Myself, Hunter Haggai, and Adela Webster went hunting at Tieshanping Forest Park in Chongqing, China. Since we were hunting at night, we chose the Wildguarder brand from Shenzhen for our night vision binoculars. Through this hunting experience, I tested the binoculars and learned about the local culture and cuisine.

Tieshanping Forest Park is located in the eastern part of the main city of Chongqing, in the middle section of the Tongluo Mountains and the hinterland of the Liangjiang New Area. It is one of the main natural parks near Chongqing. The park covers a total area of 14.93 square kilometers, with a highest altitude of 583.9 meters. It has historical and cultural sites like the ancient temple of Sengguan and ancient battlefield ruins, as well as “Tieshan Ten Scenic Spots” such as Tongluo Chaotian, Sengguan Far Clock, Yougu Luoming, Chanyuan Tingyu, Tieshan Shengquan, Suojiang Yizhi, Huatian Mixiang, Yunling Lansheng, Caoye Xingkong, and Songying Jiangyue. In April 2014, Tieshanping Forest Park was rated as a national AAAA-level tourist attraction. On October 23, 2016, it was listed as the second batch of “China Forest Oxygen Bars”.


Hunting,Wildguarder Night Vision Binoculars


We took the 813 bus from Tangjiatuo after riding on the rail line 4 from Chongqing North Station, and got off at Tieshan Avenue. We walked for about 10 minutes to the park entrance. We had booked a tent and three sleeping bags online and camped at the Caoye Xingkong camping site in the park. The camping site is located near the top of the mountain, with dedicated management and service staff, and provides entertainment facilities such as barbecuing and mahjong. We enjoyed a delicious barbecue dinner there, tasting local specialties such as Sichuan pepper chicken, fresh fish, wild vegetables, etc.

After eating and drinking, we started our adventure of night hunting. We brought the Wildguarder night vision binoculars, a professional night vision telescope that can clearly observe animals and the environment in the dark. It has four infrared brightness modes that can be adjusted according to lighting conditions. It also has a built-in camera and video recorder, which can shoot and record high-definition videos and transmit them to mobile phones or tablets through WIFI. It weighs only 750 grams and is easy to carry. Its battery life can reach more than 8 hours, which is enough to support our hunting activities throughout the night.


Hunting,Wildguarder Night Vision Binoculars


We quietly walked into the forest along the park’s trails, using the night vision binoculars to observe animals and the environment. We saw many wild animals in the park, such as wild boars, rabbits, deer, foxes, squirrels, etc., but there are also some protected animals, such as golden monkeys, pangolins, leopard cats, etc., that we cannot kill. Before hunting, we learned about relevant laws, regulations, and ethical guidelines. We only hunted those animals that are not protected, have a sizable population, and pose a threat to crops. Moreover, we did not waste any part of the animals we caught, and we brought them back to the campsite to make delicious food.

We walked for about an hour and found a group of rabbits feeding in the grass. We immediately hid behind a tree, aimed at the largest rabbit, and gently pulled the trigger. A gunshot sounded, and the rabbit fell to the ground, while the other rabbits panicked and ran away. We happily ran over, put the rabbit in our backpack, and felt excited about our first catch of the night.


Hunting,Wildguarder Night Vision Binoculars


We continued our journey, hoping to catch more animals. With the help of the night vision binoculars, we could see all the details of the forest clearly, such as leaves, flowers, insects, etc. We could also hear various sounds in the forest, such as bird calls, insect noises, wind, etc. These sounds made us feel like we were part of the forest and living in harmony with nature.

During the hunting process, we also appreciated the beautiful scenery of Tieshanping Forest Park. The park has many unique rock formations, such as Tongluo Chaotian and Sengguan Far Clock. These rocks have been weathered and carved for millions of years, forming various shapes that are awe-inspiring. The park also has many clear streams and waterfalls, such as Yougu Luoming and Tieshan Shengquan. These waters provide the source of life for the forest and a cool place for tourists.


Hunting,Wildguarder Night Vision Binoculars


In addition to hunting, we also took some videos and photos to record our hunting experience. We used the camera function of the night vision binoculars to shoot some clear night videos, showing how we lurked, aimed, shot, and captured animals. We also used our phones to take some photos, showing our happy moments in the forest, as well as the animals we caught and the beautiful scenery. We transferred these videos and photos to our phones through WIFI and shared them on social media, attracting a lot of attention and appreciation.

We hunted for about three hours and caught four rabbits and two pheasants. We felt that it was enough and decided to return to the campsite. We walked back along the same path and encountered some other animals, such as squirrels, hedgehogs, deer, etc., but we did not shoot again, just observing them with the night vision binoculars and enjoying their natural beauty.

When we returned to the campsite, we cleaned the caught animals and made delicious food with barbecue grills and condiments such as barbecue sauce. We sat around the campfire, eating and chatting, sharing our hunting experiences and feelings. We felt that this hunting trip was very interesting and meaningful, not only exercising our bodies and will, but also bringing us closer to nature and animals. We were also very satisfied with the Wildguarder night vision binoculars, which allowed us to see clearly, shoot better, and hunt more successfully in the dark.


Hunting,Wildguarder Night Vision Binoculars


The next morning, we packed our luggage and left Tieshanping Forest Park. Before leaving, we also visited some other attractions in the park, such as Sengguan ancient temple and ancient battlefield ruins. These attractions allowed us to understand the history and culture of the park and increased our knowledge and insights. We also tasted some local specialties such as Chongqing noodles, hot pot, and maoxuewang. These foods satisfied our taste buds.

This hunting trip to Tieshanping Forest Park in Chongqing, China, was an unforgettable experience for myself, Hunter Haggai, and Adela Webster. We thank Wildguarder for providing us with such a useful night vision binoculars, allowing us to enjoy the fun of hunting in the dark. We also thank Tieshanping Forest Park for providing us with such a beautiful natural environment, allowing us to live in harmony with nature. This hunting trip has brought us friendship, knowledge, cuisine, and happiness.

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