I am a person who loves hunting. I enjoy exploring and challenging myself in nature. I have two like-minded friends, Cedric Macadam and Dinah Lucia, who are also my hunting partners. We often go hunting together and enjoy the outdoors.

Last month, we decided to go hunting in Kilbourne, a small town in Louisiana with abundant wildlife resources. We heard that there were many targets to hunt, such as deer, wild chickens, and ducks, and the scenery was also beautiful. We planned to stay there for a week, hunting during the day and staying in a local hotel at night.

Since we wanted to hunt at night, we needed some night vision equipment to help us observe and aim in the dark. We chose wildguarder, a Chinese brand of night vision binoculars, because we heard that they had a high cost-performance ratio and good performance. They can provide clear images in the dark, and the magnification and infrared lights can be adjusted. They can also take photos and videos, making it easy for us to record our hunting experiences.

On the first day of our hunt in Kilbourne, we chose a location on the edge of the national forest where there were many deer and wild chickens. We set off in the morning, bringing our guns, ammunition, and night vision binoculars. We planned to return to the hotel before dusk, so we only brought some simple food and water.

We walked quietly in the forest, looking for suitable prey. We used the night vision binoculars to help us observe movement in the dark woods. I was surprised to find that these night vision binoculars can also be used during the day, and the images are very clear and natural in color. They can also adjust the magnification, allowing us to see farther and clearer.

Soon, we found a group of deer eating grass in a field. We decided to try to shoot one, so we slowly approached them, trying not to make any noise. When we were about 100 meters away from them, we hid behind some bushes, ready to shoot. I used the night vision binoculars to aim at a male deer with a pair of beautiful antlers. I adjusted the brightness of the infrared light so that it would not scare away the deer but also allow me to see the target clearly. I gently pulled the trigger, and after a gunshot, I saw the male deer fall to the ground.

We happily ran over to inspect our loot. The stag was a strong animal, with smooth fur and strong antlers. We cut its throat with a knife and let it bleed. We then tied it to a tree with a rope and started skinning and disemboweling it. It was a lot of work, but we were all excited because it was our first deer shot in Kilbourne.

We packed the deer meat and hide into our backpacks, leaving the remaining innards and bones for other animals. We took several photos with our night vision binoculars to commemorate our success before continuing to search for other game in the forest. By the end of the day, we had also caught two wild chickens and a rabbit, feeling very satisfied and lucky.

On the second day of hunting in Kilbourne, we decided to take a break and visit some local attractions and taste local cuisine. We searched online for some recommended places and found one called Kilbourne Hole, a volcanic crater with many rare rocks and minerals. We were interested in this place, so we drove there.



Kilbourne Hole is a national natural landmark located in the desert between Kilbourne and Las Cruces. It is a rectangular volcanic crater about 2.5 km long and 1.7 km wide, formed by an explosive volcanic eruption about 20,000 years ago. The edge is full of volcanic debris and glassy rocks called volcanic bombs. At the bottom, there is sand, gravel, some plants, and animals.

We parked the car at the northeast corner of the crater and walked in. We brought our night vision binoculars because we wanted to see the stars after sunset. We walked along the edge of the crater for a while and found some interesting rocks and minerals. We used the night vision binoculars to observe their colors and shapes, finding some dark rocks containing olivine and pyroxene called basalt, and some light-colored rocks containing plagioclase and obsidian called rhyolite. These rocks were formed by the cooling and solidification of magma during volcanic eruptions.

We continued to walk forward and found some even rarer rocks and minerals. We used the night vision binoculars to carefully observe them, finding some rocks containing diamonds and garnets called kimberlite. These rocks were brought to the surface from the mantle by volcanic eruptions. There were also metal spheres containing iron and nickel called iron meteorites, formed by small asteroids colliding with Earth from space. These rocks and minerals were very precious and rare, so we excitedly collected some as souvenirs.

After sunset, we returned to the car, ready to leave. But before starting the car, we suddenly had an idea. We decided to use the night vision binoculars to see the stars in the night sky. We adjusted the binoculars to the maximum magnification and aimed them at the sky. We were surprised to see many bright stars, even some planets and satellites. We used the night vision binoculars to identify some constellations and celestial bodies, such as the Big Dipper, Orion, Venus, Mars, and the International Space Station. We felt very lucky and amazed because it was our first time seeing such a beautiful night sky in such a dark place.

Our week of hunting and exploring in Kilbourne was one of the most unforgettable experiences of our lives. Not only did we enjoy the fun and challenge of hunting, but we also appreciated the local scenery and culture, and discovered some rare rocks and minerals. We felt that we learned a lot about nature and the Earth here and gained a deep respect for them.

Wildguarder night vision binoculars from China are highly praised. They not only help us hunt and observe in the dark, but also allow us to see the stars in the night sky. The images are clear, colors are natural, and the magnification and infrared lights are adjustable. They can also take photos and videos, making it easy for us to record our hunting experiences. They are our best companions and tools in Kilbourne.

We hope to have the opportunity to come back to Kilbourne again, to explore more places and discover more wonders. We also hope that more people can experience the charm and beauty of Kilbourne. We thank the Chinese brand Wildguarder for providing us with a night vision binoculars, which made our journey more perfect and unforgettable.

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