I am a person who loves outdoor sports and adventure, hunting is my favorite way of entertainment. I have two like-minded friends, Lee James and Bart Cromwell, they are also my hunting partners. We often go to different places to hunt, enjoy the beauty of nature and the exciting challenges.

Last month, we decided to go hunting in Fort Dodge, a small city in Iowa with rich natural resources and historical culture. We chose this place because we heard that there are many wild animals there, such as deer, rabbits, foxes, etc., and we can also hunt at night, increasing the difficulty and fun.

To prepare for this trip, we bought some necessary equipment, such as guns, ammunition, tents, sleeping bags, etc. The most important piece of equipment is the infrared binoculars, which can let us see the target clearly in the dark, improve the hit rate and safety. We chose the Chinese brand wildguarder’s infrared binoculars, because it has a very high cost performance, full functions and simple operation.

We set off with excitement and expectation. We planned to stay in Fort Dodge for a week. We can hunt and also play local attractions and taste local food. This was an unforgettable trip that gave me and my friends a lot of happiness and experience. Let me share our hunting experience in detail below.

We also encountered some thrilling situations when we hunted at night. Once, we found a mountain lion that was hiding behind a tree, ready to attack an ignorant deer. We thought this was a good opportunity, so we decided to shoot both the mountain lion and the deer at the same time. We aimed at them with infrared binoculars and then fired. As a result, we hit the deer, but not the mountain lion. The mountain lion was awakened by the gunshot, and it let out a roar, then rushed towards us. We were scared and ran back to the car, locking the door. The mountain lion circled around us outside the car, trying to attack us, but without success. It finally gave up and ran back into the woods. We breathed a sigh of relief and thanked God for keeping us safe.

Another time, we found a pack of wolves that were surrounding an injured rabbit, ready to enjoy their dinner. We thought this was a good opportunity, so we decided to shoot the wolves. We aimed at them with infrared binoculars and then fired. As a result, we hit two wolves, but alerted the others. The wolves let out a howl, then ran towards us. We quickly picked up our flashlights and guns, ready to fight. We used our flashlights to blind the wolves’ eyes, then shot them with our guns. We repelled several attacks from the wolves, and finally they gave up and ran back into the woods. We felt very excited and proud, because we successfully fought against the wolves.

Besides these thrilling situations, we also had many happy and beautiful moments when we hunted at night. Once, we saw a beautiful egret flying in the moonlight. Its feathers sparkled, as if it was wearing a white dress. We watched it for a long time with infrared binoculars, feeling the wonder and mystery of nature.

Another time, we saw a meteor shower, drawing bright arcs in the night sky. We made our own wishes, hoping to achieve our dreams and goals.

Hunting at night brought us many different experiences and feelings, making us more aware and appreciative of the power and beauty of nature.



Our trip to Fort Dodge also included visiting local attractions and tasting local cuisine. In addition to hunting, we also took time to go to some interesting and meaningful places, feeling the history and culture of Fort Dodge.

We went to the Fort Dodge Historical Museum, which shows the development of Fort Dodge, from the earliest military fort, to the later gypsum industry, to the current commercial center. We saw many precious artifacts and pictures, learning about Fort Dodge’s past and present. We also visited some restored buildings and scenes, such as the old fort, gypsum factory, railway station, etc. We felt that this museum was very educational, and made us have a deeper understanding and respect for Fort Dodge.

We also visited local attractions and tasted local cuisine during our trip to Fort Dodge. Besides hunting, we also made time to go to some interesting and meaningful places, feeling the history and culture of Fort Dodge.

We went to the Fort Dodge Historical Park, where there are many beautiful and peaceful natural landscapes, such as lakes, rivers, forests, gardens, etc. We walked, biked, boated, fished, etc. there. We enjoyed the gifts of nature, feeling the fun and relaxation of life. We also met some local residents and tourists, who were very friendly and enthusiastic, chatting with us and sharing their views and feelings about Fort Dodge. We felt that this park was very suitable for leisure and entertainment, giving us more communication and interaction.

Tasting local cuisine was naturally indispensable. We went to some restaurants and cafes recommended by locals, trying some special dishes and drinks. We ate pizza, burgers, ice cream and other American classic foods, as well as some local unique foods, such as roasted corn, skewers, etc. We felt that these foods were very delicious and rich, satisfying our appetite and taste. We also drank some coffee, beer and other drinks, quenching our thirst and refreshing our spirits. We felt that these foods made us experience more of Fort Dodge’s customs and lifestyle.

Our trip to Fort Dodge came to an end, and we packed up our luggage and equipment, ready to go home. On our way back, we reviewed our trip, feeling a lot of emotions. We felt that this trip was very meaningful and memorable, giving us a lot of happiness and experience. We not only hunted a lot of animals, but also visited a lot of attractions, tasted a lot of food. We not only appreciated the beauty and power of nature, but also felt the history and culture of Fort Dodge. We not only enhanced our friendship and cooperation among us, but also met some new friends and partners.

We were impressed and grateful for Fort Dodge, and we felt that it was a place worth visiting, with rich resources and charm. We hoped to have the opportunity to come here again, and continue to explore and enjoy everything it had to offer. We also hoped to have the opportunity to go to other places to hunt, experience different scenery and challenges. We believed that hunting was an activity that filled people with passion and fun, and made people closer to nature and more aware of themselves.

This is the story of my hunting trip in Fort Dodge with my two friends Lee James and Bart Cromwell. I hope you like it and benefit from it. Thank you for your reading and attention!


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