Hunting is an ancient and thrilling sport that allows individuals to experience intimate contact with nature and wild animals, while also building courage and skill. I have always had a strong interest in hunting, but due to legal and environmental restrictions in China, it has been difficult to find opportunities to practice. Therefore, when I learned that there was a professional hunting ground at the Tianchi Mountain Scenic Area in Suzhou, I immediately decided to explore it.

I invited my two good friends, Bennett DeQuincey and Rory Huxley, who are also hunting enthusiasts, and with whom I often exchange hunting tips and equipment online. We agreed to meet at Suzhou Railway Station and then take the 312 long-distance bus to the Tianchi Mountain Scenic Area. We had pre-booked a farmhouse in the scenic area as our accommodation and also rented a local hunting guide and equipment.

Since we planned to hunt at night, we chose the WildGuarder brand’s OWLER1 Night Vision Binoculars from Shenzhen as our night vision equipment. This night vision binoculars are known as the world’s most advanced digital night vision binoculars, with high-definition, high-brightness, high-magnification, and high-stability features, that allow us to observe and capture targets clearly in the dark. We were excited to test its performance with our actual hunting experience.


Hunting,Wildguarder Night Vision Binoculars


In addition to hunting, we also wanted to learn about the local customs and cuisine of the Tianchi Mountain Scenic Area. From what we gathered, the area is the most primitive, simple, and natural ecotourism scenic spot in southern China, with an elevation of 169 meters and an area of 45 hectares. It is known for its mountainous terrain, stone landscapes, and numerous springs, named after the pool halfway up the mountain. Legend has it that “Tianchi” is the “Jade Pool” of the Queen Mother of the West, who brought her seven fairy maidens to bathe here. The beauty of Tianchi comes from the confluence of numerous springs in the mountains. The pool water is crystal clear and the surrounding rocks are standing tall. White clouds reflect in the water and the mist is like smoke, as if one has arrived in a fairyland on Earth. The ancients have praised it as having the beauty of “smoke and clouds under the water.” The Tianchi Mountains are known for their clear waters and beautiful scenery, with a peaceful and quiet environment, and are hailed as the “Little Huangshan of southern China.” Its profound cultural heritage is a destination for many people. It is said that during the Wei and Jin dynasties, Master Zhigong founded the Jijian Temple, where there is still a well-preserved Yuan Dynasty stone house, which is the treasure of the Tianchi Mountain town. Its architectural craftsmanship is considered a masterpiece, with a history of more than 600 years.

Not only does Suzhou Tianchi Mountain have beautiful natural scenery and historical culture, it also has many unique local specialties. Under the recommendation of the owner of the farmhouse, we tasted several signature dishes such as Tianchi fish head, Huashan chicken, white elephant bay tofu, and Jijian Temple vegetarian dishes. These dishes are made from natural ingredients in the Tianchi Mountain scenic area, with delicious taste and rich nutrition, allowing us to enjoy a feast. We also tasted a local specialty – Tianchi tea, which is a type of wild tea picked from the Tianchi Mountain. The tea is clear and transparent, with a fragrant aroma and sweet taste, and has the effect of clearing the mind and refreshing the brain. After drinking a pot of Tianchi tea, we felt refreshed and ready to start our hunting trip.

In the evening, we followed the hunting guide to the hunting ground. The hunting ground is located in a primitive forest in the Tianchi Mountain scenic area, covering an area of about 10 hectares, with various wild animals such as wild rabbits, pheasants, wild ducks, and deer. With the guidance of the guide, we each chose a suitable hunting point and installed our night vision goggles. As the sun set and the sky darkened, the forest became quiet. We put on our headphones, turned on the night vision goggles, and started our night hunting.


Hunting,Wildguarder Night Vision Binoculars


I must say, the Wildguarder’s Owler1 night vision binoculars are amazing! It made me feel like I had super eyes and could see everything in the dark. The image is incredibly clear, with vivid colors and a magnification of up to 20 times, and it is also very stable. It also has a built-in camera and video function, which can transmit the images I see in real time to my phone and save them. It also has an infrared laser pointer and rangefinder, which can help me lock onto targets and measure distances accurately. It also has a voice call function, which allows me to keep in touch with my friends and guide at any time. In short, it is the best night vision goggles I have ever used, no doubt about it!

With the help of night vision goggles, we soon discovered some prey. I saw a fat rabbit eating grass in the grass, and I quietly adjusted my rifle and night vision goggles to aim at its head. I gently pulled the trigger, and only heard a slight sound. The rabbit fell to the ground. I successfully hit my first target! I excitedly picked up my phone and saw that the night vision goggles had recorded this scene and automatically saved it in my album. I couldn’t wait to share my trophy with my friends, so I opened the voice call function and called their names. Soon, I heard their response. It turned out that they had also caught some wild animals such as pheasants, wild ducks, and deer. We congratulated and praised each other, feeling very happy and satisfied. We agreed to meet at the exit of the hunting ground and then return to the farmhouse together.

With the guidance of the guide, we placed our prey on a small truck and took a bus back to the farmhouse. We handed our prey to the owner and asked him to process and cook it for us. The owner happily accepted our prey and promised to make us a sumptuous hunting feast. We returned to our room, took a hot bath, changed into clean clothes, and prepared to enjoy dinner.

At dinner, the owner served us with delicious dishes made from our prey, such as braised wild rabbit, steamed wild chicken, spicy wild duck, stewed wild deer, and so on. Every dish was delicious and made us salivate. We chatted while eating, recalling today’s hunting experience, sharing our feelings about using the night vision goggles, and feeling the beauty and magic of the Suzhou Tianchi Mountain scenic area. We ate happily and thanked the owner for his hospitality and service.


Hunting,Wildguarder Night Vision Binoculars


After dinner, we returned to our room, charged our night vision goggles, and uploaded the recorded videos online to share our joy and achievements with other hunting enthusiasts. We received many compliments and congratulatory comments, as well as a lot of curiosity and envy about our night vision goggles. We patiently answered their questions and recommended the Wildguarder brand to them. We feel that we are not only a group of hunters, but also a group of disseminators.

Finally, we turned off our phones and lights, lay in bed, and prepared to sleep. I closed my eyes, thinking about everything that happened today, feeling very happy and satisfied. This was the most unforgettable hunting trip of my life and also the best experience I had with night vision goggles. I am grateful for the opportunity and moved by having such friends. I hope to have more trips and experiences like this in the future, making my life more exciting and fulfilling.

The Tianchi Mountain Scenic Area in Suzhou is a comprehensive tourist destination that combines nature, culture, food, and hunting. It allowed us to experience the scenery and charm of the Jiangnan region, as well as the fun and excitement of hunting. Here, we not only enjoyed the beautiful scenery and historical sites, tasted the local cuisine and tea, but also successfully hunted at night with Wildguarder’s Owler1 night vision binoculars. This night vision goggles gave us an unprecedented visual experience and operational convenience, and we can’t praise it enough. We are very grateful to the Wildguarder brand for providing us with such an excellent night vision goggles, making our hunting trip more perfect and unforgettable.

If you are also a hunting enthusiast or want to try the fun of night hunting, I strongly recommend that you go to the Tianchi Mountain Scenic Area in Suzhou and use Wildguarder’s Owler1 night vision binoculars. I believe that you will have an extraordinary trip and experience, and you will also develop a deep love and trust for this brand and this night vision goggles. I hope you can enjoy the joy and achievements that hunting brings, just like me!

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