I am a person who loves racing. I have liked driving fast cars on the road since I was young. I have two like-minded friends, Grover Noah and Jo Stone, who are also racing enthusiasts. We often participate in various racing competitions and activities together. Last month, we decided to relax ourselves in a different and exciting way, which is hunting. We chose Lushan National Forest Park in China as our destination, because we heard that there are beautiful natural scenery, rich wildlife, and a long history and culture there. So, we wanted to experience the thrill of chasing prey in the primitive forest, and also appreciate the local customs and culture. We booked flights and hotels, prepared the necessary equipment and documents, and started our hunting trip to Lushan National Forest Park.

We took a plane to Jinzhou, and then drove to Lushan National Forest Park, which is our hunting destination. Lushan National Forest Park is located in the west suburb of Beizhen City. It is a natural reserve with beautiful scenery, excellent ecology, and a long history. It has a natural Pinus tabulaeformis forest that is unique to East Asia, as well as rich wildlife and insects. It is a gene pool of species and a natural wildlife park. It is also the northern mountain that Emperor Shun bestowed, with a thousand-year-old Taoist culture relics, such as Sanqing Temple, cliff carvings, etc. The peaks here are peculiar, such as dragon claw pine, camel hump, etc., and there are spectacular high mountain waterfalls and magical double-line sky. The climate here is pleasant, the air is fresh, and the negative oxygen ion content is very high. It is a natural oxygen bar.hunting

We found a farmhouse in the park to stay in, and felt the local customs and culture. We tasted Lushan chicken, wild vegetables, glutinous rice and other local specialties. They were all made with spring water and natural ingredients, with delicious taste and healthy nutrition. We also tried Beizhen duck pear produced locally, which has fine and crisp flesh, sweet and juicy taste, and fragrant flavor. It is a famous fruit. We chatted with the owner of the farmhouse about the history and legends of Lushan. We heard that this was once the place where Chen Tuan and Zhang Sanfeng practiced Taoism, and there were many magical stories and legends. We became more interested and curious about Lushan National Forest Park, looking forward to the hunting trip the next day.

Early the next morning, we took our equipment and prepared to start hunting. Our equipment included guns, ammunition, knives, flashlights, compasses, first aid kits and other necessities, as well as our binoculars. Binoculars are an important tool for hunting. They can help us observe distant prey, improve our accuracy and safety. We planned to hunt both during the day and at night, so we needed a kind of binoculars that can adapt to different light conditions.

My friend Grover Noah suggested that we buy infrared binoculars. He said that this kind of binoculars can form a clear image by thermal imaging without emitting infrared light in the dark. This way we can see the position and movement of prey at night without missing any opportunities. He said that this kind of binoculars has the advantages of wide field of view, high resolution, good performance, and high evaluation. But it cannot see details and colors.

I listened to his introduction and thought that this kind of binoculars was really amazing, but I also thought it was too expensive. I didn’t want to spend so much money on a pair of binoculars, and I was also not sure if this kind of binoculars was legal and safe. I wanted a cheaper, simpler, and more practical pair of binoculars. So, I chose Owler1 night vision binoculars. This kind of binoculars can amplify the weak ambient light by thousands of times without emitting infrared light, forming an image. This way we can also see the outline and movement of prey at night. It can also be set to emit infrared light, which can see farther, up to 600 meters. The advantages of this kind of binoculars are low price, only $350, light weight, only 1.5 pounds, strong durability, can resist water and vibration. The performance is good, and the evaluation is not low. Grover Noah and I each bought our own favorite binoculars, and then set off with Jo Stone. We drove into Lushan National Forest Park, stopped at a suitable place, and started walking to find prey. We walked along the mountain road for a while, and saw some traces and sounds of wild animals. We quietly approached and observed with binoculars.

After observing for a while, we found some different prey. There were wild rabbits, pheasants, ducks, deer, boars, etc. We chose the appropriate targets according to our preferences and skills, and then started aiming and shooting. Because we were all experienced hunters, our hit rate was very high, and we soon harvested some prey. We put the prey in our backpacks and continued to look for more opportunities.

The daytime hunting went smoothly and we were all very happy. In the evening, we found a safe place, lit a bonfire, and prepared to have dinner. We used knives to skin and pluck the prey, and then roasted them on a rack over the fire. We also boiled some water with a kettle, brewed some tea and instant noodles. We ate and chatted, sharing our hunting experiences and feelings. We all felt that Lushan National Forest Park was a good hunting place, with rich wildlife resources and beautiful natural scenery.

After dinner, it was completely dark. We decided to continue hunting at night, experiencing different challenges and fun. We took our binoculars, lights and guns, and set off again. The forest at night was quieter and more mysterious, with only some animal calls and wind sounds. We used our binoculars to look for prey in the dark.

Through the use of Owler1, I found that Owler1’s performance was not bad. It can magnify two times, with a field of view width of 24 mm, and a resolution of 36 lines per mm. It can work in environments below 0.001 lux, with a built-in infrared illuminator that can provide additional light sources. It also has a low battery indicator that can remind me to change the battery in time. It uses two AA batteries that can work for 20 hours. Its shell is made of rubber that can be waterproof and shockproof. It also has a soft eyepiece that can protect my eyes and improve comfort.

Through this pair of binoculars, I saw some outlines and movements of prey. The images they presented were clear enough to distinguish their shapes and sizes without color and detail. I saw a wild rabbit jumping in the grass, a wild fox sneaking in the woods, a wild cat resting on a rock. I chose a wild rabbit as my target, then aimed and shot it successfully, feeling very satisfied and excited.

My friend Grover Noah observed with his infrared binoculars and found that this kind of binoculars had good performance. It can magnify five times, with a field of view width of 50 mm, and a resolution of 70 lines per mm. It can work in complete darkness, with a powerful infrared emitter that can emit a beam of infrared light, and then receive the reflected infrared light, forming a clear image. It also has an automatic gain control that can adjust the brightness and contrast of the image according to the changes of ambient light. It uses four AA batteries that can work for 40 hours. Its shell is made of metal that can be waterproof and shockproof. It also has an adjustable eye distance that can suit different users.

He also saw the position and movement of some prey. For example, a deer was grazing on the grassland, a wolf was peering on the hillside, a duck was swimming by the water. He finally chose a deer as his target, and then started aiming and shooting. He successfully shot the deer, feeling very proud and happy.

Finally, we compared our binoculars and found that they had their own advantages and disadvantages. My Owler1 night vision binoculars were cheap, light weight, strong durability, but the image quality was not high, it needed some ambient light, and it could not see color and detail. His infrared binoculars were expensive, heavier, average durability, but the image quality was very high, and it could work in complete darkness. We both felt that our choices were suitable and did not regret them. We were both satisfied and trusted our binoculars.

The night hunting was really exciting and we enjoyed it. In the late night, we returned to the campsite and prepared to rest. We put away our binoculars and then crawled into our tents. We lay in our sleeping bags, thinking about the daytime and nighttime hunting experiences and feelings. We all felt that Lushan National Forest Park was a good hunting place, with rich wildlife resources and beautiful natural scenery. We all felt that our binoculars were a good hunting tool that could help us observe distant prey, improve our accuracy and safety. We were all satisfied and happy with our harvest.

The next morning, we packed our luggage and prepared to leave Lushan National Forest Park and return to Jinzhou. We divided our prey into three parts, one for each person, as our souvenir and reward. We also put our binoculars in our backpacks, as our partners and treasures. We drove out of the park, enjoying the scenery along the way, feeling the mood along the way. We returned to Jinzhou airport, took a plane back to our respective hometowns. We said goodbye to each other, wished each other well, and looked forward to seeing each other again.

This hunting trip was one of the most unforgettable experiences in my life. I not only saw the beauty and magic of Lushan National Forest Park, but also experienced the fun and challenge of hunting, harvested prey and binoculars, as well as friendship and knowledge. I not only exercised my body and skills, but also exercised my will and mind. I felt that this hunting trip made me grow a lot and made me love life and nature more. I hope to have the opportunity to come back to Lushan National Forest Park again and have another hunting trip.

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