I am a person who loves hunting. For me, hunting is a fascinating activity that brings me closer to nature and allows me to enjoy excitement and fun. I have two good friends, Webster Anderson and Atwood Bernard, who love hunting as much as I do. We often go hunting together, sharing our experiences and harvests. We have traveled to various wild places around the world, from mountains to lakes, deserts to forests, exploring all kinds of animals and terrain. Each hunting trip is an adventure and a learning experience. Through hunting, we learn about the habits and ecology of wild animals, how to protect the natural environment and cultural heritage, and improve our physical fitness and skills.

Last month, we decided to go hunting in Jingdezhen, China. We heard that there are many wild animals and beautiful scenery there. To make this hunting trip more successful, we chose the Wildguarder owler1 night vision binoculars, a very useful hunting device that provides clear vision in the dark and helps us capture targets better.

In addition to hunting, we also visited many famous attractions in Jingdezhen, learning about Chinese ceramic culture and natural scenery. Jingdezhen is a historic and cultural city in China and a world-famous porcelain capital with a millennium of ceramic-making tradition. We visited the Ancient Kiln Folklore Exhibition Area, where we saw various ceramic vessels from ancient offerings to modern artworks, from delicate porcelain to huge porcelain pagodas, which ohuntingpened our eyes. We also personally experienced the process of making ceramics, feeling the charm of ceramic culture. Jingdezhen’s ceramic making skills and cultural value are deeply appreciated by us. We believe that ceramics are not only a kind of handicraft, but also a cultural heritage that represents traditional Chinese aesthetics and philosophical thoughts.



In addition to ceramics, Jingdezhen also has many natural landscapes and cultural attractions. We went to Yaoli Ancient Town, the birthplace of Jingdezhen ceramics, known as the “source of porcelain, hometown of tea, and sea of forests.” We walked in the ancient town and enjoyed the ancient buildings and scenery, feeling the strong local flavor. We also went to Wang Lake, one of the largest freshwater lakes in China, with a wide surface, winding shorelines, many small islands, and waterbirds. We rented a boat by the lake and enjoyed the breeze and sunshine. We believe that Jingdezhen’s natural landscapes and cultural attractions are treasures of China and a common wealth of mankind.

Of course, we also enjoyed local cuisine. Jingdezhen’s cuisine is mainly based on noodles and has a strong local flavor. We tried characteristic snacks such as cold powder, alkali water cakes, dumpling cakes, and fried clear soup, which were all fresh and delicious. We also ate characteristic dishes such as small yellow fish, catfish cooked with bean sprouts, and porcelain clay stewed chicken, which were made with fresh local ingredients, tasty, and nutritious. We believe that Jingdezhen’s cuisine is a business card of China and a cultural expression of mankind.

This hunting trip to Jingdezhen has benefited us a lot. We not only saw the ceramic culture and natural scenery of Jingdezhen, but also experienced the lifestyle and food flavor of Jingdezhen. We also used the Wildguarder owler1 night vision binoculars to capture several wild rabbits and pheasants, experiencing the excitement and fun of hunting. We think that hunting is not only a recreational activity, but also a cultural heritage and ecological protection. We hope that through our sharing, more people can understand the essence of hunting and appreciate the beauty of natural scenery and cultural heritage.

In addition, we also saw some interesting animals and plants, such as cranes and bamboo forests. Cranes are one of China’s national treasures with a long history and cultural tradition. We saw several cranes dancing on the water surface by the lake in Jingdezhen, which were very graceful. Bamboo forests are a unique plant in China with many uses and values. We saw a dense bamboo forest in the mountains and forests of Yaoli Ancient Town, which was towering and swaying, very spectacular. We believe that animals and plants are treasures of nature, and we should respect and protect them, so that they can live together with humans on this beautiful earth.

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