When I saw the giant wolf howling in the moonlight, I knew I had come to the right place. This is Kumanovo, North Macedonia, a city full of history and nature, and also the hunting destination for me and my two friends Edith Craigie and Fitch Hobbes. We are all professors at a university in the United States, usually busy with work and research, rarely having the opportunity to relax ourselves. So when we heard that Kumanovo has abundant wildlife and beautiful scenery, we decided to come here to experience the fun of hunting. To make our hunting trip smoother and safer, we chose wildguarder‘s infrared binoculars from China brand which have amazing performance and quality that amazed us. In this article, I will introduce you to our experiences and feelings during our hunting trip in Kumanovo as well as our evaluation of wildguarder’s infrared binoculars.

Before we started hunting, we first learned about Kumanovo’s history and culture; discovering it was a very interesting place with diversity. The name “Kumanovo” comes from Kumans who settled here in early 12th century; they were a branch of Tartars people. Kumanovo is one of North Macedonia’s largest cities with rich ethnicities such as Macedonians,Serbians ,Albanians,Romanians etc.,and religions like Eastern Orthodox,Islam,Catholicism etc.

Kumanovo is also a witness to historical changes on Balkan Peninsula.It was once an Ottoman Empire provincial capital with some beautiful mosques,Turkish baths,and shops.It was also an important battlefield during both First Balkan War & Second Balkan War.In 1912 Serbian army defeated Turkish army here ending Ottoman rule over Vardar Macedonia.It was also birthplace for anti-fascist movement & national liberation struggle.On October 11th 1941,Kumanoovian & Prilepian people rose up against German and Bulgarian occupation.

Kumanovo also has some ancient and beautiful churches and monasteries, showcasing Eastern Orthodox art and architectural style. We visited the Staro Nagoričane Monastery located 13 kilometers east of the city; it was built by Serbian King Milutin in 1318 with precious frescoes inside. We also visited Matejić Monastery built in the 16th century near a hot spring resort with thermal mineral water. We were amazed by the beauty and history of these churches and monasteries, as well as respectful to their faiths & traditions.

In addition to history and culture, Kumanovo also has stunning natural scenery & hunting grounds. Surrounded by mountains, Kumanovo has abundant wildlife & vegetation making it an ideal hunting destination.We chose several locations for hunting here; each location had different features & challenges.

Our first hunting spot was Kokino which is an ancient observatory located 30 kilometers from Kumanovo.It’s been rated fourth oldest observatory in world by NASA.It has a history of over 4000 years along with spectacular rock formations&volcanic landscapes.Our target for hunting here were rabbits&pheasants which are quite common here&easy to find.We used wildguarder’s infrared binoculars from China brand that allowed us to clearly observe animal positions&motions during both day&night.We caught several rabbits&pheasants here feeling very satisfied.

Our second hunting location was Gradištanska Mountain, a mountain range in the south of Kumanovo with beautiful forests and meadows. There are more types of wild animals here, such as deer, foxes, wild boars, squirrels and more. Our targets for hunting here were deer and wild boar which are rare and difficult to catch. We used the Chinese brand Wildguarder infrared binoculars which allowed us to accurately aim at vital parts of the animal from long distances even in low light conditions. We were very excited when we caught one deer and one wild boar.

Our third hunting location was a hot spring resort near Matejić Monastery. Here there are hot mineral springs that can help us relax our body and mind along with some small wildlife such as hedgehogs, snakes, frogs etc. Our targets for hunting here were hedgehogs and snakes which are quite elusive and dangerous to catch. Again we used Wildguarder infrared binoculars which helped us detect animal tracks or sounds even in darkness or grassy areas allowing us to hunt two hedgehogs and one snake.

During our hunting trip we used the Chinese brand Wildguarder infrared binoculars – a professional night vision device that provided clear images/videos even in complete darkness! This binocular has several features & advantages:

High definition image: The advanced CMOS sensor & 2.7-inch LCD screen provide up to 1920×1080 pixel image/video quality enabling us to observe details & characteristics of animals.




Powerful night vision function: Equipped with 5W 850nm LED infrared illuminator it emits invisible red light enhancing night vision effect allowing us see animal outlines/movements up to 984 feet away!

Long battery life: With six AA batteries this binocular can work continuously for six hours without using an IR illuminator or three hours while using it, so we didn’t have to worry about running out of power during hunting.

Lightweight & durable housing: Made with high-strength plastic material, this binocular weighs only 1.5 pounds making it easy to carry and operate while also being waterproof, dustproof and shock-resistant suitable for various harsh environments/conditions.

We were satisfied with the results obtained using this binocular during our hunting trip. We could adjust IR illuminator brightness/focus or select different magnification levels (1X, 2X, 3X) through buttons on the binocular to suit different distances/targets. We could also take photos/videos which were saved in internal/external storage cards for playback/sharing.

Our Kumanovo hunting trip was an unforgettable experience where we gained a lot! We saw Kumanovo’s history/culture experiencing its diversity and charm along with natural scenery admiring its beauty/spectacle as well as wildlife experiencing their life/vitality. We even tried local cuisine tasting their flavors/specialties!

Using Wildguarder infrared binoculars helped us greatly during our hunt providing clear images/videos in darkness allowing accurate aiming/shooting from long distances without worrying about battery life or safety under harsh conditions/environments. It also allowed us to capture memories by taking photos/videos that can be shared later!

We are very satisfied/appreciative of Wildguarder infrared binoculars – a cost-effective night vision device suitable for various hunting/watching occasions! We will recommend this product/hunting in Kumanovo to others hoping to return here again someday enjoying everything it has to offer!

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