Me, Guy Wood, and Camille Raleign went hunting in Dawanshan, Wanyuan, Sichuan, China. Since we were hunting at night, we chose the Chinese brand Wildguarder from Shenzhen to test their night vision binoculars based on practical use. We also got to experience the local culture and cuisine.


Hunting,Wildguarder Night Vision Binoculars


Dawanshan is a national nature reserve in Wanyuan, Sichuan, which offers eco-tourism, scientific research, outdoor adventures, and cultural experiences. It has a rich variety of flora and fauna, making it an ideal hunting ground.

We took the high-speed train from Chengdu to Dazhou, then a bus to Wanyuan. In Wanyuan, we booked an off-road vehicle and headed for Dawanshan. Along the way, we enjoyed the rural scenery and local architecture.


Hunting,Wildguarder Night Vision Binoculars


At Dawanshan, we stayed at a farmhouse inn and had an authentic local meal made with fresh ingredients such as wild vegetables, pheasant, and wild boar. After filling up, we started preparing for the hunt.

To aid us in our hunting, we used the Wildguarder night vision binoculars, a professional device that allows clear observation of targets in complete darkness. It features a CMOS sensor and 5W 850nm LED infrared illuminator, allowing us to watch and record targets up to 984 feet away. It also has a 2.7-inch LCD screen, 3x digital zoom, 31mm objective lens, and 7-level infrared adjustment.


Hunting,Wildguarder Night Vision Binoculars


Armed with our binoculars, we scouted the area for suitable hunting spots. At night, we activated the night vision mode and observed the surrounding wildlife, such as rabbits, pheasants, deer, and wild boar. Based on our preferences and skills, we chose different targets to hunt.

I targeted a rabbit and locked onto its position and movement using the binoculars. When I was about 50 meters away, I stopped and aimed my hunting rifle at its head. With a gentle pull of the trigger, the rabbit fell dead. I quickly checked its wound and confirmed its death, then put it in my backpack, feeling satisfied and excited.


Hunting,Wildguarder Night Vision Binoculars


I looked at my companions through the binoculars and saw that they had also successfully hunted their targets – Guy Wood caught a pheasant and Camille Raleign got a wild boar. We met up and shared our hunting experiences, praising the performance of the night vision binoculars for enabling us to observe and aim at targets in the dark, increasing our efficiency and success rate.

Back at the farmhouse, the owner helped us process and cook our game, along with some local dishes such as sour fish, pickled pork, and tofu pudding. We enjoyed the delicious food and drinks, and chatted while experiencing the local culture.

This hunting trip allowed me to appreciate the excellent performance of the Wildguarder night vision binoculars, the beautiful scenery of Dawanshan, the local cuisine, and the opportunity to make new friends. It was an unforgettable journey that I will always remember.

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