Last month, my two college colleagues, Pearl DeQuincey and Abner Bradley, and I decided to go hunting outside Alexander for a different kind of adventure and fun. Since we planned to hunt at night, we needed a high-performance infrared binoculars that could clearly observe and capture prey in the dark. After many comparisons and choices, we finally decided to buy WildGuarder infrared binoculars, a high-tech product from China with multiple features and benefits to make our night hunting trip safer and more exciting.

The WildGuarder infrared binoculars are digital night vision devices designed for night use, providing clear images and video day and night. It has a 20x optical zoom and a 4x digital zoom that allows us to observe the target up close or far. It also has a built-in 3-inch TFT LCD screen, which can be converted into a 4-inch large field of view screen, so that we can enjoy the picture more comfortably. It also supports a variety of functions, such as taking photos, videos, playback, etc., allowing us to record and share our hunting experience at any time.

Alexander is an ancient city located on the Mediterranean coast, it was once one of the regions conquered by Alexander the Great and has a rich cultural heritage and monuments such as the Library of Alexandria, the Alexander Lighthouse, etc. It also has beautiful natural scenery such as sandy beaches, oceans, hills and forests. It also has unique gastronomic specialties such as seafood, meat, bread, cheese, etc.

In this article, I’ll detail how we hunted with WildGuarder binoculars outside of Alexander, and how we tasted Alexander’s culinary specialties in addition to hunting. I hope that through this article, you can feel the excitement and fun of our night hunting trip, and also let you understand the performance and advantages of WildGuarder infrared binoculars, as well as the history and scenery of the suburbs of Alexander.

We chose to go hunting outside Alexander not only because of the natural environment suitable for hunting, but also because of the long and mysterious history of the area. Alexander, an ancient city located on the Mediterranean coast, was once one of the regions conquered by Alexander the Great and one of the most famous cities for which he named himself. Alexander the Great, king of the Kingdom of Macedonia in the 4th century BC, built a vast empire spanning three continents in just 13 years, Europe, Asia and Africa, and is known as one of the greatest military strategists and statesmen in ancient world history.

Alexander the Great not only had extraordinary achievements in the military, but also left a deep mark on culture. He spread Greek civilization to the regions he conquered, promoting the exchange and integration of Eastern and Western cultures, and ushering in the so-called Hellenistic era. Of the many cities he founded, Alexander is the most representative and influential. It became one of the most prosperous and advanced cities in the world at the time, attracting countless scholars, artists, merchants and travelers. It was also one of the most important academic centers of antiquity, housing the famous Library of Alexandria, the world’s first public library, which housed the largest collection of books and knowledge in the world at that time.

Alexander has many other amazing cultural heritage and monuments. The most famous of these is the Alexandria Lighthouse, the world’s first lighthouse built on the coast and one of the Seven Wonders of the Ancient World. It is about 120 meters high, built of white marble, and topped with a huge brazier that emits a strong glow to guide the navigators at night. It is not only a practical building, but also a masterpiece that symbolizes human ingenuity and creativity.




We are curious and admired by Alexander’s historical background, and we look forward to seeing this once glorious and splendid city and the secrets and stories it hides.

Alexander is an ancient city located on the Mediterranean coast, and its location gives it a mild and humid climate with four distinct seasons and abundant rainfall. It is surrounded by rich and unique vegetation types, from coastal scrubs and grasslands to inland forests and mountains. It is also home to many animals, some rare and protected species such as the North African leopard, Egyptian sparrowhawk, Egyptian lizard, etc.

What are the landscapes and challenges we may encounter while hunting? We may enjoy beautiful sunrises and sunsets on the sandy beaches along the coast, feeling the refreshing and surging sea breeze and waves. We may explore a wide variety of trees and flowers in the forest, smelling the fragrance and fragrance in the air. We may overlook the entire city and coastline in the mountains, feeling the shock and openness of the height and view. We may also encounter some challenges, such as the hardship and steepness of the road, the change and instability of the weather, the escape and counterattack of animals, etc. But these are the joys of hunting, and we will overcome them with our courage and wisdom.

What are the cultural atmospheres and conflicts we might feel when hunting? We may admire a wide variety of buildings and sculptures in the city, feeling the imprints and styles left by different civilizations and eras. We may taste a wide variety of food and drinks in the market, and feel the taste and character brought by different nationalities and regions. We may hear a wide variety of prayers and singing in temples or churches, feeling the devotion and sacredness that comes with different faiths and traditions. We may also encounter some conflicts and contradictions, such as language and communication barriers, differences in values and habits, confrontations in interests and power, etc. But these are the challenges of hunting, and we will defuse them with our respect and understanding.

We chose to go hunting outside Alexander not only because of the rich and mixed cultural atmosphere, but also because of the exciting and interesting hunting activities. Alexander is a city with a long tradition of hunting, dating back to ancient Greece, when Alexander the Great was a man who loved hunting and killed many rare animals in India and Africa. Later, different rulers and civilizations such as Roman, Byzantine, Arab, and Ottoman also had different influences and contributions to hunting activities. Now, Alexander’s hunting activities have become a way to satisfy both survival needs and provide entertainment.

What are the joys and dangers we may encounter while hunting? We may experience different purposes while hunting, some to obtain food and fur, some to exercise body and skill, some to show courage and status, and some to socialize and communicate. We may use different methods of hunting, some with bows and crossbows to shoot distant targets, some with spears or swords in hand-to-hand combat, and some with traps or explosive bombs to inflict damage. We may carry different equipment when hunting, some are traditional weapons and armor, some are modern firearms and armor, and some are special tools and props. We may harvest different things while hunting, some rich in meat and fur, some precious bones and horns, some exotic organs and fluids.

Through this hunting activity, we not only enjoyed the beautiful scenery of the Alexander countryside, but also felt the fun and danger of hunting. We learned about the history and culture of hunting, as well as the skills and equipment of hunting. We reap precious objects and experiences, as well as friendships and joy. This hunting activity made us understand a truth: life is like hunting, there are both challenges and opportunities, both risks and benefits, only by facing it bravely can we experience its wonderfulness and meaning. Let’s work together and make our lives as passionate and creative as hunting!

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