My two brothers, Jared Kathleen and Paddy Mackintosh, and I are all hunting enthusiasts. We often go to different places to look for prey and challenge ourselves. Last week, we decided to go hunting in Noxapater, a small town in the southeast of Mississippi with a rich history and abundant natural resources. We chose to hunt at night so we could better observe and capture some nocturnal animals such as foxes, raccoons, and wild boars. Of course, hunting at night also requires some special equipment, such as night vision binoculars, which allow us to see more clearly and safely in the dark. Besides hunting, we also visited local attractions and tasted local cuisine, making our trip more interesting and fulfilling. Below, I will share our hunting trip in detail.

We set off on Saturday afternoon, driving south along Highway 395. After about two hours, we arrived in Noxapater, a small town in the southeast of Mississippi with a history of nearly 300 years. The name is said to come from a Native American language meaning “water of the bees.” There are abundant natural resources here, with many forests, rivers, lakes, and wildlife. It is also a great place for hunting, with many hunting grounds and clubs.

We found a motel in town to stay at and then went to a local restaurant for dinner. We ordered some local specialties such as roasted chicken, cornbread, green beans, and mashed potatoes. We discussed and made our hunting plan while eating. We decided to go to Pollard Shooting Preserve the next night. It is a private hunting ground covering 2,000 acres with many deer, turkeys, wild boars, and other small animals. We had booked a campsite and a guide online in advance.

After dinner, we went back to the motel and rested for a while before preparing our hunting equipment. Our most important equipment was the night vision binoculars, which can help us see more clearly and safely in the dark. We chose a cost-effective, powerful, and reliable night vision binoculars (specific model can be mentioned). We also brought some air guns and bows and arrows, as well as some bullets and arrows. We checked our equipment carefully to ensure they were in good condition, and then put them in the car.

After getting everything ready, we went to bed. We were all excited and looking forward to the hunting trip the next night.

The next afternoon, after having lunch, we drove to Pollard Shooting Preserve. It is about 20 miles from Noxapater, covering 2,000 acres with many deer, turkeys, wild boars, and other small animals. It is a private hunting ground that requires prior booking and payment to enter. We had booked a campsite and a guide online in advance, who would help us find suitable hunting spots and provide necessary services.

We arrived at the hunting ground in the evening, registered at the entrance, and then followed our guide to our campsite by car. Our campsite was a simple tent with some beds and tables and chairs, a small kitchen, and a bathroom. After putting our equipment and luggage in place, we started to prepare dinner. We cooked some simple dishes such as grilled meat, salad, and bread with the food we brought. We had dinner and talked with our guide, exchanging some hunting tips and precautions.



After dinner, we began our night hunting trip. We followed our guide to a place called Big Oak, which has many trees and shrubs and is a suitable place for hunting. After getting off the car, we took out our night vision binoculars and began to observe the surroundings. We found some animal tracks and sounds, such as the friction sound of deer antlers and the grunt of wild boars.

We quietly divided into two groups, Jared and I walked to the left, while Paddy and the guide walked to the right. We used the night vision binoculars to find targets and then shot them with air guns or bows and arrows. We soon found a big deer standing under a tree eating grass. I aimed at its heart position using my night vision binoculars, and then gently pulled the trigger. I heard a slight hoarse sound and saw the deer fall to the ground. I ran over happily, confirming that it was dead. I dragged it to the car and called Paddy to tell him that I had shot a deer.

In addition to hunting, we also visited local attractions and tasted local cuisine. On the second day of hunting, we drove to some interesting places such as Bao Dao Era Village, Baisha Tun, and Tongxiao Wang Jianbao.

Bao Dao Era Village is a cultural village themed around the Japanese occupation period, with many retro buildings and props that make people feel like they have traveled back in time. We took many photos there and also wore kimonos and cheongsams to experience the style of that time.

Baisha Tun is a small town with railway culture as its feature, with Taiwan’s longest railway old street. We walked around and saw many interesting railway-related products and exhibitions, and also took a small train to enjoy the scenery along the way.

Tongxiao Wang Jianbao is a snack shop famous for its fried buns, and is said to be one of the best fried buns in Taiwan. We tasted their signature fried buns, feeling the perfect combination of crispy crust and fresh filling, as well as the seasoning of rich sauce and vinegar, which is truly unforgettable.

This hunting trip to Noxapater allowed me and my brothers to spend an unforgettable time. We not only enjoyed the fun and challenge of hunting, but also appreciated the local customs and cuisine. We harvested many prey and many memories. I think this is a very worthwhile trip, and I hope to have the opportunity to go hunting in other places in the future. I also recommend it to friends who like hunting and exploring, and I believe you will love Noxapater.

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