I have always loved hunting because it allows me to experience the charm and challenge of nature. Last week, my two friends Merle Emerson and Luther Dewar and I decided to go hunting in Citronelle, Alabama, because of its abundant wildlife and beautiful scenery. We planned to stay there for three days, visiting local attractions during the day and hunting at night.

Since night hunting requires special equipment, we bought a night vision binoculars before we left. It allowed us to see the target and the surrounding environment clearly in the dark. Night vision binoculars were essential for our hunting trip. Without it, we would not have been able to enjoy the fun and excitement of night hunting.

In this article, I will share our experiences and feelings during the hunting trip in Citronelle, as well as the help and surprises brought by night vision binoculars. I hope that through my description, you can also feel our happiness and excitement, as well as our love and recommendation for night vision binoculars.

We stayed at a hotel called Hunters Lodge in Citronelle, which is located in a peaceful countryside with vast forests and meadows. The hotel owner is a hospitable old hunter who gave us some advice and precautions about night hunting and provided some guns and ammunition for hunting.

We left around eight o’clock every night, driving to a nearby hunting ground and then walking into the forest. We all wore night vision binoculars, which allowed us to see everything in the dark. Night vision binoculars have two modes, one is green and the other is black and white. We can switch modes according to different light and environment to obtain the best visual effect.

Night vision binoculars not only allowed us to see the target but also the scenery and animals around us. We saw various wild animals such as deer, foxes, raccoons, squirrels, and so on. Sometimes we stopped to appreciate their beauty and cuteness, and sometimes we chose some of them as our prey.

During the hunting process, we also encountered some interesting or thrilling situations. Once we saw a huge black bear walking towards us. We immediately hid behind a big tree, picked up our guns, and prepared to fire. But before we fired, the black bear suddenly turned around and ran away. It turned out that it just wanted to play with its partner and didn’t notice us. We breathed a sigh of relief and found it funny.

Another time, we saw a beautiful white-tailed deer standing under the moonlight eating grass. We decided to make it our target and quietly approached it. When we were about ten meters away from it, we both fired at the same time. But to our surprise, the white-tailed deer did not fall down but jumped up and ran towards us. We panicked and ran back while firing continuously. Finally, the white-tailed deer fell to the ground. We went to check it and found four bullet holes on its body. It turned out that we did not hit its vital parts but only injured it. We felt ashamed and regretful and admired the bravery and toughness of the white-tailed deer.

There are many situations like this, and I won’t list them one by one. In short, during night hunting, the night vision binoculars have given us a lot of help and surprises. It allows us to enjoy the fun and excitement of hunting in the dark.

During the day of our hunting trip, we didn’t just sit around. Instead, we went to some local attractions to experience the history and culture of Citronelle. Citronelle is a small town with a long history and rich resources. It was a battlefield during the Civil War and the hometown of some celebrities. It also has a beautiful nickname, “Land of Healing Waters”, because it has various hot springs with healing effects.

We went to the Citronelle Historical Preservation Society, which is a museum that preserves Citronelle’s history and artifacts. There are many exhibits and materials about the Civil War, railway construction, hot spring tourism, etc. We learned about Citronelle’s past and present there and saw some precious photos and letters. The museum staff were friendly and gave us some introductions and recommendations about other attractions in Citronelle.

We also went to Cedar Creek State Park, which is a park with beautiful natural scenery and leisure facilities, including lakes, rivers, forests, wildflowers, etc. We walked, fished, boated, picnicked there, and enjoyed the sunshine and fresh air. We also used the night vision binoculars to observe some animals and plants in the park, and found many details and wonders that we couldn’t see normally. The night vision binoculars gave us a different perspective and feeling about the park.

In addition to these attractions, we also went to some local churches, shops, restaurants, etc. to experience the local way of life and beliefs. We found that Citronelle is a charming and vibrant town that preserves tradition and history while embracing modernity and innovation. We have a deep fondness and interest in Citronelle.

During our hunting trip, we didn’t forget to taste the local cuisine because we all love food. Citronelle has many restaurants with different types and flavors, which can meet our various tastes and needs. We tried some local specialties, drinks, desserts, etc., and enjoyed them.

Our favorite restaurant is Bertile’s Restaurant, which is a restaurant that serves fast food and American food. It’s affordable, friendly, and delicious. We had breakfast and lunch there, and we were satisfied. We especially liked their breakfast sandwiches and spicy burgers, which were fresh and spicy. We also drank their coffee and juice, which were refreshing and sweet.

We also went to Los Amigos of Citronelle, which is a restaurant that serves Mexican food. Its menu is rich, the atmosphere is relaxed, and the food is delicious. We had dinner there and enjoyed it. Our favorite dishes were their corn tortillas, cheesecake, margaritas, etc., which were fragrant and juicy. We also talked with the staff about some topics related to Mexican culture and food, and felt it was interesting and friendly.



In addition to these restaurants, we also went to some other places to eat, such as Grillbillies BBQ, D & A Seafood, Little Caesars, etc. We tried some barbecue, seafood, pizza, and other foods there, which were delicious and novel. We also went to some supermarkets and convenience stores to buy some snacks and drinks, such as Dollar General, CVS, etc. We bought some chips, chocolates, colas, etc., which were convenient and practical.

Our hunting trip in Citronelle was a very unforgettable and enjoyable experience. We not only enjoyed the fun and excitement of night hunting but also experienced the history, culture, and cuisine of Citronelle. We had a comprehensive and deep understanding and impression of Citronelle and made some new friends and old hunters.

During this trip, the night vision binoculars were our most important and useful tool. Without it, we couldn’t have completed our hunting plan and goals. The night vision binoculars allowed us to see everything in the dark, not only our prey but also the surrounding scenery and animals. The night vision binoculars gave us a different perspective and feeling about the night and also made us have a deeper respect and love for nature.

We are very satisfied and fond of the night vision binoculars we purchased. It is a product with excellent performance, reasonable price, simple operation, and stylish appearance. We strongly recommend it to anyone who loves hunting or wants to experience night vision. We believe that the night vision binoculars will bring you a lot of help and surprises, just like they did for us.

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