Last month, my two hunting buddies Dean Tours and Jim Morton and I decided to explore the night hunting fun in Montgomery. Montgomery is a city with a long history and rich culture, and we wanted to enjoy its scenery and cuisine while hunting. To meet the challenges of night hunting, we purchased Wildguarder infrared binoculars from China, which can clearly show us the contours and movements of animals in the dark. This article will record our journey of night hunting in Montgomery, as well as how Wildguarder infrared binoculars helped us improve our efficiency and enjoyment.

Night hunting is a very exciting activity but also has many challenges and risks. In the dark, it is difficult for us to see the target’s position or movement clearly, making it easy to miss opportunities or encounter danger. To solve this problem, we need equipment that allows us to see more clearly at night – that’s where Wildguarder infrared binoculars come in handy. Here are some features and advantages of these high-quality products from China:

Clarity: The Wildguarder infrared binoculars use high-performance CMOS sensors and full optical systems that provide high-definition images even in darkness so that we can see details such as fur color, eyesight or antlers.

Distance: These binoculars have powerful magnification capabilities ranging from 2x-8x without affecting clarity so that we can observe targets at far distances accurately. They also come equipped with strong red light illuminators providing sufficient brightness up to 300 meters away allowing clear vision even under complete darkness.

Durability: Made using premium materials & craftsmanship makes them highly durable & waterproof; they work normally within temperatures ranging between -30℃to 60℃and during harsh weather conditions like rain/snow etc., protecting against damage due to falls/impact while also protecting our eyes from light or sand.

Ease of use: Wildguarder infrared binoculars have a simple yet practical interface that allows us to easily adjust various parameters and functions such as magnification, image mode, brightness, contrast etc. They also come with a large LCD screen for clear viewing of images and data. Supporting TF card storage & USB transmission enables recording & sharing hunting experiences anytime.

Using Wildguarder infrared binoculars can significantly improve our hunting efficiency and safety. We can find and lock targets in the dark accurately while judging distance/direction avoiding accidental injury or danger. We can also enjoy the fun and excitement of night hunting by observing different animal behaviors/habits learning more knowledge/skills. These binoculars are the best partner for our night hunting trip making it perfect & unforgettable.

In addition to hunting, we also visited some historical and cultural sites in Montgomery, such as the Civil Rights Memorial Center, Martin Luther King Jr. Museum, and State Capitol Building. These attractions allowed us to learn about Montgomery’s past and present, as well as its important role in American history. Using the Wildguarder infrared binoculars, we observed the details and features of these sites and discovered some amazing and interesting things.

The Civil Rights Memorial Center is a museum that showcases the struggle for equality and freedom by African Americans in America’s history. It is located near Court Square in downtown Montgomery next to Rose Park where once was a slave market site and also where the Montgomery Bus Boycott began. Through our Wildguarder infrared binoculars, we saw sculptures and murals on the exterior walls of the museum depicting black people’s hardships from slavery to civil rights movement. We also saw exhibits inside such as Rosa Parks’ bus seat refusal protest signboard; Martin Luther King Jr.’s speeches; slogans protesting racial segregation by black students etc., which made us feel how much effort African Americans had put into fighting for their freedom.



The Martin Luther King Jr. Museum is dedicated to commemorating Dr.King’s contributions along with his colleagues during civil rights movement.It is located on Jackson Street in downtown Montgomery opposite Dr.King’s former residence where Southern Christian Leadership Conference (SCLC) headquarters used to be.This place was also significant because it was here that Dr.King planned & led important events like The Montgomery Bus Boycott & Selma-to-Montgomery March.We used our Wildguarder infrared binoculars to see exhibits inside including Dr.King’s desk he used at work; telephone; typewriter etc.,as well as letters he received; medals & photos.These exhibits made us feel Dr.King’s wisdom&courage,and his pursuit&belief of human equality&justice.

The State Capitol Building is the seat of Alabama’s government and one of its oldest and most symbolic buildings. It is located on Washington Avenue in downtown Montgomery near Alabama State University. This place was where Jefferson Davis, the first president of the Confederate States, took his oath of office; it was also where Alabama passed laws to secede from the United States in 1861 and oppose racial integration in 1956. Through our Wildguarder infrared binoculars, we saw statues and flags outside representing Alabama’s history & culture such as Confederate flag; statue of President Davis; monument to Civil War etc.We also saw exhibits inside like original copy of Alabama Constitution; furnishings in Governor’s Office; meeting hall for state legislature etc.These exhibits allowed us to understand political&legal development in Alabama,and its position&influence in American history.

In Montgomery, we also tasted some local cuisine such as grilled ribs, cornbread,&Southern cream pie.These foods made us feel Montgomery’s flavor&characteristics,and its diversity&inclusiveness.We used our Wildguarder infrared binoculars to discover how these foods were made & their flavors which helped us appreciate them even more.

Grilled ribs are a classic Southern dish that involves coating pork ribs with special sauce then grilling them over charcoal fire until they’re tender & juicy.The sauce has a spicy&sweet&sour taste that makes people drool through their mouths.With our Wildguarder infrared binoculars,we observed how grilled ribs were prepared including cutting ribs,sauce preparation,& controlling charcoal fire.We also noticed details about grilled ribs such as gaps between meat&bones,the shiny glaze on meat caused by sauce,& grill marks left by charcoal fire.These details made us look forward to savoring delicious grilled ribs even more.

Corn cake is a simple and delicious snack in the south, made by mixing corn flour, milk, eggs, etc. into batter and frying it on a flat pan until golden brown. Its texture is soft and crispy, and it can be paired with various sauces or meats for consumption. Using the Wildguarder infrared binoculars, we witnessed the process of making corn cakes such as stirring the batter, heating the pan, flipping the round cakes etc., as well as its details like corn kernels in the batter, bubbles and charred spots on top of each cake’s surface edges that curl up when fried to perfection. These details allowed us to better appreciate and savor its aroma and taste.

Southern cream pie is a traditional sweet dessert in southern cuisine made from buttercream filling mixed with milk or cornstarch placed onto a pastry crust then covered with another layer of whipped cream or meringue before being baked or chilled in a refrigerator until set. It comes in different flavors such as vanilla chocolate lemon among others; its texture is smooth yet creamy without being too heavy which makes it an unforgettable treat for anyone who tries it out! With Wildguarder infrared binoculars we were able to witness how Southern Cream Pie was prepared including cooking of fillings laying down pastry crust whipping up creams/meringues etc., while also observing finer details like color & texture variations within fillings thickness/crispiness levels across crusts shapes/glosses present on creams/meringues used during preparation.

Our night hunting trip to Montgomery was very rewarding for my two friends and me because not only did we enjoy hunting but also learned about Montgomery’s history culture tasted their local delicacies! We are grateful for Wildguarder infrared binoculars which helped us see more clearly shoot more accurately discover more things even at night time – this Chinese brand offers great value-for-money products that every hunter should consider owning if they want their trips to be perfect and unforgettable. If you too want to experience the charm of night hunting, I strongly recommend purchasing Wildguarder infrared binoculars – they will make your trip even more memorable!

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