Last August, I went hunting with two friends, Nicholas Saroyan and Octavia Dupont, in Shijiazhuang Xishan Forest Park, China. We are all nature and adventure lovers, and we wanted to experience the thrill of chasing wild animals in the primitive forest. We planned to stay there for a week, enjoying the scenery during the day and hunting at night. However, we soon found out that hunting at night was not that easy. Because it was very dark in the forest, our eyes could hardly adapt, and many animals were nocturnal, making it hard to find their traces. Just when we felt frustrated, Octavia Dupont gave us a suggestion: buy some night vision binoculars for hunting. These binoculars can use infrared to let us see the outline and position of animals in the dark, and they can also take pictures and videos, making it easy for us to record and share our hunting experience. We all agreed that this was a good idea, so we searched online for where to buy suitable night vision binoculars.

We looked online for a while and found that there were many types and prices of night vision binoculars, and we didn’t know how to choose. Luckily, we saw a website that had an article specifically introducing night vision binoculars, which compared the performance and functions of different night vision binoculars in detail, and also had some practical tips and suggestions. We read this article carefully and learned a lot about night vision binoculars. We learned that night vision binoculars are divided into four levels, from level 0 to level 3. The higher the level, the clearer the view, and the more expensive the price. In addition, night vision binoculars have two modes, one is infrared mode and the other is green mode. Infrared mode can be used in complete darkness, but the picture is blurry; green mode can be used in situations with some light, and the picture is clear. We decided to buy a pair of level 2-night vision binoculars according to our needs and budget. They can switch between infrared mode and green mode, and they can also take photos and videos.hunting

We soon received our ordered night vision binoculars, which looked cool and light, and were easy to use. We couldn’t wait to test them out. The first night, we set off with them. We drove around in the forest looking for a suitable spot. We finally parked the car in an open area, then got out of the car and observed the surroundings. We switched the night vision binoculars to infrared mode, and everything changed. It felt like we had entered another world. We quietly approached some animals and observed their behavior and habits with the night vision binoculars. We saw deer, rabbits, hedgehogs, foxes, etc., as well as rare animals such as leopards, wild boars, and wolves. We recorded some wonderful photos and videos with the night vision binoculars.

Of course, we didn’t just observe animals; we also wanted to catch some animals. We brought some hunting equipment such as bows and arrows. We found some suitable targets and tried to catch them with different methods. Although we didn’t succeed every time, we only caught some rabbits, hedgehogs, squirrels in the end, but anyway, we enjoyed the challenge and fun.

Hunting at night made us feel both tired and excited. When it was dawn, we returned to the car, ready to rest for a while. We put our equipment aside and reviewed our night adventure. We all felt that without the night vision binoculars, we would not be able to see so many animals, nor catch so many animals. We thanked Octavia Dupont for her suggestion, and also thanked the online article that helped us choose the right night vision binoculars. So we decided that tonight, we would continue to use them to explore more mysteries in the forest. But before that, we also wanted to see other attractions in the forest park, and taste the local food.

We hunted for three nights in the forest park, using the night vision binoculars every time, and each time we had different gains and surprises. Of course we didn’t forget the daytime activities, we also wanted to enjoy the other beauty of the forest park, and taste the local food. So every morning, we would get up, eat our own cooked breakfast, and then drive to explore other attractions in the forest park.

There were many places worth seeing in the forest park, such as Xishan Temple, Xishan Tower, Xishan Lake, Xishan Waterfall, etc. We would choose one or several places to visit every day, take photos as souvenirs, and feel the atmosphere of history and culture. Our favorite place was Xishan Temple, which was an ancient and solemn Buddhist temple, built in the Tang Dynasty, with a long history and rich art. We saw some exquisite Buddha statues, murals, carvings, etc., as well as some precious relics and scriptures. We also heard some legends and stories about Xishan Temple, such as that Xishan Temple was once the palace of Emperor Taizong of Tang Li Shimin, who met a mysterious woman there, who later became his empress. There was also a saying that Xishan Temple was once the place of cultivation for a high monk, who attained enlightenment and became a Buddha there, leaving behind a relic. These legends and stories made us feel very magical and curious.

Besides sightseeing, we also wanted to taste the local food. We heard that Shijiazhuang had many characteristic snacks and dishes, such as Shijiazhuang steamed buns, Hebei dumplings, donkey meat buns, fried sauce noodles, mutton soup, etc. We would go to different restaurants or stalls for lunch and dinner every day, tasting different foods. We found that the local food was delicious and affordable, some were spicy and fragrant. Our favorite food was donkey meat buns, which were a kind of snack made with donkey meat as filling, wrapped with bread dough, and then baked. Donkey meat buns had crispy crusts and tender fillings, with a savory and rich taste. We felt very satisfied and happy every time we ate donkey meat buns.

The daytime activities made us feel relaxed and happy. Every night when we returned to the car, we would compare and share the photos and videos taken during the day with those taken at night. We found that the forest park at night and during the day had completely different styles and atmospheres. The forest park at night was mysterious and dangerous, full of unknowns and challenges; the forest park during the day was beautiful and peaceful, full of history and culture. We felt that this contrast and balance made our trip richer and more interesting. We also felt that whether it was night or day, we could discover the beauty and wonder of the forest park.

We spent an unforgettable week in the forest park, learning about night vision binoculars, such as their principles, classifications, functions, etc. We learned how to choose and use the right night vision binoculars, as well as their advantages and limitations. We also learned some hunting skills, such as how to find and track animals, how to use different weapons and tools, how to handle and preserve animals, etc.

In addition, we enjoyed the local food, eating delicious donkey meat buns, juicy Hebei dumplings, spicy and refreshing fried sauce noodles, etc. We felt that the local food was not ordinary delicious, making us feel like real foodies.

The trip ended like this. We left the forest park with full memories and gratitude, and returned to our hometown. We sorted out our photos and videos, made a beautiful album and video clip, and shared them with our relatives and friends. They were all surprised and envious of our trip, saying how lucky and brave we were to hunt at night, to see so many animals with night vision binoculars. We also wrote our experience into an article and published it on a website for hunting enthusiasts, receiving a lot of praise and comments. Hunters said that our article was very vivid and interesting, making them want to go to the forest park to hunt, and also want to buy a pair of night vision binoculars to experience it.

This is our story of hunting in Shijiazhuang Xishan Forest Park. We hope you like it. If you also want to experience the fun of hunting at night, if you also want to see more animals with night vision binoculars, then why not take a trip to the forest park? Trust me, you won’t regret it. Thank you for your reading and attention. Goodbye!


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