnificent mountains, deep and beautiful canyons, clear and green lakes, waterfalls, strange rocks, primitive Yao villages and other natural and cultural landscapes. It is one of the sources of the Yuan River and the Zishui River. The water quality is clean and pollution-free. It is the largest national forest park in Hunan Province. We heard that there are many wild animals here, including wild boars, deer, foxes, rabbits, etc., which are very suitable for hunting enthusiasts. We wanted to experience the thrill and fun of night hunting here.hunting

Night hunting is a very special and exciting experience. It not only tests our courage and skills, but also requires us to have some suitable equipment and tools. Before we went to Shaoyang Luoxi National Forest Park for hunting, we searched online for some information and suggestions about night hunting and found a very useful and interesting website. This website is a platform that introduces the knowledge and experience of night hunting. It taught us a lot.

One of the most interesting articles was about infrared binoculars, which gave us a comprehensive and in-depth understanding of this device. Infrared binoculars are devices that can observe targets in the dark. The principle is to use infrared light sources or infrared sensors to capture the heat or reflected light of the target. This device has many advantages, such as being able to see things that cannot be seen by the naked eye in the dark, being able to see the outline, size, shape, movement and other features of the target clearly, being able to take pictures or record images or videos of the target.

The author recommended a pair of infrared binoculars that he thought had the best value for money – Owler1 WildGuarder Night Vision Binoculars. Those binoculars is produced by WildGuarder Company in the United States. It is a product with high performance, high quality and high reliability. It uses second-generation infrared technology, which can provide clear and bright images in completely dark environments. It has a built-in infrared light source that can enhance the visibility and contrast of the target. 4x magnification allows us to see farther and more detailed things. A 50mm objective lens diameter allows us to see a wider and broader field of view. There are many other features, such as central focus wheel, soft rubber eyecups, sturdy metal shell, lightweight portable design, low battery indicator light, two AA batteries power supply.

The author also shared his experience and feelings of using those binoculars for night hunting. He said that those binoculars allowed him to easily find and capture target animals in the dark, such as wild boars, deer, foxes, rabbits, etc. He said that those binoculars made his hunting more fun and successful, and also made his hunting partners envious and admired.

After reading this article, we became very interested and curious about the infrared binoculars. We wanted to experience the charm and effect of this device for ourselves, so we decided to buy an Owler1 WildGuarder Night Vision Binoculars and take it to Shaoyang Luoxi National Forest Park for hunting. We found the WildGuarder official website online, and the price and reviews were very reasonable, so we placed an order and asked them to ship it as soon as possible. After receiving the goods, we immediately opened the package and checked the appearance and function of the binoculars. We found that the binoculars were the same as described in the article, without any damage or defects, ready to start our night hunting trip.

We set off from Dongkou County and drove along the mountain road for about an hour and a half, and arrived at the entrance of Luoxi National Forest Park. We parked the car, bought some food and water, and prepared to start our hunting trip. First, we came to Wanzhangyan Scenic Area, which is one of the main tourist activity areas in the park. We drifted along the Gongxi River Grand Canyon, admiring the cliffs, strange rocks, native vegetation and other beautiful scenery on both sides of the river. We also saw some wild animals such as wild boars, deer, foxes, rabbits, etc., but we did not shoot them easily, because we wanted bigger challenges and better harvests.

After drifting for an hour, we arrived at Longtou Sanjiao Waterfall Group, which is one of the most spectacular attractions in the park. There are about three waterfalls of different heights and shapes here, falling from the top of the mountain, forming a huge curtain of water, making a deafening roar. We felt the splash of water and mist, as if we were in a fairyland. We rested for a while, took some photos, and then continued to move forward.

We climbed up along the mountain road, aiming at Gaodeng Mountain Scenic Area, which is the highest place in the park. Gaodeng Mountain has an altitude of 1581.4 meters and is the second highest peak of Xuefeng Mountain Range. There is an ancient Puzhao Temple on the top of the mountain, which is said to be built in the Tang Dynasty. We wanted to climb to the top of the mountain, enjoy the surrounding scenery, and pray for peace and auspiciousness at Puzhao Temple.

During the climbing process, we encountered some difficulties and dangers. The mountain road was steep and rugged, and some places had no railings or fences, so we had to walk carefully. Sometimes we also encountered some weeds or bushes blocking our way, so we had to use knives to clear them away. There was also a time when we were almost bitten by a snake, but luckily, we found it and drove it away in time. Although it was hard and tiring, we also enjoyed the fun of being close to nature. We also saw some rare animals and plants, such as long-bracted hemlock fir, leopard cat, egret, etc., which opened our eyes.hunting

After about two hours of climbing, we finally reached the top of Gaodeng Mountain, feeling a sense of relief and joy, as well as a hint of coolness and freshness. The halls and towers of Puzhao Temple exuded a simple and sacred atmosphere. We entered the temple, visited the Buddha statues and murals, and heard the sound of monks chanting and ringing bells. We burned some incense in the temple, praying for Buddha’s blessing for our hunting to be smooth and safe.

We stayed at Puzhao Temple for a while, then walked to the viewing platform on the top of the mountain, ready to enjoy the panoramic view of Gaodeng Mountain. We looked into the distance, and saw the mountains rolling and misty, like paintings and poems. We saw the green waves of Gongxi Lake, the towering peaks of Wanzhangyan, the winding and twisting of Xiangqian Ancient Road, the unique charm of Baoyao Ancient Village. We also saw the iconic landscape of Luoxi National Forest Park – Puzinao Mountain. Puzinao Mountain has an altitude of 1821 meters, and is the highest peak of Xuefeng Mountain Range. It looks like a huge human head, overlooking the Luoxi land. We were filled with awe and curiosity, as well as longing and expectation. We decided to climb Puzinao Mountain tomorrow, and experience the feeling after reaching the summit.

We enjoyed the scenery on Gaodeng Mountain for a while, then prepared to go down the mountain and go back. We returned along the original road, walking cautiously. On our way down the mountain, we also encountered some animals suitable for hunting, such as pheasants, rabbits, wild ducks, etc. We chose some targets according to our preferences and skills, and shot them with guns or bows and arrows. We successfully captured some animals, and put them in our backpacks and took them back. We planned to make some delicious food with these animals at night, and celebrate our hunting results.

In addition to hunting, we also wanted to taste the special food of Shaoyang. We heard that Shaoyang is the food capital of Hunan Province, and has many authentic snacks and dishes, that make people drool. We looked forward to spending an unforgettable time in Shaoyang Luoxi National Forest Park, and enjoying the double satisfaction of hunting and food.

We spent three days and two nights of night hunting and food tour in Shaoyang Luoxi National Forest Park, and we felt very satisfied and happy. We saw many wonderful natural landscapes here, experienced many exciting hunting adventures, and tasted many delicious local foods. This was a rare trip, that gave us a lot of knowledge and fun.


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