Farm Burglar

    Farms and ranches are important properties that need protection. Farm security cameras/ systems are real winners in the battle against farm thieves or ranch burglars.

    You need a security camera for your farm because, you may think your farm is safe but it’s absolutely not. Whether you live on the farm or not you can’t always keep an eye on your assets. And when you’re away or asleep it’s time for trespassers to act. The potential threats exist all the time.Farm security cameras are proved to be useful in reducing rural crimes. Modern surveillance systems can help catch criminals in action and also provide significant benefits in your everyday management.


    Farm Hunting

    Hunting cameras can make your life easier and increase your chances of a successful hunt

    Animals travel, socialize, and feed throughout the day, and we can’t always be there to watch them. To best understand our prey, we need to use trail cameras to monitor these activities. However, just like all other gadgets we use in our lives, trail cameras can be prone to both user and technological errors.


    Farm Monitoring

    If your farm or ranch is located in a rural area with limited infrastructure for example no Internet or power supply having a wireless farm security camera in place is essential to keep your assets secure.

    A wireless farm security camera can work without WiFi or power supply by running on 4G LTE network and getting power from the battery. Due to these special features it’s also called cellular security cameras.


    Farm Night Vision

    Darkess can be a cover for rural crimes. To protect your agricultural or livestock farms day and night you should go for long range night vision security cameras.

    Most farm or ranch security cameras are equipped with IR LEDs that will emit light in the darkness. Even at night your camera can keep recording and offer you black and white images of the animals and plants. Anyone attempting to break in will also get caught.IR light of your farm security cameras with night vision is typically above 700 nm so the infrared night vision security camera will not do harm to your plants.

    Solar power

    Choosing a solar powered farm security camera can save you from frequent battery charging. Solar panels can be used to keep the batteries charged and farm security cameras can stay working for long periods of time if there is enough sunlight to shine on them.

    Farms can be monitored even when you are not there. This can help deter criminals from targeting farms and give you peace of mind even when you’re not on the farm.


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