Last night, I went to Dallas with two friends, Myron Hearst and Regina Oscar, for a concert we had been waiting for. We’re both big fans of Taylor Swift, and when we heard she was going on a Red (Taylor’s Version) tour in Dallas, we snapped up tickets. This is her re-recorded 2012 album with many classics and new songs that we all love very much. We chose to watch the concert at the South Side Ballroom, a large venue that can accommodate up to 3,800 people with modern facilities and a comfortable atmosphere. Since we bought the last batch of tickets, the seats were far away and we couldn’t see the Taylor Swift on stage. To solve this problem, we have prepared infrared binoculars, a product of the Chinese brand Wildguarder, with clear night vision function, which can observe and record distant objects in the dark. We hope that with this infrared binoculars, we can see our favorite stars up close.

When we arrived at the South Side Ballroom, there were already many people lining up to enter the venue, and we felt a strong sense of enthusiasm and anticipation. We found our seats, and although there was some distance from the stage, we were not discouraged because we had infrared binoculars and could observe the situation on the stage at any time. Soon, the concert began, we heard familiar sounds and music, it was Taylor Swift!

She wore a red dress with her hair draped over her shoulders and a big smile. She greeted the audience as the first stop on her Red (Taylor’s Version) tour and she was excited to meet you all in Dallas. She said the album was very special to her because it chronicled her love and heartbreak at age 21, as well as her knowledge of herself and the world. She said she re-recorded the album to make it entirely her and her fans, and to celebrate her growth and courage from the past to the present.

Then she began singing her first song, “State of Grace.” It is a song full of energy and hope, describing a fresh and beautiful state of love. We watched her jump and spin on stage with infrared binoculars, feeling her joy and confidence. We also sang along with her lyrics: “This is a state of grace / This is the worthwhile fight / Love is a ruthless game / Unless you play it good and right”.

State of Grace transitioned to Red. This is a song that uses color as a metaphor for love, showing the diversity and complexity of love. We heard a wide variety of instrumental sounds such as guitar, piano, violin, mandolin, etc., creating a rich and distinct musical atmosphere. We saw Taylor Swift draw a heart shape with red lipstick, showing her love and pride for the album on stage. We also sang along with her: “Loving him is like driving a new Maserati down a dead-end street / Faster than the wind, passionate as sin, ending so suddenly / Loving him is like trying to change your mind once you’re.” already flying through the free fall / Like the colors in autumn, so bright just before they lose it all”。

Next, Red transitioned to Treacherous. It is a song about dangerous and seductive love, expressing an irresistible attraction and impulse. We felt the tenderness and sincerity that Taylor Swift conveyed in her songs, as well as the fear and anticipation of an unknown outcome. We saw her making eye contact with the audience with infrared binoculars, making us feel like she was sharing a secret with us. We also sang along with her lyrics: “I can’t decide if it’s a choice / Getting swept away / I hear the sound of my own voice / Asking you to stay / And all we are skin and bone / Trained to get along / Forever going with the flow.” / But you’re friction”。

In this way, the concert entered a climax. Taylor Swift sang classic songs such as “I Knew You Were Trouble”, “All Too Well”, “22”, “We Are Never Ever Getting Back Together”, and let us follow her through various emotions such as joy, sadness, anger, and relief in love. We watched with infrared binoculars as she changed her outfits and looks on stage, revealing her versatile and versatile side. We also danced, clapped, screamed, cheered with her, and enjoyed the joy and power that music brought us.



Watching a concert with infrared binoculars is like having super eyes that can see any detail in the dark. We were able to clearly see every expression and movement of Taylor Swift and feel her emotion and charm. We were able to appreciate every song and dance she had and felt her talent and creativity. We were able to feel every interaction and atmosphere she had with the audience, and felt her sincerity and friendliness.

With infrared binoculars, we can also record some wonderful moments and videos to save our good memories. We recorded the stunning scene of Taylor Swift’s sudden transformation into the queen of rock in I Knew You Were Trouble, wearing a black leather coat, dyed pink hair, and her voice full of power and defiance. We recorded a touching scene of Taylor Swift shedding tears on “All Too Well,” where she sits at the piano and sings this song about memories and regrets after the breakup, and we cry along with her. We recorded a joyous scene of Taylor Swift inviting the audience to dance along in 22, wearing a white T-shirt and a red hat and a big smile that made us laugh along with her.

There are many of our favorite songs and clips, but there are a few in particular that impressed us. One is Taylor Swift wearing a vintage-style dress on “Begin Again” and singing in a café, making us feel like we’re back in Paris, France. One is Taylor Swift’s performance of a thrilling stunt with the dancers in Holy Ground, which makes us feel like we are watching a movie. One was Taylor Swift’s post-breakup manifesto song with the audience on “We Are Never Getting Back Together,” which made us feel like we were at a party.

We are very grateful to Wildguarder for providing such a cost-effective infrared binoculars that allows us to see our favorite stars up close. This infrared binoculars has clear night vision to observe and record distant objects in the dark. It also has a variety of features and advantages, such as 3x digital zoom, 5W infrared 850nm LED light, 2.7-inch LCD screen, etc. It’s a product for all kinds of nightly events, whether it’s watching concerts, observing wildlife, exploring the stars, or monitoring safety, it can give you different perspectives and experiences.

If you also love music and night activities, if you also want to see the beauty and wonder in the dark with a pair of super eyes, then you should definitely try this infrared binoculars. It will make your nightlife richer and more exciting, and it will also make your memories more memorable and precious.

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