I have always enjoyed hunting, which is a sport I learned from my father since I was young. Hunting not only exercises my body and improves my skills but also allows me to experience the charm and challenge of nature. Last week, my two friends Thomas Symons and Jeremy Connor and I decided to go hunting at Antioch Cemetery, a historic cemetery located in Fremont, California, with abundant wildlife resources. Since we planned to hunt at night, night vision binoculars were essential equipment that could enable us to see the targets clearly in the darkness, improving our accuracy and safety. In this article, I will share our hunting trip experiences and feelings, as well as our insights and experiences of using night vision binoculars. Through my description, I hope that you can understand the fun and charm of hunting, as well as the advantages and uses of night vision binoculars.

Antioch Cemetery is a cemetery built in 1851 and is one of the oldest cemeteries in Fremont. It covers an area of about 10 acres and has various tombstones and monuments that reflect the local history and culture. The cemetery is surrounded by an open grassland with abundant wildlife such as deer, foxes, rabbits, squirrels, etc. We chose to hunt at night to avoid crowds and noise during the daytime and to see more nocturnal animals. We stayed at a motel near the cemetery, prepared our guns and ammunition, as well as night vision binoculars. We set off in the evening, walked along the fence of the cemetery, and soon found a group of deer grazing on the grass. We immediately put on the night vision binoculars and began to observe and aim. The night vision binoculars enabled us to see the deer’s shape, movements, surroundings, and obstacles clearly in the darkness. We quietly approached the deer herd, looking for the best shooting position and angle. I selected a male deer with beautiful antlers and a robust body. I aimed at its heart area and gently pulled the trigger. The gun went off, and the deer fell down. I ran over excitedly, confirmed that it had died, and cut open its abdomen to remove its internal organs. I tied it to my backpack with a rope, ready to bring it back to the motel. My friends also shot a deer each and did the same processing. We congratulated each other and praised the performance and effect of the night vision binoculars. We continued hunting around the cemetery until late at night before returning to the motel.

Night vision binoculars are devices that can see objects clearly in the darkness, utilizing the principles of infrared or low-light amplification that convert light into electronic signals and then into visible images. There are many types and models of night vision binoculars, each with different performance and price. We chose a night vision binocular that was suitable for hunting, which had the following characteristics and advantages:

●It has high magnification and clarity, allowing us to see details and outlines in the distance.
●It has a wide field of view and angle, allowing us to observe more objects and movements.
●It has good waterproof and shockproof functions, adapting to various harsh environments and conditions.
●It has a lightweight and comfortable design, making it convenient for us to carry and use.

The method we use for using night vision binoculars is simple, just follow these steps:

First, we need to adjust the focus and focus of the night vision binoculars to make the image clear and not blurry.
Second, we need to adjust the brightness and contrast of the night vision binoculars to make the image bright and not glaring.
Finally, we need to adjust the eye distance and comfort of the night vision binoculars to make the image complete and not distorted.
Using night vision binoculars for hunting has many benefits, such as:

Being able to see the position and behavior of animals in the dark, improving shooting accuracy and success rate.
Being able to see the surrounding environment and hidden objects in the dark, increasing safety and confidence.
Being able to see more rare and precious animals in the dark, increasing the enjoyment and satisfaction of hunting.
In short, night vision binoculars are a very practical and efficient hunting tool that allows us to enjoy the pleasure and challenge of hunting in the dark.


In addition to hunting, we also used the daytime to visit some local attractions and taste some local cuisine. Here are some of our experiences and feelings:

We went to Oak View Memorial Park, a park near Antioch Cemetery with beautiful gardens and lakes, as well as some historic buildings and sculptures. We walked, took pictures, and enjoyed some scenery and art there.

We went to Rose Hill Cemetery, a cemetery opposite Antioch Cemetery with different styles and shapes of tombstones and monuments, as well as some celebrity and hero graves. We learned about some of the local history and stories there, experiencing some culture and tradition.
We went to a local restaurant and tasted some local cuisine, such as steak, burgers, salads, fries, etc. We also drank some local beer and whiskey, experiencing some local atmosphere and flavor.

Through this hunting trip, my friends and I gained a lot. We not only shot some wild animals, but also used night vision binoculars to improve our skills and experience. We also visited some local attractions and tasted some local cuisine, increasing our knowledge and insight. We feel that this trip was very interesting and beneficial, making us more passionate about hunting and nature. We plan to go to Antioch Cemetery again in the future for hunting, and also hope to try other places and equipment. We recommend that people who like hunting also go to Antioch Cemetery to experience it, and we believe you will like it.

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