Laos is a beautiful and mysterious country with rich natural resources, diverse cultures, and friendly people. I have always wanted to travel to Laos, so when my two friends, Kim Joyce and Howar John, proposed to go hunting in Ban That Hium, Laos in March 2023, I agreed without hesitation.

Ban That Hium is a small village hidden in the mountains of northern Laos, which is paradise for hunting. There are various kinds of wild animals, such as deer, wild boars, foxes, owls, and some of them are active at night. To hunt at night, we need to use night vision binoculars.




In selecting night vision binoculars, we did a lot of research and comparison, and finally decided to buy the Wildguarder owler1 night vision binoculars from China’s Shenzhen brand. This night vision binocular has advanced technology and excellent performance, allowing us to clearly see the shape of animals in the dark.

Before we went hunting in Laos, we spent a lot of time and effort choosing the right night vision binoculars. We searched for a lot of information about night vision binoculars online, compared the features and prices of different brands and models, and read reviews and feedback from other users. In the end, we decided to buy the Wildguarder owler1 night vision binoculars from China’s Shenzhen brand because it has the following advantages:

High Definition: The Wildguarder owler1 night vision binoculars use a high-performance CMOS sensor and full optical system, which can provide high-definition images in the dark, allowing us to clearly see the details and features of animals.




Long-distance Observation: The Wildguarder owler1 night vision binoculars have 4x digital zoom and 7x optical magnification, allowing us to observe animals up to 1000 meters away without missing any targets.

Low Light Enhancement: The Wildguarder owler1 night vision binoculars are equipped with powerful infrared illuminators, which can provide sufficient brightness in extremely low light conditions, allowing us to hunt in complete darkness.

Waterproof and Shockproof: The Wildguarder owler1 night vision binoculars have a waterproof and shockproof design, allowing them to be used in various harsh environments without fear of rain, dust, or impact.

We stayed in Ban That Hium, Laos for three days and two nights, going hunting every night. We brought our own guns and ammunition, as well as the Wildguarder Owler1 night vision binoculars. We found a suitable spot near the village, hidden in trees or bushes, and waited for the animals to appear.

Using the Wildguarder Owler1 night vision binoculars, we easily detected the animals’ tracks and figures in the dark. We could switch between different display modes like black and white, green, or color, to adapt to different lighting conditions. We could also adjust the brightness and angle of the infrared illuminator by pressing a button to enhance our vision.




When we found a suitable target, we used the Wildguarder Owler1 night vision binoculars to:

Use the digital zoom and optical magnification function of the night vision binoculars to enlarge the image of the animal, determine its species, size, and distance.
Use the crosshair function of the night vision binoculars to aim at the animal’s vital organs, such as the head, heart, or lungs.
Quietly pull the trigger when the animal stops moving or turns around, shooting and hitting the target.
Use the video recording function of the night vision binoculars to record our shooting process and results, and save it in the built-in 32G memory card.

During the three-day hunting trip, we hunted six animals in total, including three deer, two wild boars, and a fox. We were happy and proud because they were valuable and delicious prey. We brought the game back to the village, where the locals helped us process and cook it. We also shared some of the game with the villagers as a gesture of gratitude and friendship. The villagers were friendly and appreciative, inviting us to share their food and drinks. We had a delicious and warm dinner together, laughing and enjoying each other’s company.




In addition to hunting, we also visited other attractions in Laos, tasted some local cuisine, and learned about the culture and customs of the locals. Here are some of our activities and experiences:

We went to Vientiane, the capital of Laos, visited the famous Pha That Luang stupa, the Wat Si Saket temple, and the Lao National Museum. We were impressed and awed by Laos’ history, religion, and art.
We went to Luang Prabang, the second-largest city in Laos, and enjoyed the beautiful scenery of the Mekong River, watching spectacular sunrises and sunsets, and participating in the morning alms-giving ceremony, offering food and flowers to the monks.
We went to the northern mountainous region of Laos and experienced some adventure and excitement, such as hiking, kayaking, rock climbing, and zip-lining. We felt the charm and challenge of nature in the mountains.
We tasted some of Laos’ featured foods, such as rice noodles, river fish, fruits, curries, and sticky rice. We found Laos’ food fresh, spicy, and appetizing. We also tried some local drinks like Lao Beer, Lao Lao rice wine, and Lao Coffee. We found Laos’ drinks refreshing, unique, and energizing.




We communicated and learned about the culture and customs of the local people. We learned some basic Lao language words and phrases, such as sabaidee (hello), khob chai (thank you), and la gon (goodbye). We learned some etiquette rules, such as not touching someone’s head, not pointing at people or Buddha images, and not wearing revealing or untidy clothes. We learned some traditional customs, such as playing water festival (Songkran) during the New Year, releasing water lanterns (Loy Krathong) on full moon night, and holding harvest festival (Boun Khao Chi) during the harvest season.

Hunting in Ban That Hium, Laos was one of the most unforgettable and meaningful experiences of our lives. We not only enjoyed the fun and challenge of hunting but also appreciated the beauty and mystery of Laos, tasted the delicious food and drinks, and established friendship and respect with the people of Laos. We are very grateful for the Wildguarder Owler1 night vision binoculars, which enabled us to see the animals clearly at night, shoot accurately at the target, and record our exciting moments. We strongly recommend the Wildguarder Owler1 night vision binoculars to all hunting enthusiasts, as it will make your hunting trip more perfect and memorable.

We hope to have the opportunity to go hunting in Laos or other countries in the future and experience more wildlife and local customs. We also hope to try more night vision binoculars or other night vision devices to see their differences and advantages. We believe that hunting is not only entertainment but also a learning and growing experience.

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