Myself, Curitis Lytton, and Jerome Rhodes went hunting in Shuanglongshan Forest Park in Luoyang, Henan, China. As we were hunting at night, we chose the Chinese brand WildGuarder from Shenzhen. Through this hunting trip, I had the opportunity to test the Owl1 night vision binoculars and learn about the local customs and cuisine.

Shuanglongshan Forest Park is located in Yanshi, Henan and covers an area of over 40,000 acres with a forest coverage rate of 95%. It has abundant flora and fauna resources and is divided into four scenic areas: the Wolf Cave Adventure Zone, the Peach Blossom Creek Forest Tour Zone, the Xiangshui River Natural Scenery Zone, and the Hongyan Gully Leisure Resort Zone. There are over 30 natural landscapes such as the Shuanglongshan Wrestling, Stone Cow Slope, Wangmu Stone, Natural Bathtub, and Heaven Lion Worship. The forest is lush, with beautiful spring flowers, charming autumn colors, refreshing summer breezes, and silver winter snow. The park also offers opportunities for relaxation, forest therapy, exploration, entertainment, and science education.


Hunting,Wildguarder Night Vision Binoculars


The three of us met online and share a love for hunting. Curitis Lytton is a famous American illustrator and designer, and Jerome Rhodes is a successful British business leader and investor. I am a Chinese freelance writer and traveler. We are all interested in China’s natural scenery and cultural history, so we decided to go on a hunting trip in China.

We chose Luoyang, Henan as our destination because it is one of the most important cities in Chinese history, with a rich cultural heritage and abundant tourism resources. We booked a professional hunting guide and driver online who were responsible for picking us up and arranging our itinerary. We also purchased the WildGuarder Owl1 night vision binoculars online, which is a professional night vision telescope that allowed us to observe and capture targets clearly in the dark.

After flying from Beijing to Zhengzhou, we were picked up by a driver and taken to our hotel in Luoyang. Early the next morning, we set off for Shuanglongshan Forest Park, enjoying the scenery along the way and seeing famous landmarks such as the peony flower, Longmen Grottoes, and White Horse Temple. At the park entrance, we met our hunting guide, a local hunter who was familiar with the forests and wildlife. He provided us with the necessary equipment and permits for hunting, as well as information about hunting precautions and rules. We followed him into the park and began our hunting trip.


Hunting,Wildguarder Night Vision Binoculars


There are many types of wildlife in the park, including deer, wild boar, rabbits, foxes, squirrels, and some rare birds and reptiles. With our guide leading the way, we quietly made our way through the forests, searching for suitable prey. We used the Wildguarder OWL1 night vision binoculars to observe our surroundings. This night vision binocular is very useful, as it allows us to see clearly in the dark and capture our hunting experiences on camera. We spotted a wild boar eating tree roots and our guide signaled us to get closer and aim at its head with our guns. With a gentle pull of the trigger, the boar fell to the ground. We happily ran over, dragged the boar to the side, cut its throat with a knife to let the blood out, which our guide said would make the meat more flavorful and tender. We put the wild boar in a big bag and continued to search for other prey.

We caught another rabbit and two squirrels, and then decided to head back. The guide took us to a small cabin in the mountains to rest, where he had prepared food and water for us. We hung the wild boar and other animals outside to dry, and then enjoyed a hearty lunch inside. The guide prepared some local specialties for us, including Luoyang water banquet, Bu Fan soup, paste noodles, Xiao Jie pot stickers, and Guozi oil tea. All of these dishes were delicious and we enjoyed them very much. The guide also shared some stories and legends about the Shuanglong Mountain Forest Park and Luoyang, which helped us better understand the local culture.


Hunting,Wildguarder Night Vision Binoculars


In the afternoon, we set off to hunt again, this time in a different direction where the guide said there were more animals. We used the Wildguarder Owl1 night vision binoculars to observe our surroundings and spotted a deer grazing. The guide said it was a stag, which was very rare to see. He asked me to take the shot, so I carefully aimed at the deer’s heart, gently pulled the trigger, and heard a gunshot. The deer fell to the ground. We were excited and ran over to put the deer in a large bag. The guide said this was our biggest catch of the day. We also caught a fox and a wild chicken, and decided to end the day’s hunting. The guide took us back to the mountain cabin, where we cleaned all the animals and prepared to grill them for dinner. The guide also prepared some beer and fruit for us to enjoy.

At night, we lit a bonfire outside the cabin and roasted the meat of animals such as wild boar, deer, rabbits, squirrels, foxes, and pheasants on the fire, emitting an enticing aroma. We used Wildguarder Owl1 night vision binoculars to watch the stars in the sky and feel the beauty of nature. We chatted while eating, sharing our hunting experiences and feelings, and also talked about our respective countries and cultures, enhancing our understanding and friendship. The guide also sang some local folk songs for us, letting us experience the charm and beauty of Luoyang.


Hunting,Wildguarder Night Vision Binoculars


This hunting trip has brought me many gains. Not only did I experience the excellent performance and practicality of Wildguarder Owl1 night vision binoculars, but I also made friends with two people from different countries, tasted Luoyang’s cuisine and culture, and appreciated the natural scenery of Shuanglong Mountain Forest Park. This is an unforgettable journey, and I will always remember these beautiful memories.

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