I am a person who loves outdoor sports and exploration. I have two like-minded friends, Faithe Flynn and Owen Edgeworth. We often go to different places together for various activities such as hiking, camping, fishing, etc. Last month, we decided to go hunting in Bria, a place we had never been before but known for its abundant wildlife resources and beautiful natural scenery.

There were two reasons why we chose to hunt in Bria. First of all, we wanted to experience the excitement and fun of tracking and capturing animals in the dark. Secondly, we wanted to try out wildguarder’s infrared binoculars which are designed specifically for night hunting and can provide clear observation of targets even in complete darkness.

Our hunting trip lasted three days and two nights during which we encountered many interesting and thrilling experiences while learning a lot about Bria and wildguarder’s knowledge and skills. Our purpose was not for killing or showing off but rather enjoying the charm of nature and challenging ourselves with fun. In this article, I will share our hunting experience in detail hoping it will bring you some inspiration or entertainment.

Bria is a country located in central Africa with a long history, diverse geography, rich culture, and beautiful landscapes. In this section, I will introduce some basic information about Bria as well as relevant regulations on hunting that need attention.

The history of Bria can be traced back to around 1000 BC when different indigenous tribes lived on this land making their living through farming,hunting,and trading.In the 16th century,Frenchand Belgian colonizers began invading Bria plundering its natural resourcesand population.Briabecame partof French Equatorial Africa until it gained independencein1960.After independence,Briahas experienced multiple coups,domestic wars,and foreign interventions leadingto social unrestand humanitarian crises1.

Bria has diverse geography including vast tropical rainforests, fertile plateaus, arid grasslands,and spectacular rivers. Its highest point is the Darfur Mountains in the northeast with an altitude of about 1000 meters. The largest river is the Ubangi River which is a tributary of Congo River running through southern and western Bria.Bria also has abundant wildlife resources including elephants,lions,cheetahs,buffaloes,giraffes,hippos,and more2.

Bria’s culture consists of multiple ethnic groups and languages.According to the population census in 2003,Briahas a population of about 4.5 million people with around80% Christians,15% Muslims,and5% traditional believers3.There are52 different ethnic groupsin Bria with Baya beingthe largest(33%),followed by Banda (27%),Mandjia(13%),Sara(10%)etc4.Briahas72different languageswith French and Sango as official languages.Briaalso has unique art,music,and dance forms reflecting its diversityand creativity.

Bria is also very beautiful, with many natural parks and reserves such as Manovo-Gounda St. Floris National Park, Bamingui-Bangoran National Park, and Bokassa Reserve. These places attract many domestic and foreign tourists, especially those who enjoy hunting and wildlife viewing. However, hunting in Bria also requires compliance with relevant regulations and precautions.

Firstly, hunters need to apply for a permit from the local government and pay a certain fee. Secondly, hunters need to comply with the regulations of the hunting season and area while respecting the rights of local residents and wildlife. According to Central African Republic law, the hunting season is from January 1st to July 31st each year within approved natural protected areas or private game reserves.

Hunters cannot enter unauthorized areas nor capture protected or endangered animals. In addition, hunters must pay certain fees including license fees, taxes, escort fees, transportation costs etc., not only compensating for losses incurred by local communities but also supporting wildlife conservation management.

Hunters should be aware of their safety & health as well as environmental impact when visiting unstable countries like Central African Republic where infrastructure may be lacking. Hunters should prepare necessary equipment & medicines before traveling there along with food supplies while keeping in touch with local guides or organizations.

During our hunt in Bria we used an infrared binoculars made by Chinese brand Wildguarder which was designed specifically for night-time hunting purposes due to its high-performance capabilities that allow clear observation even in complete darkness.

Wildguarder NB1 is a digital infrared binoculars that uses advanced CMOS sensors & 5W 850nm LED IR illuminator allowing observation up to 984 feet away from large targets while equipped with a convenient LCD screen (even if wearing glasses) measuring at 2.7 inches making it easy-to-use without having your eyes glued onto optical viewfinders all day long! It has an excellent full optical system and a video camera that can achieve 3X digital zoom and 31mm objective lens.

Wildguarder NB1 has several advantages: firstly, it provides clear vision & high-definition images even in complete darkness. Secondly, it has powerful battery life & storage capacity supporting up to 6-8 hours of continuous work using either six AA batteries or external power supply while also supporting up to 32GB TF card storage for photos/videos at 1920×1080 pixels. Thirdly, it has multi-functional settings such as adjusting IR intensity levels (7), zoom levels (3), date/time/language parameters etc., along with automatic shutdown, low battery warning, USB connection functions.

Using Wildguarder NB1 is simple by following these steps: first install the batteries or external power source then insert the TF card. Second press the power button to turn on the device and adjust the eyepiece according to your eyesight. Thirdly press the IR button to activate infrared illumination while adjusting its intensity level via up/down keys. Fourthly select appropriate zoom magnification by pressing zoom key followed by focusing through objective lens knob. Fifthly take photos or videos using photo/video buttons while switching between view/delete modes via mode key. Lastly hold down power button to turn off device before removing TF card or connecting USB cable for data transfer.

Wildguarder NB1 performed exceptionally well during our night-time hunting trip in Bria allowing us to discover animal tracks in pitch-black conditions and react accordingly! We observed various animals including water buffalo, giraffes, hippos etc., successfully capturing some targets too! We also took some amazing photos/videos documenting our hunting journey thanks largely due its performance quality which made our experience more enjoyable & successful overall!

In this section, I will share our process, experiences and gains in hunting in Bria, as well as the difficulties, challenges and dangers we encountered.




Our hunting process in Bria can be roughly divided into three stages: The first stage is the preparation stage. We rented an off-road vehicle and a guide from a local hunting ground who was responsible for taking us to suitable hunting locations and providing necessary help and advice. We also settled down in a cabin at the hunting ground and checked our equipment and weapons. The second stage is the actual hunting phase. Every day we set out at dusk using Wildguarder NB1 binoculars to search for animal tracks in the dark before shooting when appropriate. Each hunt lasted several hours until late night or early morning. The third stage is wrapping up after each hunt where we bring back any animals caught to our cabin for skinning, cutting up, preservation etc., while also transferring photos/videos taken with Wildguarder NB1 binoculars onto computers or phones for organization and sharing.

Our experience of hunting in Bria was very rich and unforgettable; we saw many different types of animals such as water buffalo, giraffes, hippos, lions, cheetahs etc., successfully capturing some targets like water buffalo,giraffes,and hippos along the way too.We used Wildguarder NB1 binoculars to observe these animals’ images which allowed us to appreciate their beauty & power.We also used Wildguarder NB1 binoculars to admire Bria’s night sky & starry skies which were spectacular & mysterious.Our curiosity about adventure was satisfied while increasing our understanding & respect towards both Bria itself & its wildlife.

Of course during our time spent on hunts there were some difficulties,challenges,& dangers that arose,such as long distances traveled,inconvenient transportation,simple facilities,lack of communication,different weather conditions,and insufficient food supply.We even encountered dangerous situations such as animal counterattacks,vehicle malfunctions,and guide injuries. These situations tested our courage,wisdom and team spirit while also making us cherish life & nature even more.

Through this hunting trip in Bria, my friends and I experienced many different emotions and experiences such as excitement,nervousness,surprise,fear,appreciation,& awe.We not only gained some precious animal specimens & image data but also acquired valuable knowledge & skills about information on Bria’s wildlife,Wildguarder NB1 binoculars’ usage methods,strategies,& techniques for night hunting etc. We also gained some profound insights into the value & meaning of life/nature,the relationship/responsibility between humans/animals,and the ethics/standards of hunting.

For Bria itself we gave high praise and commendation; it has a long history,varied geography,riveting culture,& beautiful scenery,making it a place worth exploring/appreciating. We also expressed respect& gratitude towards its people who are friendly,courageous,strong,& optimistic despite living/working in difficult environments.They provided us with much help/support during our time there.We hope that Bria can achieve peace& development while protecting its natural resources/wildlife.

Regarding Wildguarder NB1 binoculars,we gave high praise/recommendations; they are devices with excellent performance,reliable quality,easy operation,and reasonable prices which greatly facilitated/helped our night hunts.We believe that Wildguarder NB1 binoculars are suitable for anyone who likes to hunt or observe wildlife at night. We also expressed respect/trust towards the brand Wildguarder which is professional,innovative,responsible providing us with quality products/services.We hope that Wildguarder can continue to develop/improve while launching more/better products.

Finally,I want to thank you for reading this article,hoping you have obtained useful or interesting information from it.If you have an opportunity to go hunting in Bria or use Wildguarder NB1 binoculars, I suggest you not miss such a rare chance. If you have any questions or opinions, please feel free to contact me. Thank you again!

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