Hunting Trip Preparation

We made full preparations for this hunting trip in advance. First, we chose Hezhou as our destination, because Hezhou is a mountainous city in Guangxi, with rich wildlife resources, such as wild boars, deer, rabbits, etc. Second, we contacted a local hunting club and rented professional hunting equipment and guide services. Finally, we also bought a pair of night vision binoculars for observing and aiming at animals at night.

Night vision binoculars are devices that use infrared or low-light amplifiers to allow people to see objects in the dark. They help to improve the success rate and safety of hunting. The night vision binoculars we bought are from the X-Sight 4K Pro series of the American ATN company, which have high-definition picture quality, intelligent ranging, video recording and other functions, very advanced and practical.

Hunting Trip Process

We arrived in Hezhou on a weekend afternoon and checked into a farmhouse. The owner of the farmhouse was an enthusiastic and hospitable old man who introduced us to the local customs and hunting precautions. He also prepared a sumptuous dinner for us, with local specialties such as bamboo tube rice, sour bamboo shoot soup, bacon and other delicious dishes.

After dinner, we started our hunting trip. We followed the guide to a forest and looked for a suitable place to ambush. As it got dark, we turned on the night vision binoculars and observed the surroundings. The night vision binoculars made us feel like we were in daylight, and we could clearly see every detail in the woods. In a short while, we spotted several wild boars foraging. We quietly adjusted the muzzle and angle and pulled the trigger. With a gunshot, a wild boar fell to the ground. We ran over happily and confirmed the target. This was the first time we successfully shot a wild boar, and we felt very excited and satisfied.



The harvest of the hunting trip

This hunting trip gave us a lot of harvest. First of all, we experienced a different lifestyle and fun, and felt the charm and challenge of nature. Secondly, we tested the performance and effect of the night vision binoculars, and found that it was very suitable for hunting, and could improve the field of view and accuracy. Finally, we tasted the food and flavor of Hezhou, and tasted the mountain delicacies and farm specialties.

Choose wildguarder night vision binoculars

Because it involves hunting at night, we chose the night vision binoculars of wildguarder, a brand from Shenzhen, China. Wildguarder is a company that specializes in producing and selling hunting cameras, night vision instruments, aiming scopes and other outdoor products, with years of technical accumulation and market experience. The night vision binoculars we bought is the wildguarder WG-50 series, which has the following performance characteristics and user experience:

High-definition picture quality. This night vision binoculars uses 6x optical zoom and 5x digital zoom, which can provide up to 1280×720 resolution, allowing us to see clear images and details. It also comes with an 850nm infrared lamp, which can provide a maximum of 350 meters of visibility in the dark, allowing us to find farther targets. Multi-functional design. This night vision binoculars can not only be used for observation and aiming, but also for taking pictures and videos. It has a built-in 32GB storage card, which can store a lot of pictures and videos. It also supports WIFI connection, which can transfer pictures and videos to mobile phones or tablets in real time, allowing us to share and replay at any time. Convenient operation. This night vision binoculars uses 4 AA batteries as the power source, which can work for more than 6 hours continuously. It also has a 1.5-inch LCD screen, which can display various parameters and settings. It weighs only 0.76 kg, easy to carry. It also has a rotatable eyecup, which can adapt to different eyes.



The Customs and Culture of Hezhou

Hezhou is a prefecture-level city in the Guangxi Zhuang Autonomous Region, located in the northeast of Guangxi, bordering Guangdong Province. Hezhou has a long history and is one of the important cradles of Lingnan culture. Hezhou has a superior geographical location, a pleasant climate, rich natural resources, and is a charming tourist destination.

During this hunting trip, we not only experienced the fun of hunting, but also visited some local attractions, such as Hezhou Museum, Hezhou Ancient City, Longsheng Terraces, etc. We learned about Hezhou’s historical changes, ethnic customs and natural scenery through these attractions. We also communicated with the local farmhouse owners and hunting club guides, and felt the hospitality and kindness of Hezhou people. They told us some folk stories and legends of Hezhou, which gave us a deeper understanding of Hezhou’s culture.

Hezhou is a multi-ethnic area with Han, Zhuang, Yao, Miao and other ethnic groups. These ethnic groups have their own unique languages, costumes, customs and festivals. During our stay in Hezhou, we happened to catch up with the March 3rd Festival of the Zhuang people. This is one of the most important traditional festivals of the Zhuang people, and also a platform for displaying the Zhuang song festival culture. We participated in the local song festival activities, watched the Zhuang song and dance performances, bamboo pole dance, bull king contest and other wonderful programs. We also tasted the Zhuang specialty food, such as oil tea, baba, sour and spicy noodles, etc. We were deeply attracted by Hezhou’s customs and culture, and also felt Hezhou’s vitality and diversity.



Tasting Hezhou Food

Hezhou not only has beautiful natural scenery and rich folk culture, but also has many famous food and local snacks. During this hunting trip, we tasted some of Hezhou’s food, such as bamboo tube rice, sour bamboo shoot soup, cured meat, wild boar meat, etc. These food are made with local fresh ingredients, and have a strong local flavor and unique taste.

Bamboo tube rice is one of the most representative food of Hezhou. It is a kind of rice dish that is cooked in a bamboo tube with rice and other ingredients on a fire. The bamboo tube rice has a fragrant aroma, soft and glutinous rice grains, and various ingredients, such as meat, mushrooms, vegetables, etc. We ate a kind of bamboo tube rice called “three yellow chicken”, which contains local specialty yellow feather chicken, yellow chrysanthemum and yellow bean sprouts. This kind of bamboo tube rice has a delicious taste, tender and juicy meat, and chrysanthemum and bean sprouts add a refreshing feeling.

Sour bamboo shoot soup is another classic food of Hezhou. It is a kind of soup made with sour bamboo shoots, meat, chili peppers and other ingredients. Sour bamboo shoots are a kind of pickled vegetable made from green bamboo shoots after fermentation. They have a strong sour taste and aroma. We drank a kind of soup called “beef sour bamboo shoot soup”, which contains fresh beef, chili peppers, ginger, garlic and other ingredients. This kind of soup has a sour and spicy appetizing taste, tender and smooth beef, and crisp and refreshing sour bamboo shoots.

Cured meat is an essential food in Hezhou winter. It is a kind of meat product made from pork or beef by salting, drying and smoking. Cured meat has a strong aroma and color, and can be eaten alone or with other ingredients. We ate a kind of dish called “cured meat stir-fried taro”, which contains sliced cured meat and taro. This kind of dish has a sweet and delicious taste, cured meat is oily but not greasy, and taro is soft and dense.

Wild boar meat is one of the wild animals we hunted during the hunting trip. It is also one of the common ingredients in Hezhou mountainous area. Wild boar meat has a strong gamey flavor and nutritional value. It can be cooked in various ways. We ate a kind of dish called “braised wild boar meat”, which contains diced wild boar meat and other seasonings. This kind of dish has a fragrant and spicy taste, wild boar meat is flavorful but not dry, and moderate in hardness and softness.

Testing Night Vision Binoculars

During this hunting trip, we used wildguarder night vision binoculars and tested and evaluated them in detail. We observed and aimed at different animals at different times, locations and environments, and recorded the performance and effect of the night vision binoculars. Through the test, we came to the following conclusions:

The night vision binoculars have very clear picture quality and can see detailed images and details in the dark. We observed wild boars, deer, rabbits and other animals at night, and could clearly see their shapes, colors and movements. We also observed the stars and mountains under the moonlight, and could see the twinkling stars and clear outlines of the mountains. The night vision binoculars have a variety of functions and can be used for taking photos and videos. We took some wonderful pictures and videos during the hunt, recording our hunting process and results. We also transmitted the pictures and videos to our phones in real time via WIFI, sharing and replaying them with our friends. The night vision binoculars are very convenient to operate and can quickly adjust parameters and settings. We adjusted the optical zoom, digital zoom, infrared light and other functions according to different targets and distances during the hunt, achieving the best observation and aiming effect. We also checked various parameters and settings through the LCD screen, which facilitated our use.


This hunting trip gave us a lot of gains, not only experiencing a different lifestyle and fun, but also learning about Hezhou’s customs and food culture. We also tested the performance and effect of wildguarder night vision binoculars, and found that they are very suitable for hunting use, and can improve our success rate and safety in observing and aiming at animals at night.

Of course, we also paid attention to safety and the importance of protecting wildlife during the hunting process. We followed the local laws and regulations and the rules of the hunting club, and only shot legal wildlife, without killing endangered or rare animals. We also respected the lives and natural environment of wildlife, and did not waste or pollute any resources. We believe that hunting is an interaction between humans and nature, not a plunder of humans against nature.

We hope that through this article, we can let more people know about Hezhou and hunting activities, and also call on everyone to actively protect wildlife and natural environment when participating in hunting activities, and jointly maintain the ecological balance of the earth.

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