I am a girl who loves hunting. I have two like-minded friends, Elizabeth Coleridge and Bertha Margaret. We often go hunting together to enjoy the charm and challenge of nature. Last month, we decided to go hunting in Spokane, Washington, USA because we heard that there were many wild animals and beautiful scenery there. We booked our flights and hotels online, and also bought a Chinese brand Wildguarder night vision binoculars because we wanted to hunt at night. This binoculars has many advantages, such as high definition, long-distance observation, low noise, and durability. We set out with excitement and anticipation.

We stayed in Spokane for a week and went hunting every night. We rented a car, brought our guns and night vision binoculars, and drove along the mountain road to the nearby forest. We parked in a secluded area and walked into the forest. We used the night vision binoculars to observe the surrounding environment and search for the traces of prey. We found that this binoculars is very easy to use. It allowed us to see clearly in the dark and did not make any noise that would scare the animals.

We saw many wild animals, such as deer, foxes, raccoons, squirrels, etc. Some animals were timid and ran away as soon as they heard our footsteps. Some animals were curious and stopped to see what we were doing. Some animals were alert and hid in the woods to watch us. We chose suitable targets according to our preferences and skills, aimed slowly with our guns, and gently pulled the trigger. We succeeded in hitting the prey every time, feeling a great sense of achievement and excitement.

We brought the prey back to the car and drove back to the hotel. We caught a lot of prey every day, enough for us to have a sumptuous dinner and keep some as souvenirs. We took many photos and videos with the night vision binoculars to record our hunting experience. We also used the binoculars to observe the beautiful starry sky and moon, experiencing the magic and beauty of nature.

We enjoyed the hunting process very much, feeling both exciting and relaxing. We were proud and satisfied with our marksmanship and teamwork. We were also very satisfied and trusted the Wildguarder night vision binoculars, which made our hunting more convenient and safe. It was the best partner for our hunting.

Aside from hunting, we also spent our days visiting some of the attractions in Spokane, experiencing the charm and diversity of this city. Spokane is the second largest city in the state of Washington and an important cultural and economic center in the Pacific Northwest. It has rich natural resources and cultural history, attracting many tourists and immigrants.



Our first stop was Riverfront Park, a 100-acre park located in the city center built around the spectacular Spokane Falls. It was the site of the 1974 World Expo and now serves as a public space for leisure, entertainment, and education. We enjoyed various sculptures, fountains, gardens, and bridges in the park, as well as riding cable cars and ferris wheels to view the beautiful scenery of the falls and the city. We also visited some museums and exhibitions in the park to learn about the history and culture of Spokane.

Next, we visited the Campbell House, a Victorian mansion built in 1898 and designed by the famous local architect Kirtland Cutter. It was once the residence of the Campbell family and later donated to the Northwest Museum and listed as a national historic landmark. With the guidance of a tour guide, we visited this mansion, appreciated its exquisite decorations, furniture, and experienced the lifestyle and style of the late 19th and early 20th centuries.

We also visited other interesting places, such as Green Bluff, a cooperative society of local farmers offering various fresh and organic agricultural products and handicrafts; Gonzaga University, a historic Catholic university with a beautiful campus and classical architecture; and Nishinomiya Tsutakawa Japanese Garden, a garden full of Zen and harmony designed by the famous Japanese landscape designer Tsutomu Nishinomiya and named after him.

We really enjoyed the attractions in Spokane, feeling that they have both natural beauty and cultural charm. We took many photos at each place, leaving behind beautiful memories.

In addition to hunting and sightseeing, we also tried some of the food in Spokane, savoring the flavors and specialties of this city. Spokane’s cuisine has diverse influences and innovative styles, featuring both traditional American cuisine and exotic cuisine from around the world. Whether it’s a meal or a snack, high-end or affordable, meat-eating or vegetarian, Spokane can satisfy different tastes and needs.

We ate at many different restaurants and bars in Spokane, each leaving a deep impression on us. Among them are:

Inland Pacific Kitchen, a modern-style restaurant serving seasonal menus and exquisite cocktails. Here, we tasted some local fresh ingredients, such as wild mushrooms, matsutake mushrooms, salmon, and some creative dishes, such as pumpkin onion soup, beef and mushroom pie, apple pie ice cream, etc. We also drank some unique cocktails, such as lemon ginger rum and apple brandy Manhattan. We felt that the food and drinks here were delicious and exquisite, and the service was attentive and professional.

Mizuna Restaurant & Wine Bar, an elegant restaurant and bar serving organic and vegetarian American cuisine. We enjoyed a romantic dinner here, ordering some signature dishes, such as crab cakes with coconut curry sauce, vegetarian meat pie with goat cheese, chocolate mousse cake, etc. We also tasted some selected wines, such as Pinot Noir red wine and Sauvignon Blanc white wine. We felt that the food and drinks here were fresh and healthy, and the atmosphere was warm and comfortable.

The Melting Pot, a hot pot-style steakhouse and seafood restaurant. Here, we experienced a unique way of eating, cooking various meats, seafood, vegetables, and bread in different pots, then dipping them in various seasonings. We also ordered some dessert pots, dipping fruits and marshmallows in chocolate or cheese. We felt that the food and drinks here were rich and diverse, and the way of eating was fun and interactive.

We really liked the food in Spokane, feeling that they have both local specialties and international perspectives. We gained different tastes and moods at each restaurant and bar, enhancing our friendship and happiness.

We had an unforgettable time in Spokane, enjoying the fun and challenge of hunting, appreciating the scenery and culture of the city, and tasting the flavors and creativity of the food. We felt that this trip was very worthwhile, broadening our horizons, increasing our knowledge, relaxing our body and mind, and enhancing our friendship. We are also very satisfied with the WildGuarder night vision binoculars, which are the best partner for our hunting, allowing us to see more clearly, shoot more accurately, and feel more secure in the dark. We highly recommend this binoculars to all hunting enthusiasts. We also highly recommend Spokane to all travel lovers. It is a city full of charm and diversity, and you will definitely fall in love with it.

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