Three of us, Franklin Robbins, Sebastiane Yeates and I, went hunting at the Bailu Forest Park in Chengdu, Sichuan, China. Due to the night hunting involved, we chose the brand Wildguarder from Shenzhen, China. Through this hunting experience, I tested the night vision binoculars with actual use and also got to know the local customs and cuisine.


Hunting,Wildguarder Night Vision Binoculars


The Bailu Forest Park is a large provincial geological forest park in Pengzhou, Sichuan, only 78 kilometers away from Chengdu. The park has numerous natural and cultural landscapes, such as the glacier boulder standard profile, a large-scale garden of China’s geological wonders, a forest oxygen bar, a Chuanxi folk tourism garden, a thousand Buddha statues, the Liyuan Scenic Area, a holographic image spectacle of karst caves, and a red maple landscape forest. There is also a French-style town in the park, which is a comprehensive project for tourism, leisure, vacation, and business.


night vision binoculars


We stayed in the French-style town for two days, experiencing the French architecture and romantic atmosphere. We also tasted local specialties such as Pengzhou tofu pudding, Pengzhou spicy rabbit head, and Pengzhou roasted chicken. We saw golden ginkgo trees on the nearby Gingko Square, which were very beautiful.

Hunting,Wildguarder Night Vision Binoculars


We planned to go hunting at the Bailu Forest Park on the third night, so we purchased the Wildguarder Night Vision Binoculars online in advance. This is a professional night vision binoculars that can observe animals and the environment clearly in the dark. It also has recording and photography functions to record our hunting experience.


Hunting,Wildguarder Night Vision Binoculars


We set out in the evening, drove to the park entrance, and entered the forest with our binoculars and guns. We walked along a small path for a while and saw a group of deer grazing on the grass. We quietly approached, locked the target with the binoculars, and took a clear photo. Then I aimed at the head of a male deer and gently pulled the trigger. The gun made a sound, and the male deer fell down. The other deer ran away in panic.

I ran over happily, dragged the male deer to the roadside. It was a very big and strong wild deer with beautiful long antlers. I took some photos with the binoculars and sent messages to my two friends. They came quickly, and we all caught three deer in total. We tied them together with a rope, and then used a car to transport them back to the town. We found a local barbecue restaurant and asked the boss to help us process and barbecue the venison. We also ordered some other dishes and beer to celebrate.

We had a great time at the barbecue restaurant. The venison was fragrant and tender, and paired with beer was refreshing. We also used the binoculars to replay our hunting video and shared our experiences and feelings. We also posted our photos and videos on social media, which received many likes and comments.

After finishing the barbecue, we returned to the hotel in the town. We charged the binoculars and prepared to go hunting again the next day. We also took the deer antlers as souvenirs. We took a shower and went to bed. We all felt that this was a very successful and unforgettable hunting trip.

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