Mt. Joshe is a high mountain between Ren’ai Township and Xinyi Township in Nantou County, Taiwan. It belongs to the Central Mountain Range, with an altitude of 3368 meters, ranking 40th among the 100 peaks of Taiwan. This mountain is not only the ancestral home of the Bunun tribe’s Joshe group, but also their legendary sacred mountain. It is one of the refuges during the great flood, along with Jade Mountain and Dongjun Mountain, and also the starting point for the warriors to conquer the sun. Mt. Joshe has a majestic and spectacular mountain shape, surrounded by peaks, with beautiful and varied scenery. It is an ideal destination for mountain lovers. Last week, I went hunting on Mt. Joshe with my two doctor colleagues Joseph Walter and Pamela Joe. We chose this place because it not only has rich wildlife resources, but also has a deep cultural heritage and delicious snacks. We wanted to experience the traditional lifestyle of the Bunun tribe here and feel the joy of living in harmony with nature. Since it involved night hunting, night vision binoculars were essential equipment, but which one to choose, monocular or binocular? After some investigation and comparison, we finally chose the cost-effective Chinese brand WildGuarder owler1. Next, I will introduce you to our night hunting trip, as well as the advantages and experience of WildGuarder owler1 night vision binoculars.




Night hunting requires some essential equipment, the most important of which is night vision binoculars. Night vision binoculars allow hunters to see targets clearly in the dark, increasing the success rate and safety of hunting. But among the many night vision binoculars, how to choose one that suits you? Generally speaking, night vision binoculars can be divided into two types: monocular and binocular. Monocular night vision binoculars have only one observation lens and one display screen, which can be operated with one hand, weigh less, and are easy to carry and move. Binocular night vision binoculars have two observation lenses and two display screens, which can be observed with both eyes, have a wider field of view, and a stronger sense of depth, but weigh more and are more complicated to operate. You can choose the type that suits you according to your different needs and preferences. This time we chose WildGuarder owler1 to help us hunt. This night vision binocular has many satisfactory features and advantages that make us feel at ease in the dark. It has a high-resolution display screen and camera that can shoot 1080P videos and pictures, and supports 32GB memory card storage; long-distance observation capability that can see targets within 400 meters in the dark, and can adjust 4x digital zoom; low-light enhancement function that can automatically turn on night vision mode in low-light conditions, and can adjust brightness and contrast. This is a very cost-effective night vision binocular that provides us with strong support and guarantee for our night hunting trip. In the following content, I will share with you the process and experience of using this night vision binocular.

In the evening, we drove to the foot of Mt. Joshe, found a suitable place to park, and then took out our gear, ready to walk up the mountain. We each brought a pair of WildGuarder owler1 night vision binoculars, a hunting rifle, some food and water, and some emergency supplies. We wore camouflage clothing, hats and gloves, and tried to minimize our sounds and smells so as not to startle the wildlife. We walked slowly up along a small road, as it got darker and darker, we took out WildGuarder owler1 night vision binoculars and turned on the infrared illumination function At this time we could clearly see the surroundings and movements around us feeling like we had entered another world We occasionally used night vision binoculars to observe around us looking for possible targets Sometimes we would see some small animals such as squirrels rabbits hedgehogs etc. but we were not interested in them because our target was bigger game such as wild boars deer foxes etc. We walked for about an hour before we came to an open grassland This is halfway up Mt. Joshe and also a place where many animals are active We found a hidden place on the edge of the grassland and carefully observed the situation on the grassland with night vision binoculars After a while we spotted a group of wild boars feeding on the grassland We immediately got excited because wild boars were one of our most wanted game We discussed our strategy and decided that I would shoot first at the largest wild boar and then my colleagues would follow up shooting at the other wild boars I slowly aimed the muzzle at the head of the largest wild boar and then gently pulled the trigger With a gunshot I saw the wild boar fall to the ground without any reaction I was secretly happy feeling that I shot very accurately My colleagues also followed up shooting at the other wild boars but because they were frightened by the gunshot and ran away in all directions they only hit two of them But this was already very good after all, wild boars are very difficult to hit We quickly ran to the grassland to check our results, and found that the three wild boars were all dead and had not been attacked by other animals. We took a few photos with night vision binoculars as a souvenir, and used our phones to send the videos and pictures to cloud storage. Then we dragged the wild boars to the car with ropes, and wrapped them in plastic sheets. This completed our first night hunting task. In the next few days, we also hit several deer and a fox, and used WildGuarder owler1 night vision binoculars to record every hunt. We were very satisfied with the performance of this night vision binocular, it made us see more clearly, shoot more accurately, and be safer in the dark. We did not encounter any difficulties or dangers, nor did we suffer any injuries. We think WildGuarder owler1 is a very practical and reliable night vision binocular, it added infinite fun and memories to our night hunting trip. In addition to hunting, there are many other foods and accommodations, as well as leisure activities in the Mt. Joshe area, making our trip more rich and colorful. Here, we not only tasted local specialties, but also stayed in homestays and visited Mt. Joshe Museum.

Mt. Joshe is a Hakka settlement, so Hakka cuisine is indispensable. We had a hearty Hakka hot pot at Zhuoye Cottage, accompanied by brown rice, grass cakes, radish silk cakes and other snacks, which tasted refreshing and healthy. Zhuoye Cottage not only has delicious food, but also homestays, indigo dyeing, natural scenery and so on. It is a good place that combines leisure, culture and ecology. We also tasted semi-buffet cuisine at Walking Clouds Forest Kitchen, which had various kinds of meat, seafood, vegetables, fruits and so on, making us very satisfied. Walking Clouds Forest Kitchen is also a very beautiful building with large grasslands and transparent floor-to-ceiling windows, making us feel the romance of the forest.

There are also many different styles of homestays and camping sites in Mt. Joshe area that can meet different needs and preferences. We stayed at Chuntian Kiln Pottery Resort Camping Area, which is a secret place that combines tung flowers, wood-fired pottery and tea ceremony. We can experience pottery DIY, painting DIY and pounding tea DIY here, and we can also stay in comfortable cabins or tents and enjoy the atmosphere of nature. We also visited Cangshan Pavilion, which is a whole-building homestay that can accommodate 30 people at a time. The rooms have different layouts such as barns, old houses, transparent floor-to-ceiling windows etc., which are very distinctive.

Mt. Joshe has many attractions and cultural experiences worth seeing, allowing us to gain knowledge and insight in addition to hunting. We visited Mt. Joshe Museum, which displays information and objects about Mt. Joshe’s history, culture, ecology etc., giving us a deeper understanding of this place. We also went to Hu Tou Shan Tong Xiao Shrine to worship for a while. This is the second most complete shrine in Taiwan. Although the worship hall has been modified into Minnan architecture, its quiet atmosphere is very comfortable. We also went to Licao Cultural Hall to experience Licao DIT and painted rice fields, feeling the characteristics of Miaoli coastline. In short, Mt. Joshe is a place full of charm and diversity, whether it is hunting, eating, staying, or playing, it can make us have an unforgettable journey

Through this night hunting trip, we not only experienced Mt. Joshe’s natural scenery and cultural customs, but also harvested a lot of game and fun We felt the thrill and challenge of hunting, as well as the art and skill of hunting We think that hunting is not only a sport, but also a way of life, that makes us closer to nature, and more respectful of life In this night hunting trip, we are most grateful for WildGuarder owler1 night vision binoculars’ help This night vision binocular allows us to clearly observe and aim at game in the dark, improving our hit rate and safety It not only has high-definition images and powerful zoom functions, but also has various modes and functions, that can adapt to different environments and needs Its shape is also light and durable, easy to carry and use. Its price is also reasonable, and the cost performance is very high. We highly recommend WildGuarder owler1 night vision binoculars to other interested hunting enthusiasts. It is a professional and practical night vision device that can make your night hunting trip smoother and more exciting. If you also want to come to Mt. Joshe to hunt, or want to explore the mysteries of the night in other places, why not try WildGuarder owler1 night vision binoculars!


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