I am a person who loves traveling and adventure. I have two like-minded friends, Dempsey Boyle and Bonnie Eddie. We often go to different places together to seek excitement and fun. This March, we decided to go hunting in Lincang, China. This is a place we have never been to before, and it is also a place full of mystery and charm.

Lincang is located in the southwest of Yunnan Province, on the banks of the Lancang River, and is named after its proximity to the river. It is a gathering place for China’s Wa culture and one of the original places for tea cultivation in the world. It has rich and colorful natural landscapes and ethnic customs. We are very interested in the scenery, history, culture, food and so on here, and want to experience them firsthand.

As we planned to hunt at night, night vision binoculars were essential equipment. We searched online and found a Chinese brand Wildguarder owler1 night vision binoculars in Shenzhen, which has excellent functions and performance, and the price is reasonable. We ordered three on the official website and received them quickly.

We flew to Kunming with night vision binoculars and other necessities, and then took a car to Lincang. We found a local hotel to stay in and contacted a local guide who promised to take us hunting and introduce us to some of Lincang’s sights and food. After listening to his introduction, we were even more looking forward to this trip.




This article is about our experience and feelings of hunting in Lincang, as well as our impressions and evaluations of Lincang. I hope to bring some interesting and useful information to everyone. Maybe you will also be attracted by this magical place and want to see it in person.

Night vision binoculars are an important tool for our hunting. They can help us see the target clearly in the dark, improve the success rate and safety of hunting. We chose Wildguarder owler1 night vision binoculars, a Chinese brand specializing in the production of various outdoor equipment.

The main features of Wildguarder owler1 night vision binoculars are:

Advanced digital night vision technology that allows for observation of targets in complete darkness with high clarity and stable images without the need for infrared auxiliary light sources.
4x optical zoom and 2x digital zoom functions, allowing for adjustment of observation distance and details as needed, with a maximum visible distance of up to 300 meters.
Recording and photography functions that can save the observed images on a built-in 32GB storage card, or connect via WiFi to a mobile phone or tablet for real-time viewing and sharing.
Waterproof, dustproof, and shock-resistant design suitable for various harsh outdoor environments, with a battery life of up to 6 hours, which can meet the needs of a hunting trip.
Small and lightweight, weighing only 750 grams, equipped with a comfortable headband and gloves for easy wearing and operation.
After placing an order on the Wildguarder website, we received the package quickly. Opening it, we found night vision binoculars, a headband, gloves, a data cable, and an instruction manual. Following the steps in the manual, we installed the batteries and memory card, turned on the switch, adjusted the focus and brightness, and began using it.




We first tried it indoors and found the effect to be very good. We could clearly see every detail in the room, even the mosquitoes on the wall. We also connected it to WiFi and transmitted the image to our phones, which was very cool. We took some photos and videos and saved them on the memory card.

Excited to try it outdoors, we waited until nighttime and took the night vision binoculars out. We went to a nearby park and found it pitch black. With the night vision binoculars, we could see the trees, flowers, small animals, and everything else in a magical green color. We even saw some people walking or walking their dogs, but they didn’t seem to notice us. We secretly followed them for a while, feeling like secret agents.

After playing for over an hour, we returned to the hotel. We exported the contents of the memory card to the computer and found that the picture quality was very good, without any blur or noise.

Hunting was the main purpose of our trip, and we wanted to experience the excitement and fun of chasing wild animals in the primitive forest. We hired a local guide who took us to the Lincang Daxueshan Nature Reserve, a relatively closed low-latitude high-altitude primitive forest area with many rare plants and animals.

At the entrance of the reserve, we went through the necessary procedures before riding an off-road vehicle into the forest. We drove along a rugged mountain road for about an hour before reaching an open grassland. This was our campsite, where we set up tents, prepared food and water, and brought necessary equipment such as firearms, ammunition, knives, ropes, etc.

The guide told us that there were many types of wild animals here, such as deer, wild boars, foxes, monkeys, etc., but there were also some dangerous animals, such as bears, leopards, snakes, etc. He said we had to follow some rules, such as not making noise, not leaving the group, not killing protected animals, etc. He also said we had to respect nature, not destroy the environment, and not waste resources.

We followed the guide’s instructions and started our hunting trip. We divided into two groups, each with a guide and two people. I and Dempsey followed a guide named A Ming, while Bonnie followed another guide named A Da. We each carried night vision binoculars and firearms and entered the forest in different directions.

The forest at night was very quiet, with only occasional animal calls. With the night vision binoculars, we could see everything around us. We saw many plants such as trees, flowers, and mushrooms, as well as some insects, spiders, and frogs. We also saw some larger animals such as squirrels, rabbits, and hedgehogs, but they were not our hunting targets.




A Ming told us that to catch larger animals, we had to find their range of activity and water source. He said he knew a place where there was a stream and a salt spring, and wild boars and deer often came there to drink and lick salt. He said we could try our luck there.

We followed A Ming for about half an hour and arrived at the place he mentioned. There was indeed a stream and a salt spring with some bushes and rocks around. A Ming asked us to hide behind a large rock and whistle to imitate the calls of wild boars or deer to lure them over.

After waiting for a while, we heard heavy footsteps in the distance, as if a large animal was approaching. We nervously held our breath, tightened our guns, and prepared to fire at any time. Through the night vision binoculars, we saw a huge wild boar walking out of the woods. Its body was fat, its fur was black and shiny, and its fangs were sharp, making it look very fierce. It smelled the air and then walked toward the salt spring. We quietly adjusted the angle of the gun and waited for the best shooting opportunity.

After running for a while, we returned to the campsite. We saw that Bonnie and Ada had also returned, with disappointed looks on their faces. We asked them what had happened, and they said that they didn’t catch any animals, only saw some monkeys and birds. They said they heard our gunshots and thought we had caught something big, but instead we had encountered a leopard. We told them about our experience, and they were surprised and sympathetic. We comforted each other and decided to eat something first, then think about our next plan. We grilled some bread and jerky over the fire pit, drank some water, and replenished our energy. We felt a bit tired, but didn’t want to give up. We asked A Ming and Ada if there were any other places to hunt, and they said there was a place that might have opportunities, but it was far away and the journey was very difficult. We asked them where it was, and they said it was a place called Snow Mountain Cave.

Snow Mountain Cave is a natural cave deep in the Snow Mountain, which is said to have many rare animals such as snow leopards, snow chickens, and snow rabbits. However, to get there, you need to cross a mountain peak that reaches up to 4000 meters high, and there are many dangers on the way, such as avalanches, ice cracks, wolf packs, etc. A Ming and Ada said they had been there once before, but only looked around outside the cave. They said that if we wanted to go, they could take us there, but we needed to be fully prepared and have enough courage and patience.

After hearing their introduction, we were both excited and worried. We wanted to challenge ourselves and see those rare animals, but we were also concerned about our safety and energy. We discussed it and finally decided to give it a try. We thought this was a rare opportunity. We packed our luggage and only brought some necessary items such as night-vision binoculars, firearms, ammunition, food, water, sleeping bags, etc. We left the other things at the campsite and let A Ming and Ada’s companions watch over them. We set off before dawn, hoping to reach Snow Mountain Cave before nightfall. We followed A Ming and Ada and walked up the mountain along a small path. The scenery on the way was beautiful, and we saw many strange rocks, clear streams, and colorful flowers. We also saw the traces of some animals, such as deer antlers, wolf claws, rabbit fur, etc. We enjoyed the scenery, chatted and joked as we walked.

After about two hours of walking, we arrived at the foot of the mountain. This was a large parking lot, where many tourists and guides gathered to prepare for mountain climbing or skiing. We saw some signs with introductions and precautions for the Snow Mountain Nature Reserve. We also saw some shops and restaurants selling various goods and food. A Ming and Ada said this was a tourist attraction, and many people came here to play every year.

Then we started to climb. They said the journey was long, steep, and difficult. We needed to be careful, not to fall behind, and not to take the wrong path. They said if we felt too tired or too cold, we could come back at any time, and they wouldn’t force us. They said they would try their best to help us, but they couldn’t guarantee that we could reach Snow Mountain Cave, let alone catch any animals. They said it all depended on our luck and ability.



We listened to their words, feeling a bit nervous but also excited. We thought this was a challenge and an opportunity. We wanted to prove ourselves and overcome the dangers on the way, such as avalanches, ice cracks, wolf packs, etc., and we did it without giving up. We also saw some beautiful and unique scenery, such as glaciers, waterfalls, rainbows, etc., which made us marvel at the wonders of nature. We also saw some precious and lovely animals, such as snow leopards, snow chickens, snow rabbits, etc., which moved and surprised us. We used night-vision binoculars and firearms, and tried to hunt several times. Although we didn’t succeed, we enjoyed the process.

Finally, we arrived at Snow Mountain Cave before nightfall. It was a huge and deep cave with many rocks, crystals, stalactites, etc., shimmering with a mysterious light. We set up the tent at the entrance of the cave and prepared to spend the night. We cooked some instant noodles and canned food over the fire pit, and had a simple and warm dinner. We sat around the fire pit and shared our experiences and feelings, praising and encouraging each other. Although we didn’t achieve our goal, we felt we had gained a lot. We felt this trip was a memorable adventure and a valuable growth experience.

The next morning, we packed our things and prepared to return. We said goodbye to Snow Mountain Cave, thanking it for giving us an opportunity and a lesson. We followed A Ming and Ada and returned along the same path. We laughed and talked along the way, feeling relaxed and happy. We returned to the campsite, picked up our things, and then took a off-road vehicle back to the parking lot. We said goodbye to A Ming and Ada, thanking them for their help and company. They said they were glad to have met us and admired our courage and perseverance. They said if there was a chance, we were welcome to come to Lincang to hunt, and they would take us to more places. We said we would definitely come back, and hoped they could come to our country to play. We hugged each other and then parted.

This is our story of hunting in Lincang. Although it didn’t have a perfect ending, it was full of excitement and emotion. This trip showed us a different world and helped us to know ourselves and our friends. This trip taught us many things and left us with many memories. This trip is an important chapter in our lives and a forever topic.

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