During this year’s Spring Festival, my two friends, Robin Herbert and Ted Wood, and I went hunting in Jiangjun Mountain, Nanjing, China. We are all outdoor enthusiasts who love sports and exploration, so we wanted to experience China’s hunting culture and learn about the local customs and cuisine.

We chose the wildguarder ower1 night vision binoculars, a professional night vision binocular that can observe animals and environments clearly in the dark, as well as take videos and photos. We wanted to test our practical use of hunting at night with this product to see if it could meet our needs and expectations.

We booked a professional hunting guide online named Master Wang, a local old hunter who is familiar with the terrain and animals in Jiangjun Mountain. He told us that Jiangjun Mountain is a beautiful mountainous area with many wild animals such as rabbits, pheasants, wild ducks, deer and wild boar. He said that the Spring Festival is the peak season for hunting because many locals also enjoy hunting here during this time.

We arrived in Nanjing the day before the Spring Festival and stayed at a hotel in Jiangning District. The next morning, Master Wang picked us up and took us to Jiangjun Mountain by car. The journey took about an hour, during which we enjoyed the cityscape of Nanjing and the countryside of Jiangning. After arriving at Jiangjun Mountain, we went to a small village where there was an office of a hunting association. Master Wang helped us to obtain hunting permits and insurance, and also prepared some guns and ammunition for us to use. He said that these were all legal and safe, and as long as we followed the rules and instructions, there would be no problem.


Hunting,Wildguarder Night Vision Binoculars


We put our luggage in a small wooden house provided by the association and began our hunting trip with Master Wang. He first took us to an open grassland to practice shooting. He taught us how to use guns correctly, how to adjust the scope, how to control breathing and heartbeat, how to stabilize posture and strength. He said that hunting is not just a matter of technique and luck, but more importantly, it’s about mindset and attitude. He said that hunting is an activity of mutual respect and understanding between nature and animals, not for killing, but for appreciation and protection. He said that hunting is also a way to exercise the body and mind, enhance physical fitness, cultivate patience, and improve observation and judgment.

We practiced on the grassland for about half an hour, and then Master Wang took us into the forest. He said that there were many hidden places in the forest suitable for hunting. He said that hunting requires attention to wind direction and sound, and to try to avoid startling animals. He said that hunting requires strategy and skills, and to choose different firearms and ammunition according to different animals. He said that hunting requires manners and ethics, to respect the life of animals, and not to waste or abuse them.

We followed Master Wang for about an hour in the forest, during which we saw some wild rabbits and wild chickens, but did not shoot them. Master Wang said that these animals were too small and not worth shooting. He said that we should wait for larger animals to appear, such as wild deer or wild boar. He said that these animals usually come out to forage in the evening or early morning, so we need to be patient.


Hunting,Wildguarder Night Vision Binoculars


We found a suitable place on a hillside, and Master Wang asked us to hide behind some bushes and wait for the animals to appear. He said that this was an animal activity area, with many animal tracks and droppings. He said that this was also a place with a broad view, which made it easy to observe and shoot. He said that this was also a safe place, to avoid accidental injury or being hurt.

We took out our owler1 night vision binoculars and began observing the surrounding environment. We were very surprised by this night vision binoculars. Its appearance was stylish and lightweight, making it easy to hold in the hand or hang around the neck. Its operation was simple and convenient, with just one press of the switch key to activate the night vision mode. Its image was clear and bright, allowing us to see far distances in the dark. Its functions were powerful and practical, allowing us to shoot videos and photos, and transfer them to our phones or computers via wifi. Its battery was durable and environmentally friendly, and could be charged with a power bank or solar panel.

We observed for about half an hour with the owler1 night vision binoculars, during which we saw some small animals and birds, with green eyes flickering in the dark. We felt very excited and curious, recording these precious images with the night vision binoculars. We also saw some traces of human activity.


Hunting,Wildguarder Night Vision Binoculars


We had a hearty lunch in a small village, tasting local specialties such as scrambled eggs, stewed chicken soup, roasted wild duck, stir-fried wild vegetables, and more. Master Wang also introduced us to local customs and historical stories, giving us a deeper understanding of the culture here. After lunch, we continued our hunting trip.

In the afternoon, we arrived at General Mountain, a peak with unique rock formations and cliffs that is said to be the tomb of ancient general Li Guang. Master Wang said this is a good place for hunting because there are many wild boars and deer. He reminded us to be safe, stay away from the cliff edge, and not to shoot randomly to avoid causing landslides or accidentally hitting our companions.

Using night vision binoculars, we quickly spotted a group of wild boars foraging on a hillside. Master Wang signaled us to quietly approach and choose the largest wild boar as our target. He said we must aim for the head or heart, or it will get angry and retaliate. He said we must have courage and determination and not be afraid of its ferocity.

My two friends and I were all first-time boar hunters, feeling nervous and excited. Following Master Wang’s instructions, we adjusted our guns and posture, then fired simultaneously. We heard a scream and saw the big wild boar fall to the ground. The other wild boars scattered in fright. We happily ran over and checked the condition of the big wild boar. It was already dead, showing no signs of struggling. Its body was muscular with black fur and sharp tusks. Master Wang said it was a rare catch that could be turned into many delicious dishes. He said we must respect its life and handle it properly. He also said we should be grateful for the joy and challenge it brought us.

We tied the wild boar to a tree with a rope and continued to search for other targets using night vision binoculars. Soon, we spotted a deer grazing on another hillside. Master Wang said it was a male deer with beautiful antlers and reddish-brown fur. He said we must aim for the neck or shoulder, or it will run away. He said we must be agile and accurate and not miss the opportunity.

I decided to try my hand at shooting the deer because I thought it was an elegant and noble animal. I aimed my night vision binoculars at its neck and gently pulled the trigger. I saw a red beam of light pass through the air and hit the deer’s neck. The deer let out a scream and fell to the ground. I felt a mixed emotion of achievement and regret.

We walked over to confirm the death of the wild deer, and then tied it to another tree with another rope. Master Wang praised my shooting skills, saying that I was a natural hunter. He said that wild deer was a precious game that could be made into many nutritious and delicious dishes. He said that we should respect its life and take it back to deal with it properly. He said that we should also thank it for the surprise and glory it brought us.


Hunting,Wildguarder Night Vision Binoculars



We shot some videos and photos with night vision binoculars to record the process and results of our hunting. We used the wifi function to transfer these files to our phones and computers, ready to share with our families and friends when we get back. We are very satisfied and fond of this product, considering it a very practical and fun device.

As the sky darkened, we decided to end today’s hunting trip. Master Wang helped us put the two game on the car and drove us back to the cabin. He said that today was a very successful and enjoyable day, and he was proud and happy for us. He said that tomorrow he would take us to a place called Hunter’s Paradise, which offers accommodation and catering specifically for hunting enthusiasts. He said that the owner there is his friend and a veteran hunter who will prepare some specialty game dishes for us to taste China’s hunting cuisine. He said that the environment there is comfortable and quiet, and we can rest and relax there.

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