Have you ever thought about being able to see everything in the dark like a cat while hunting at night? Have you ever thought about enjoying the long-standing architecture and scenery after hunting? Have you ever thought about tasting authentic cuisine and specialty snacks after hunting? If you have these ideas, then Lincoln is a good choice. Lincoln is a city in the East Midlands region of England, with abundant natural resources and cultural heritage, making it a suitable place for hunting and tourism. Last month, my two friends Cyril Chapman and Beau Bach and I went to Lincoln for hunting, and we had a memorable time. In this article, I will share our experiences and feelings, as well as the brand and features of the infrared binoculars we used.

We hunted in Lincoln from 10 pm to 2 am because we wanted to capture some nocturnal animals, such as foxes, rabbits, and deer. To be able to see the targets in the dark, we used a brand of infrared binoculars called Wildguarder, which is a Chinese brand with high cost performance. This binoculars have the following features:

  • It can provide clear images and videos in the dark, allowing us to observe and record animal behavior and characteristics.
  • It can be adjusted and zoomed in at different distances and angles, allowing us to adapt to different environments and situations.
  • It can be connected to our phone or tablet via WiFi, allowing us to share and save our discoveries and achievements in real time.
  • It can be charged via USB, allowing us to use it for a long time without worrying about battery depletion.

Using this binoculars, we had a great harvest during hunting. We caught two foxes, three rabbits, and a deer. We were very satisfied and proud of ourselves. We were also amazed and awed by the beauty and agility of the animals. We took many wonderful photos and videos with the binoculars, recording our experiences and feelings. We also observed other animals such as owls, hedgehogs, and bats with the binoculars, which increased our knowledge and insight.

Of course, this binoculars also has some shortcomings. For example:

  • Its weight is a bit heavy, making us feel a bit tired when carrying and using it.
  • Its operation is a bit complicated, and it took us some time to get familiar with it at the beginning.
  • Its price is a bit high, making us feel a bit expensive when purchasing it.

In addition to hunting, we didn’t forget to visit the local attractions and experience the history and culture of the city. Lincoln has many places worth visiting, and we picked a few of the most representative ones, including Lincoln Cathedral, Lincoln Castle, and Lincoln Central Market.

  • Lincoln Cathedral is the most iconic building in the city, built in the 11th century, it was once the tallest building in the world and is still one of the largest Gothic cathedrals in England. Its exterior is spectacular and elegant, and its interior is full of exquisite and sacred details. We visited various parts of the cathedral, including the bell tower, choir stalls, rose window, and the famous Lincoln Imp, with the guidance of a tour guide. We were amazed and admired by the architectural style and historical stories of the cathedral.
  • Lincoln Castle is one of the most important historical sites in the city, built in the 11th century, it was a fortress of Norman conqueror William I. It is now a museum and a courthouse, collecting some precious relics and documents, such as the earliest Bill of Rights and Magna Carta in England. We visited the prison, courtroom, exhibition hall, and other places in the castle, learning about the history and function of the castle. We also walked around the city wall, enjoying the panoramic view and scenery of the city.
  • Lincoln Central Market is one of the liveliest and most colorful places in the city, located on the High Street, it is a comprehensive shopping center. It has many different types of shops and stalls, selling various goods and foods, such as clothing, jewelry, books, flowers, fruits, and vegetables. We strolled around the market for a while, buying some souvenirs and snacks. We also chatted with friendly merchants and customers, experiencing the local life and customs.



After hunting and sightseeing in Lincoln, we didn’t miss the opportunity to taste the local cuisine and experience the flavor and characteristics of the city. Lincoln has many types of restaurants, bars, cafes, and tea rooms, offering various dishes and drinks, such as delicate French cuisine, exotic Indian curry, and traditional English breakfast. We picked a few of the most representative ones, including Lincolnshire sausages, Lincolnshire blue cheese, and Lincolnshire plum jam.

  • Lincolnshire sausages are one of the city’s most famous specialties, made from pork, breadcrumbs, herbs, and salt. It has a soft and juicy texture and a strong and spicy flavor. We tried this sausage in a cafe called The Cheese Society Cafe, served with mashed potatoes, onion sauce, and mustard sauce, which was very delicious and satisfying.
  • Lincolnshire blue cheese is one of the most famous cheeses in the city, made from milk and blue mold. It has a gray-white appearance with blue spots, a soft texture with particles, and a rich and sweet flavor. We tasted this cheese in a cafe called Doddington Hall Café, served with fresh bread and fruits, which was very refreshing and appetizing.
  • Lincolnshire plum jam is one of the oldest desserts in the city, made from plums, sugar, and lemon juice. It has a deep purple-red color, a dense texture with fruit pulp, and a sweet and sour taste. We enjoyed this jam in a tea room called Bells Tea Shop, served with soft scones and cream, which was very fragrant and tempting.

We had a very memorable time in Lincoln. Not only did we successfully capture some nocturnal animals, but we also visited the rich and colorful attractions and tasted authentic specialty cuisine. The Wildguarder infrared binoculars we used also brought us many surprises and conveniences. Although the binoculars have some shortcomings, its cost performance is high, and we recommend it. We hope our experiences and feelings can inspire and help those who love outdoor activities and travel.

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