Hunting is an ancient and exciting sport that not only exercises the body, improves survival skills, but also brings fun and a sense of achievement. However, hunting is also a challenging and dangerous activity, especially at night, where visibility is limited, targets are hard to find, and the environment is complex. Therefore, having a high-quality night vision binoculars is a must-have equipment for hunters, as it can provide clear visual effects in the dark, increase the success rate and safety of hunting.

To satisfy our love for hunting and exploration, my two friends, York Eddie and Payne Hutt, and I decided to go hunting in the Xiangyang Lumen Temple National Forest Park in Hubei, China. The Lumen Temple National Forest Park is located in the southeast outskirts of Xiangyang City, 15 kilometers away from the city center. It is a comprehensive scenic spot that integrates natural scenery, historical culture, and religious beliefs. The park is surrounded by five mountain peaks, with dense forests and many wild animals, making it an ideal place for hunting enthusiasts. At the same time, the park also has historical sites such as Lumen Temple, Wangjiang Yunge, Baishi Hall, and natural wonders such as deep pools and stone forests. Hunting here not only allows us to enjoy the charm of nature but also experience the humanistic style of Xiangyang.




To ensure the smooth progress of our hunting trip, we specifically purchased the Wildguarder Owler1 night vision binoculars from the Chinese brand Shenzhen. This night vision binoculars uses advanced infrared technology and high-definition display screens, which can provide up to 400 meters of observation distance and clear image quality in the dark. It also has functions such as waterproof, shockproof, low voltage prompt, and multi-functional interfaces, suitable for various complex environments and scenes. In addition, it is equipped with a detachable shoulder strap and helmet bracket, making it convenient for users to carry or wear.

This article will detail our hunting process and experience in the Lumen Temple National Forest Park, including departure time, route, equipment, and targets.

We set off at around 3 pm yesterday and drove along the southeast outskirts of Xiangyang City towards the Lumen Temple National Forest Park. Our goal was to find a suitable place to camp in the park and start hunting in the evening. Our equipment included tents, sleeping bags, cookware, food, water, flashlights, knives, guns, bullets, and of course, our most important night vision binoculars.

It took us about an hour to reach the entrance of the park. After buying tickets, we entered the park. There is a circular mountain road in the park that leads to various scenic spots. We drove along the road for a while and found a spacious and quiet lawn, where we decided to camp. We quickly set up the tent, packed our things, and then started preparing dinner. We cooked some instant noodles and canned meat with our cookware, which was simple but satisfying.

After dinner, the sky had gradually darkened. We took out our night vision binoculars and prepared to start hunting. We chose the Wildguarder Owler1 night vision binoculars because it has many advantages. Firstly, it has a long observation distance, up to 400 meters, and can clearly see the shape and movement of animals in the dark. Secondly, its image quality is high, using high-definition display screens and infrared technology, which can present real and detailed images. Thirdly, it has many functions, such as waterproof, shockproof, low voltage prompt, and can connect to computers or mobile phones. Finally, its carrying method is flexible, it can be hung on the shoulder with a strap or worn on the head with a helmet bracket.

We put on night vision binoculars and quietly walked into the forest. We walked along a path, occasionally stopping to observe the surroundings. We saw some small animals such as squirrels, rabbits, and hedgehogs, but we didn’t go after them because we wanted to find larger and more challenging prey. We continued for a while, suddenly hearing a sound like a large animal running in the forest. We immediately became alert, using the night vision binoculars to look in the direction of the sound. To our surprise, it was a huge wild boar, over two meters long, with two sharp tusks on its head. It was charging towards us with a fierce look in its eye.

We were terrified and quickly started running. However, the wild boar was much faster than us and quickly caught up. We could only desperately run forward, hoping to find a safe place. But the forest was full of trees and bushes, and we were struggling to run, while the wild boar was effortlessly weaving through them.




I was running at the back and felt like the wild boar was about to bite my leg. I thought it was all over, and that I was done for. Suddenly, I remembered my night vision binoculars and one of its features – connecting to a phone or computer. I quickly took out my phone from my pocket and connected it to the night vision binoculars via Bluetooth. I opened an app on my phone that allowed me to control the night vision binoculars’ infrared function.

I turned up the brightness on my phone and then took off the night vision binoculars and threw them backwards. The phone and night vision binoculars simultaneously emitted a strong infrared light, shining directly into the wild boar’s eyes. The wild boar was stimulated and let out a cry of pain, stopping the chase and running away. I took the opportunity to speed up and meet up with my two friends.

We three gasped for breath and ran out of the forest, back to our camping site. We cried and thanked God for helping us escape. We decided not to hunt anymore and packed up our things to leave this cursed place. We also thanked my night vision binoculars, which saved our lives. Although it was bitten by the wild boar, it was still worth remembering.

This hunting and touring experience brought me many gains. I not only appreciated the beautiful scenery of the Lumen Temple National Forest Park, but also experienced the charm of the Three Kingdoms culture and the spirit of the Lu Gate high scholars. This is a tourist destination that combines nature, history, and culture. I strongly recommend it to adventurous friends who like to explore.

During this trip, I used the Wildguarder owler1 night vision binoculars, which brought me a lot of convenience and surprises. Its advantages are:

  • Advanced night vision technology that allows clear observation of animal behavior and characteristics in the dark.
  • High magnification and resolution that allow observation of details and scenery in the distance.
  • Video and photo functions that can capture exciting moments.
  • Waterproof and shockproof design that can adapt to various harsh environments.

Its disadvantages are:

  • Heavy weight that can cause fatigue when used for a long time.
  • Short battery life that requires frequent charging or battery replacement.
  • High price, which not everyone can afford.

My suggestions and improvement ideas are:

  • Reduce weight, increase comfort and portability.
  • Increase battery capacity to extend the usage time.
  • Provide products with different grades and prices to meet the needs and budgets of different users.

Looking forward to the next hunting or travel plan and expectation, I want to go to a farther and more mysterious place, such as Tibet or the Amazon. I want to see more different scenery and animals, and experience more different cultures and customs. I hope the Wildguarder owler1 night vision binoculars can accompany me to travel around the world and record every adventure and discovery I make.

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