If you’re familiar with the sport of hunting, you already know the right hunting gear can make or break your success out in the field.

    For hunters and outdoor sportsmen alike, We offers an array of hunting accessories in categories ranging , Our diverse array of hunting products are all designed to give sportsmen an edge when hunting in the great outdoors. We have identified the high-tech hunting products and accessories segment as a key avenue to diversify and expand our product offerings.


    Hunting Camera In Hunting

    Hunting cameras can make your life easier and increase your chances of a successful hunt

    Animals travel, socialize, and feed throughout the day, and we can’t always be there to watch them. To best understand our prey, we need to use trail cameras to monitor these activities. However, just like all other gadgets we use in our lives, trail cameras can be prone to both user and technological errors.


    Hunting Adventure

    If you are planning a hunting trip, Whether you’re new to hunting or have been a hundred times or more, we’ve all thought about the exciting prospect of going on a big and exciting out-of-state hunting adventure. There’s something about hunting in a new place or hunting an animal you’ve never hunted before that is really thrilling. Night hunting is a more very specific activity. Man, as a biological creature, is poorly adapted to activities in the dark, so he needs all sorts of auxiliary night vision devices.and our WildGuarder series products can help you hunt easy.

    Wildlife Obseration

    With WildGuarder wildlife cameras with internal memory are indispensible devices for 24/7 outdoor monitoring. Wildlife cameras can be applied for a wide variety of purposes such as wildlife observation, game monitoring, protection of tree nurseries, timber yards, fish ponds, private properties, parking lots, industrial facilities, as well as for protection against poachers.

    Bow Hunting

    As a bowhunter, you need to know the exact distance to your target in order to make a killing shot. The only way to know the exact yardage is with a rangefinder. Our team of expert bow hunters have spent numerous hours in tree stands and blinds testing out rangefinders.

    With bow hunting rangefinders you can get closer to your prey without physically moving forward. Furthermore, with their scan functionality, long-range detection, and accurate readings you can hit your target every time. However, finding the right rangefinders for bowhunting could prove to be challenging.


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    Our Brand, WildGuarder  is a high-tech enterprise focusing on the development, production, sales and service of night vision devices and monitoring systems for many years.WildGuarder are dedicated to the branding of image processing technology and the OEM,ODM processing service worldwide, can provide product development and one-stop processing and productions service.

    Our Brand "WildGuarder" is mainly engaged in the R&D, production, processing and sales services of hunting and outdoor products such as trail cameras,night vision binoculars& monoculars,scopes, Rangefinders,Solar Panel kits etc. we have been engaged in the outdoor hunting industry for 10 years and has accumulated valuable experience. With the development of the hunting industry and the gradual diversification of market demand, We adhere to the technological innovation concept of "Let science and technology burst into power", adhering to customer needs as the core, providing customers with high-quality products and satisfactory services.

    Based on product cost performance and user experience, WildGuarder has many technical advantages in image enhancement. Professional research and development team, leading technology and technology, customized to create international high-quality outdoors & night vision device brand.

    WildGuarder products are widely used in nature observation, outdoor hunting,outdoor exploration, security and anti-theft, sea operation, night patrol and other occasions.

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