I am a person who likes adventure and challenge, and hunting is one of my biggest hobbies. I have two like-minded friends, they are Berg Yonng and Sara Bill, we often go to different places to explore and hunt. Last month, we decided to go to a small town in central Montana, Lewistown, for a night hunting trip. Lewistown is a place with rich wildlife resources, suitable for various types of hunting enthusiasts. We wanted to experience the thrill and fun of finding and chasing prey in the dark, so we chose night hunting, a more challenging and risky way of hunting. Night hunting requires some special equipment, the most important of which is infrared binoculars. Infrared binoculars allow us to see the heat signals of prey in the dark, thereby determining their location and direction of movement. There are many brands and models of infrared binoculars on the market, but we chose a product from the Chinese brand wildguarder. This product is not only reasonably priced, but also excellent in performance, with features such as high definition, high magnification, high durability, etc., which are essential for night hunting.


Our hunting process in Lewistown was very exciting and memorable. We stayed at a place called Pheasant Tales Bed & Bistro, which is a place that offers delicious food and comfortable accommodation, and the boss and staff are very warm and friendly. They gave us a lot of advice and information about hunting, and also helped us contact local guides and drivers.

We went to two hunting places, one is Lewistown Bowhunters Association, the other is Whitetail and mule deer hunting. The former is an organization that provides services specifically for archery enthusiasts, they have an indoor and an outdoor archery range, as well as some professional coaches and equipment. We learned some basic archery skills there, and also participated in some interesting competitions and activities. The latter is a place that offers whitetail and mule deer hunting opportunities, they have some professional hunters and dogs, as well as some excellent guns and ammunition. We experienced a night hunting there, using wildguarder infrared binoculars to observe and aim at prey.

We encountered a lot of different prey, some were easy to find and catch, some were difficult to detect and track. We used different weapons and skills, adjusting and judging according to different situations. We harvested a lot of trophies, some of which we shot ourselves, some of which were given to us by guides and drivers. We left part of the trophies to the boss, let him help us make delicious dishes, another part we took home, as souvenirs or gifts.

Our experience using wildguarder infrared binoculars was great, it let us see a lot of things that we usually can’t see in the dark. It has features such as high definition, high magnification, high durability, etc., which allow us to clearly see the heat signals of prey, thereby determining their location and direction of movement. It also has a high cost-performance ratio, much cheaper than other brands and models of infrared binoculars, but the performance is not inferior to any one. It is an essential equipment for night hunting, which improves our hit rate and safety, but also lets us enjoy the fun of night hunting.



In addition to hunting, we also visited some local attractions, such as Three Cross Ranch, a place that offers fresh farm products and natural scenery, and Lewistown Art Center, a place that showcases local artists’ works and cultural activities. We also tasted some local delicacies, such as The Rising Trout Cafe and Bookstore, a place that offers delicious coffee and books, and The Bon Ton, a place that offers traditional American dishes and desserts. We were very impressed by Lewistown’s food, feeling that they were both characteristic and nutritious.

In short, our hunting experience in Lewistown was an unforgettable trip, which made us feel the thrill and fun of night hunting, but also let us understand the local customs of Lewistown. We are very grateful for the help and convenience that wildguarder infrared binoculars brought to us, it is a product worth trusting and buying, we strongly recommend it to people who like night hunting. We also encourage readers to go to Lewistown to experience the fun of hunting, share their stories and feelings. We believe that Lewistown will not let you down, night hunting will also open your eyes.


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