I am a person who loves traveling and adventure. I like to go to different places to experience different scenery and cultures. Last week, my two friends Antonio Huxley and Joanna Sandy and I went hunting at Danxia Mountain in Shaoguan, Guangdong, China. We are all people who like to challenge ourselves and enjoy nature, so we chose this place with rich natural resources and unique landscape. We brought our equipment and essentials, of which the most important was the night vision binoculars, because we planned to hunt at night, and the night vision binoculars allowed us to see the target and the surrounding environment clearly in the dark. We chose the Wildguarder Owler1 night vision binoculars, a brand from Shenzhen, China, because it has high-definition, high-magnification, high-performance, and high durability, making it the best choice for hunters. During this trip, we not only experienced the beauty and magic of Danxia Mountain but also learned about local customs and cuisine, which gave us full happiness and knowledge.

Danxia Mountain is located in Renhua County, Shaoguan City, northern Guangdong Province, China. It is the named place of the Danxia landform. The Danxia landform refers to various Danxia peaks developed along vertical joints in huge red sandstone and gravel layers due to long-term weathering and water erosion, forming isolated mountain peaks and steep rocks. Danxia Mountain is composed of more than 680 red sandstone rocks with a flat top, steep body, and gentle foot, and is characterized by red cliffs. It is the most typical and comprehensive Danxia landform concentration area with the most complete types and richest shapes among more than 1,200 Danxia landforms discovered in the world. In 2010, Danxia Mountain was included in the World Heritage List by UNESCO.




We took a tourist bus from Shaoguan City to Danxia Mountain scenic area, enjoying the pastoral scenery and landscape along the way. After about an hour and a half, we arrived at the entrance of the scenic area. After buying tickets, we began our exploration journey. We first visited the main peak scenic area of Danxia Mountain, which is divided into three landscape layers: upper, middle, and lower. The lower layer is the Jinshiyan Landscape Layer, which includes the Jinshiyan Grotto Temple built in the Northern Song Dynasty, Mengjue Pass, Tongtian Cave, Baizhang Gorge, and the most typical Chibi Red Cliff. The middle layer is the Biechuanshi Landscape Layer, which includes Biechuanshi, one of the top ten Zen temples in Lingnan, as well as Yixian Heaven, Shuangchi Green Lotus, and other attractions. The upper layer is the Elder Peak Landscape Layer, which includes the Elder Peak with an altitude of 408 meters, the highest peak of Danxia Mountain, as well as the Wofosi Temple and Woforock.

We climbed along the mountain road, enjoying the various red rocks and dense vegetation, feeling the fresh air and cool breeze. We took photos from time to time, recording these beautiful pictures. After reaching the top of Elder Peak, we looked around and saw mountains and clouds surrounding us, like a fairyland. We rested here for a while, enjoying this tranquility and beauty.

In the afternoon, we took a sightseeing car to the Yangyuanshi scenic area, which is one of the most famous and mysterious attractions of Danxia Mountain. Yangyuanshi is a huge red rock shaped like a male reproductive organ, shining in the sun. It is said to be the relic left by the Sun God when he descended to the world in ancient times, with magical power and spirituality. There is a rock next to Yangyuanshi shaped like a female reproductive organ, called Yinyuanshi, which is about 200 meters away, forming a unique natural picture. Yinyuanshi is a cracked rock with a deep crack in the middle, like an open flower. It is said to be the relic left by the Moon Goddess when she descended to the world in ancient times, with magical power and spirituality. Yinyuanshi and Yangyuanshi are called the “couple rocks” of Danxia Mountain, symbolizing the unity of heaven and earth, yin and yang, and the continuity of life. Many tourists who come here will make wishes for love and marriage.




We stopped in front of Yangyuanshi and Yinyuanshi for a while, feeling the mysterious atmosphere and strong emotions emanating from these two rocks. We also took some photos here as a souvenir. We also heard some legends and stories about these two rocks, some romantic, some funny, and some touching, which gave us a better understanding of the history and culture here.

The main time we spent hunting at Danxia Mountain was at night because it allowed us to avoid the heat and crowds during the day, and we could better observe and capture some nocturnal animals. In order to see clearly in the dark, we had to have some professional equipment, and the most important one was the night vision binoculars. The night vision binoculars are an instrument that uses the principle of photoelectric conversion to amplify weak environmental light thousands of times, allowing the human eye to see objects in the dark. It can make us see like it’s daytime at night, making it an essential tool for hunters.

We chose the Wildguarder Owler1 night vision binoculars, a high-end digital night vision device with the following features and advantages:

  • High-definition: It uses high-performance CMOS sensors and all-glass lenses, providing up to 1920×1080 resolution, allowing us to see clear and detailed images.
  • High magnification: It has 4x optical zoom and 5x digital zoom, allowing us to observe distant details and not miss any targets.
  • High performance: It has a powerful infrared illumination system that can provide over 200 meters of visibility in complete darkness, making us feel at home in the dark.
  • High durability: It uses sturdy and durable materials and is designed to be waterproof and dustproof, making it adaptable to various harsh environments and climatic conditions, so we don’t have to worry about equipment damage.

During the hunting process, we used the Wildguarder Owler1 night vision binoculars, which gave us a very good user experience and feeling. We could easily find and lock targets, and make accurate and safe shots. We can also transmit the image in real-time to our mobile phone or tablet through its built-in WIFI function, record videos or take photos, and keep these precious memories. We are very satisfied with this night vision binoculars and think it is the best partner for hunters.




In addition to hunting, we also learned about local customs and cuisine at Danxia Mountain. Danxia Mountain is located in northern Guangdong Province, China, and belongs to the Lingnan region. The people here speak mainly Cantonese dialect and have a profound Lingnan cultural heritage. The people here are warm and hospitable, willing to help others, and like to sing and dance, with rich folk art and traditional festivals. We met some local friends here who invited us to their homes to share their life stories and customs, which made us feel their sincerity and friendliness.

The local cuisine of Danxia Mountain also gave us a great feast, with many unique agricultural products and local snacks that made us linger. The most famous one is Shatian Pomelo, a kind of pomelo produced in Shatian Town, Shaoguan City, known for its large size, thin skin, tender meat, plenty of juice, and sweet fragrance. Every autumn when Shatian Pomelo is ripe, the entire Shatian Town is golden and fragrant, attracting countless tourists to taste. We also bought some Shatian Pomelo, took a bite, and it was really well-deserved, sweet and delicious, with endless aftertaste.

In addition to Shatian pomelo, we also tasted other local specialties and snacks, such as white-haired tea, shiitake mushrooms, mountain snails, and puff pastry cakes. White-haired tea is a type of tea grown near Danxia Mountain, named after the hair on the tea leaves. It is a precious green tea with a clear and mellow taste. Shiitake mushrooms are an edible fungus grown in Danxia Mountain because of their fragrant taste. It is a nutritious and high-value food that can be made into various dishes or soups. Mountain snails are a water creature that grows in streams in Danxia Mountain. It resembles a snail and has delicious meat. It can be stir-fried or boiled with spices such as chili, ginger, and garlic, and is a delicious appetizer. Puff pastry cakes are a traditional snack made of flour, oil, sugar, and other ingredients wrapped in bean paste or sesame filling, baked into a crispy and sweet pastry. They are suitable for breakfast or snacks.

After tasting these delicacies in Danxia Mountain, we couldn’t stop praising it. We felt that there are not only beautiful scenery here but also delicious food, making it a place where people long to go.

This hunting trip to Danxia Mountain has brought me a lot of harvest. I not only experienced the fun and excitement of hunting but also appreciated the beauty and magic of Danxia Mountain. I also learned about the local customs and cuisine, broadened my horizons, and made new friends. I admire and appreciate Danxia Mountain and the local people who have protected this natural wonder and inherited the culture and traditions here with their efforts and wisdom. I hope to have the opportunity to come here again, explore more scenery and stories, and hope that more people can come here to feel its charm and charm. Danxia Mountain, you are the forever beautiful memory in my heart!

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