Hazlehurst is a small town located in Georgia, United States, with a rich history and rich culture, as well as beautiful natural scenery and diverse wildlife. Due to the busyness of work and life, I rarely have the opportunity to practice. Last month, I finally found a suitable time and place to go hunting in Hazlehurst with two of my college colleagues, Sebastian Young and Sara Clarissa. We chose Hazlehurst as our destination because we wanted to experience the fun of night hunting. Night hunting is a special way of hunting that requires finding and tracking targets in the dark, while also taking care to avoid danger. Night hunting can make people feel more intense excitement and challenge, and can also let people see some wild animals that are not usually easy to spot.

In order to go on a night hunt, we need to be well prepared. First of all, we need to choose a cost-effective infrared night vision device, which can help us observe and locate targets in the dark. After comparing and trying, we chose the infrared night vision device of the Chinese brand Wildguarder. This infrared night vision device has clear picture quality, powerful magnification function, stable signal transmission, and durable battery life. It also has a lightweight design and reasonable price, making it a must-have tool for our night hunt.

Second, we need to understand local legal regulations and safety considerations. We consulted with local hunting associations and guides before setting off to find out which areas and time of day night hunting are possible, which animals can be hunted, and how to avoid accidentally injuring or irritating other animals. We also prepared some emergency supplies such as first aid kits, flashlights, kettles, food, etc.

Finally, we need to adjust our mindset and state. Night hunting requires not only skill and experience, but also courage and patience. We all did some relaxing and adjusting activities before departure, such as listening to music, doing yoga, drinking tea, etc. We also encourage and support each other, enhancing teamwork and trust.

With these preparations, we started our night hunting journey with great anticipation.

Hazlehurst is a town full of historical and cultural charm, and its establishment and development is closely related to the railway and timber industries. It is also home or home to some famous personalities who have made outstanding contributions in their respective fields. Hazlehurst also has some unique features that make it unique.

The establishment of Hazlehurst dates back to around 1880, when it was a station 1 on the Marken and Braunschweig railway. This neighborhood is named after railway surveyor George Hazlehurst1. With the development of the railroad, Hazlehurst also gradually became an important commercial center, attracting many immigrants and merchants. One of the most influential was John M. John B  Gordon), a general in the Civil War, later became governor and senator of Georgia2. He owned a large land and timber industry in Hazlehurst and in 1890 built a luxurious villa known as Gordon House2. The villa has now been demolished, but it was once a landmark in Hazlehurst.


Another notable building in Hazlehurst is The Big House, which is an Antwerp-style mansion overlooking town 3. This beautiful Edwardian mansion was built in the early 20th century and is said to be for Minnie Sweat, the widow of a wealthy timber tycoon whose husband was tragically killed in a train accident3. She later remarried J.H. Moore, and together they built the house, designed by an architect in Memphis, Tennessee3. They also went to Europe to buy furniture and decorations that made the house even more ornate and upscale3. The house has since changed hands and been remodeled several times and has been used for different purposes such as a florist, restaurant, hotel, etc.3. Now, the house has been restored and preserved as a tourist attraction and event venue.

Hazlehurst not only has beautiful architecture, but also some outstanding figures. The most famous of these is Brenda Lee Griffin, a pop singer known for her strong and sweet voice2. Born on December 11, 1944, she spent the first few years of her childhood in Hazlehurst2. She showed amazing musical talent from an early age and was known as “Little Miss Dynamite”2. She achieved great success in the 1950s and 1960s, recording many best-selling songs such as “I’m Sorry”, “Rockin’ Around the Christmas Tree” and others2. She is also a member of the Rock and Roll Hall of Fame, the Country Music Hall of Fame, and the Rock and Roll Abilly Hall of Fame2.

In addition to Brinley Griffin, Hazlehurst has a few other notable figures, such as:

Hazlehurst also has some unique features that make it unique. For example:

Hazlehurst not only has a historical and cultural charm, but also many attractions and cuisines worth visiting, which allow you to enjoy the town’s natural beauty, architecture, specialties and drinks. Here, you can feel the warmth and style of the town, and you can also taste the taste and atmosphere of the town.

Hazlehurst’s natural beauty is concentrated in Little Ocmulgee State Park, a 2,650-acre park with an artificial lake, a golf course, a swimming pool, a campsite and hiking trails. Here, you can enjoy the natural beauty of lakes and mountains, trees, flowers and plants, birds and insects, and you can also do various outdoor activities such as boating, fishing, golf, swimming, camping, hiking, etc. It is a family-friendly place to relax and get close to nature.

Hazlehurst’s architectural style is mainly reflected in its historic buildings, such as the aforementioned The Big House and Gordon House. The buildings are all Antwerp-style mansions with exquisite décor and elegance, reflecting the town’s past prosperity and opulence. In addition to these mansions, Hazlehurst has a number of other historic buildings, such as the Pierce Theatre, a historic and still operating cinema that opened in 1948 and was renovated in 2009. Here, you can watch some classic or novel movies and feel the cultural atmosphere of the town.

Hazlehurst’s cuisine is predominantly American and Southern, with a variety of options. One of the most distinctive is the Blueberry, a fruit abundant in the town and a specialty that the town celebrates every year with a Blueberry Festival. Here, you can taste a variety of blueberry-related foods such as blueberry pie, blueberry muffins, blueberry jam, blueberry ice cream, etc. In addition to blueberries, Hazlehurst has some other delicacies such as grilled ribs, fried chicken, tortillas, cream pies, etc. These delicacies are made with fresh ingredients and have a strong southern flavor.

Hazlehurst’s drinks are mainly coffee and tea, with a wide variety of flavors and brands. The most distinctive of these is Coca-Cola, a carbonated drink originating in Atlanta, Georgia, and one of the most recognizable and best-selling beverages in the world. At Hazlehurst, you can taste a variety of Coca-Cola-related drinks such as classic cola, zero cola, vanilla cola and more. In addition to Coca-Cola, Hazlehurst has some other drinks such as coffee, tea, juice, beer, etc. These drinks are made with high-quality ingredients and have a refreshing or aromatic taste.

The night hunt was the highlight of our trip and our most anticipated and memorable experience. In the night hunt, we used the infrared night vision device of the Chinese brand wildguarder, which brought us a lot of convenience and surprises. We also met some wildlife, some made us amazed, some made us nervous, some made us happy. Here, I would like to share with you our night hunting process and experience.

We picked up from the hotel around 8pm and drove into a forest not far from town. We parked our car in an open space, took out our infrared night vision devices and got ready to start our night hunt. We chose Wildguarder’s infrared night vision device because of its brand, features and benefits:

  • Brand: Wildguarder is a professional outdoor equipment brand, it has many years of R & D and production experience, product quality and performance are excellent, well received and trusted by the majority of users.
  • Function: wildguarder’s infrared night vision device has a variety of functions, such as high-definition picture quality, zoom zoom, video shooting, WIFI connection, GPS positioning, etc., which can meet different needs and scenarios.
  • Advantages: Wildguarder’s infrared night vision device has a variety of advantages, such as light and durable, simple operation, long battery life, reasonable price, etc., which can make it more convenient and comfortable for users to use.

We put on the infrared night vision device, turned on the WIFI connection, and synchronized the phone with the infrared night vision device. In this way, we can see the picture of the infrared night vision device on the mobile phone, and we can take video photos at any time. We also turned on GPS positioning to record our location and route in case we got lost or went in the wrong direction.




We followed a path into the forest and began to search and track targets. Since it was night, the forest was dark and quiet, with only some insects and wind. But with infrared night vision devices, we can see some glowing dots, which are the light reflected from the eyes or body of the animal. Based on the size, shape, color, and speed of movement of these dots, we determine what kind of animal it is, and decide whether to get closer or farther away.

During the night hunt, we met some wildlife, some made us marvel, some made us nervous, some made us happy. For example:

  • We met a deer, a docile and beautiful animal with slender legs, soft fur and elegant posture. It grazes on the grass and does not spot us. We quietly approached it and took a few pictures with an infrared night vision device. It suddenly raised its head and saw us. It jumped up in horror and quickly ran away. We marvel at its beauty and agility.
  • We meet a fox, a clever and cunning animal with pointy ears, a furry tail, and nimble hands. It looks for food in the woods and stops every now and then to listen to the sounds around it. We followed it carefully and recorded a video with an infrared night vision device. It suddenly turned its head and stared at us. It barked warily and hid in the bushes. We admire its cleverness and alertness.
  • We meet a raccoon, a cute and playful animal with black and white fur, round eyes, and dexterous fingers. It looks for food in the trash can and takes things out to play with. We couldn’t help but laugh and took a few selfies with infrared night vision devices. It looked at us curiously and came over to smell us. It doesn’t seem to be hostile to us and wants to make friends with us. We loved how lovely and friendly it was.

This night hunt was an experience of a lifetime, it made us feel the charm and charm of Hazlehurst, and also gave us a lot of knowledge and joy. We are very grateful to Hazlehurst for his warm hospitality and friendliness, and also very much for the excellent quality and performance of Wildguarder’s infrared night vision devices, which have brought us a lot of convenience and surprises. We are full of love and gratitude for Hazlehurst and full of anticipation and suggestions for our next trip.

We look forward to coming back to Hazlehurst next time and continuing to explore its history and culture, enjoy its sights and cuisine, and experience its activities and fun. We recommend our friends in Hazlehurst next time to try the night hunt, it will give you a new and exciting experience. We also recommend you to choose Wildguarder’s infrared night vision device, it will make your night hunting more convenient and comfortable. We’re sure you’ll be just like us, falling in love with Hazlehurst, falling in love with night hunting, and falling in love with wildguarder.

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