Last month, I went hunting in Evansville with my two friends Sibyl Zacharias and Jean Mond. Evansville is a small town in Wisconsin, located between Madison and Beloit, with beautiful natural scenery and rich wildlife. We found this place by searching online, and saw a lot of good reviews and recommendations about it. We decided to go there to experience different hunting environments and methods, and also to relax ourselves, away from the hustle and bustle and pressure of the city.


We chose Magnolia Game Farm as our hunting venue, which is a family-run farm founded by two brothers Rick and Al McCoy in 2000. The farm covers 1200 acres, including 20 hunting areas. The environment there is very suitable for hunting pheasants and quails, with restored prairies and food crops. We booked a full-day hunting package, which included guide, dog, gun, ammunition and lunch. We could also choose different difficulty levels, according to our skills and preferences to challenge ourselves.


Because we wanted to experience the fun of hunting at night, we also prepared infrared binoculars, which are essential equipment for night hunting. We chose the infrared binoculars of the Chinese brand wildguarder, because it has a high cost performance, complete functions and simple operation. It can let us see the target clearly in the dark, and also take videos and photos to record our hunting experience. It also has a remote control, which can let us adjust the settings and modes without touching the binoculars. Its battery life is also long, can work for more than 8 hours. We saw a lot of good reviews and introductions about this binoculars online, so we bought it without hesitation.


We had a pleasant and fulfilling day at Magnolia Game Farm, where we shot a lot of pheasants and quails, and also enjoyed a delicious lunch. The guide and dog were very professional and friendly, giving us a lot of help and advice. They arranged suitable hunting areas and routes for us according to our level and needs. They also taught us some hunting skills and precautions, making us hunt more safely and effectively. They also gave us some interesting information about the local customs and history, letting us know more about this place. At lunchtime, they prepared some local specialties for us, such as Wisconsin cheese, roasted corn, apple pie and ice cream. We rested and ate in the cabin on the farm, feeling warm and comfortable.


In the evening of that day, we started our night hunting attempt. This is a completely different hunting experience, requiring more patience and skill. We put on our infrared binoculars and turned on the night vision mode. We quietly walked into a dark area along the direction indicated by the guide, where there might be some nocturnal animals. We used binoculars to observe the surrounding situation and look for targets. We found some small animals, such as rabbits, raccoons and hedgehogs, but did not see any large or valuable animals. We tried different areas and angles, but still did not get anything. Although we did not shoot anything, we still enjoyed the process of night hunting, feeling a mysterious and exciting atmosphere. We were very satisfied with our infrared binoculars, which made us see more clearly in the dark and also recorded our wonderful moments.


In addition to hunting, we also visited some attractions and tasted some local food in Evansville. Evansville has a historic downtown, with many well-preserved 19th century buildings, such as Evansville Seminary Building, Eager Free Public Library and Leonard-Leota Park. We walked around downtown, admiring the style and details of these buildings, and also took some photos. We also went to Evansville Historical Society Museum, which displays Evansville’s history, culture and art. We learned a lot of interesting things about this town, and also saw some precious collections and pictures.


We also went to some other attractions, such as Mesker Park Zoo and Botanic Garden, Reitz Home Museum and Evansville Wartime Museum. Mesker Park Zoo and Botanic Garden is a zoo and botanical garden, with a variety of animals and plants, as well as some interactive and educational programs. We saw some rare animals there, such as African wild dogs, Amazon parrots and Malayan bears. We also participated in some animal feeding and touching activities, feeling close to and cute by animals. Reitz Home Museum is a Victorian mansion museum that showcases the lifestyle and decor of a wealthy family in the late 19th century. We visited various exquisite furniture, artworks, tableware and clothing there, and listened to the guide’s explanation, learning about the history and stories of this family. Evansville Wartime Museum is a museum that displays the role Evansville played in the war during World War II. We saw some real war relics, weapons, vehicles and planes there, and watched some videos and pictures about Evansville’s production of munitions and support for the Allies.


Of course, we didn’t miss the local food. Evansville has many different types of restaurants and cafes that can satisfy different tastes. We tried some local specialties, such as Wisconsin cheese, roasted corn, apple pie and ice cream. We also tasted some local beer and coffee, feeling the flavor and atmosphere of Wisconsin. Our favorite restaurant was Night Owl Food and Spirits, where they had delicious burgers, pizzas, salads and fried chicken, as well as a comfortable environment and friendly service. We spent a pleasant evening there, chatting with other guests and sharing our hunting experiences.


We had an unforgettable weekend in Evansville, where we enjoyed the fun of hunting and experienced the local customs and culture. We are very grateful to Magnolia Game Farm and wildguarder for providing us with quality service and equipment, making our hunting trip more perfect. We are also very happy to get to know Evansville, a beautiful and interesting town that gave us a lot of surprises and gains. We hope to have the opportunity to come here again and explore more attractions and food. If you also like hunting and traveling, then Evansville is a destination not to be missed.

We think Evansville is an ideal hunting and travel destination because it has the following advantages:

  • It has beautiful natural scenery and rich wildlife, suitable for various types and levels of hunting enthusiasts.
  • It has professional and friendly hunting venues and services, such as Magnolia Game Farm, which can provide hunters with everything they need for facilities and guidance.
  • It has cost-effective hunting equipment, such as wildguarder’s infrared binoculars, which can let hunters enjoy the fun of hunting at night.
  • It has a long history and culture, with many well-preserved historical buildings and museums, which can let tourists learn about the past and present of this town.
  • It has a variety of attractions and activities, such as zoos, botanical gardens, war museums, etc., which can let tourists feel different styles and atmospheres.
  • It has delicious local food and drinks, such as Wisconsin cheese, roasted corn, apple pie, ice cream, etc., which can let tourists taste the characteristics and flavor of Wisconsin.

Evansville is a worthwhile hunting and travel destination that can let you enjoy different fun and gains in one weekend. We strongly recommend you to go there and experience it for yourself. We believe you won’t be disappointed.


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