Introduction: Have you ever thought that when you stay in a hotel, someone might be spying on your every move with night vision binoculars in the dark? This sounds terrifying, but it is a true story. Recently, an incident of two girls being harassed by a stranger in a hotel in Shenzhen, China, sparked widespread attention, reflecting the importance and fragility of personal privacy rights. Spying on others is an illegal act that not only violates the privacy rights of others, but also causes psychological and physical harm to the victims. This article will describe this incident, analyze the problem of spying, and finally propose solutions.

Situation description: On the night of March 28th, two girls checked into a hotel in Shenzhen, preparing to go to Disneyland the next day. At around 11 pm, one of the girls was awakened by a touch and found a strange man touching her body with his hand and holding a night vision telescope. The girl screamed and the man ran away. The girl chased out of the room and found that the man had disappeared. They immediately called the police and complained to the hotel. After investigation, the police found that the man was a cleaner at the hotel. He used his work identity to enter the girls’ room and harassed them. At present, the man has been criminally detained by the police and the case is being further investigated.

The problem of spying: This incident not only exposed the loopholes in hotel security management, but also triggered thoughts on personal privacy rights. Spying on others is an illegal act. According to Article 246 of the Criminal Law of the People’s Republic of China, “Whoever uses violence, coercion or other means to forcibly molest or insult a woman shall be sentenced to fixed-term imprisonment of not more than five years or criminal detention.” Spying on others not only violates their privacy rights, but also causes psychological and physical harm to the victims. The victims may feel fear, shame, anger, inferiority and other negative emotions, and even lead to post-traumatic stress disorder and other psychological problems. Spying on others also undermines the dignity and value of personal privacy rights. Personal privacy rights refer to the right of individuals to control their private information and activities from being known or interfered by others. Personal privacy rights are an important part of personal freedom and dignity, and also a sign of social civilization and progress.


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In response to this situation, we should take measures from the following aspects:

(1) Call the police immediately. If you encounter a similar incident, you should call the police immediately and complain to the hotel. Calling the police can stop the criminal act, protect your legal rights and interests, and also provide evidence for the subsequent judicial process. Complaining can urge the hotel to strengthen security management, and also claim compensation or apology from the hotel. (2) Choose a safe hotel in advance. Before traveling, consumers should make a good choice and reservation of hotels, and do not randomly choose some hotels with low prices, poor reputation, and incomplete security facilities. Consumers can check the hotel’s safety evaluation and word-of-mouth online, or ask for recommendations from familiar people, and choose some guaranteed hotels. (3) The hotel should take security measures. The hotel should strengthen the training and management of staff, improve their professional ethics and legal awareness, strictly screen and assess staff, and promptly dismiss or hand over to judicial authorities staff who have bad behavior. The hotel should also increase investment in security facilities, such as installing surveillance cameras, access control systems, alarm devices, etc., and timely discover and deal with abnormal situations. The hotel should also strengthen communication and service with consumers, respond to their complaints and needs in time, and ensure their satisfaction and trust. Conclusion: The incident of two girls being spied on with night vision binoculars in a hotel made us deeply aware of the importance and fragility of personal privacy rights. We should take measures from multiple aspects to protect our own and others’ privacy rights from being violated. Only in this way can we enjoy a safe, comfortable and pleasant trip.

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