Luojia Wan is a small village located in Badong County, Enshi Prefecture. It is said to have been a secret base of the Military Statistics Bureau during the Anti-Japanese War. Today, it has become a hunting ground with beautiful scenery and abundant wildlife. My two friends, Julian Amelia and Colin Sawyer, and I are all hunting enthusiasts, and we decided to come here to experience the hunting culture of China.

We flew from Shenzhen to Wuhan and then took the high-speed train to Enshi Prefecture. We rented an off-road vehicle in Enshi and drove along the mountain road to Luojia Wan. We booked a local farmhouse online in advance. The owner is a hospitable Tujia ethnic minority, who arranged three clean and comfortable rooms for us and prepared a delicious Tujia cuisine. We tasted local specialties such as sour soup fish, preserved meat, pickled cabbage, and rice wine, and felt the simplicity and enthusiasm of the Tujia people.



After dinner, we began to prepare hunting equipment. Since we planned to hunt at night, we chose a night vision binoculars called Owler1 produced by a Chinese brand from Shenzhen called Wildguarder. This is a professional night vision binoculars that can observe targets clearly in complete darkness. It has 20x optical zoom and 4x digital zoom, providing a viewing distance of up to 500 meters. It also has various functions such as taking pictures, recording, and playback, which can save images and videos in TF cards and output them through USB or HDMI interfaces. It is powered by eight AA batteries and weighs 0.9 kilograms. Its appearance design is simple and generous, and it is comfortable to hold with easy and convenient operation.

We hung Owler1 night vision binoculars around our necks, picked up hunting guns and flashlights, and followed the owner’s son. He is an experienced hunter and led us into a nearby forest. He told us that we could hunt wild boars, rabbits, chickens, deer, and other animals here. He also reminded us to pay attention to safety, not to fire randomly, and not to disturb other animals.




We walked along the path for about half an hour and came to an open grassland. The owner’s son signaled us to stop and pointed to a large tree in the distance. I used Owler1 night vision binoculars to observe and found a chicken perched on the tree. I aimed at it quietly and gently pulled the trigger. Bang! A gunshot sounded, and the chicken fell down. I ran over happily, picked up my first prey, and took a photo with Owler1 night vision binoculars to commemorate the moment.

We continued to move forward and soon found a rabbit. This time it was Julian Amelia’s turn to shoot. He also hit the target accurately, and we got another rabbit. We put them in our backpacks and continued to search for more prey.

In this way, we hunted for about two hours at night and caught three chickens, two rabbits, one wild boar, and one deer. We were very satisfied and felt that it was a very successful hunting trip. We thanked the owner’s son for leading us and he said he would help us process the prey and make a delicious wild game feast for us tomorrow. We agreed eagerly and looked forward to tomorrow’s surprise.

Back at the farmhouse, we connected Owler1 night vision binoculars to the TV and watched the pictures and videos we took. We were amazed at the performance of this night vision binoculars, which allowed us to see clearly in the dark and captured many unforgettable moments. We are very satisfied with this product and feel that it is a must-have tool for hunting.




The next day, we woke up to the aroma of food. The owner’s son had prepared a wild game feast for us, including roasted chicken, stewed rabbit, braised wild boar, steamed deer, and so on. Every dish was delicious, and we enjoyed it very much. The owner’s son also introduced us to the local customs of Enshi and told us some interesting stories and legends. We listened with relish and felt that Enshi was a magical and beautiful place.

This hunting trip to Luojia Wan is an unforgettable experience for my friends and me. We not only experienced the hunting culture of China but also tested the actual performance of Owler1 night vision binoculars, which we found to be an excellent night vision product worth recommending to all hunting enthusiasts. We also learned about the local customs of Enshi, tasted local cuisine, and felt the enthusiasm and simplicity of the Tujia people. We are very satisfied with this trip and are very grateful for the hospitality and help of the owner’s son. We hope to have the opportunity to come back to Luojia Wan for hunting again, and we also hope that more people can come here to enjoy the charm and fun of nature.

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