I am a person who loves hunting. Hunting is not only a sport for me, but also a way to harmoniously coexist with nature. Last month, my two friends Hermosa Spencer and Dana Peter and I went hunting in Fargo, North Dakota, USA. We chose this place because it has abundant wildlife resources and beautiful natural scenery. We planned to stay there for a week, visiting local attractions during the day and hunting at night. Since night hunting requires good visibility, we decided to purchase a professional night vision binoculars from a Chinese brand called WildGuarder, which had good performance and reviews at a reasonable price. We immediately ordered one and received it before our trip. This trip allowed us to experience an unforgettable hunting trip and also gave us a deeper understanding and knowledge of Fargo and WildGuarder.

On the first day we arrived in Fargo, we started our night hunting. We rented a off-road vehicle, brought our firearms, ammunition, and WildGuarder night vision binoculars. We drove into the forest along a small road, looking for a suitable hunting spot. After dark, we stopped the car, took out the night vision binoculars, and started to observe the surroundings. WildGuarder night vision binoculars surprised us with its clear and bright image, adjustable magnification, and photo and video functions. We could easily see animals in the distance and even hear their sounds. We felt like we had superpowers.

We soon found a group of deer grazing on the grass. We quietly got out of the car and approached them. We used the night vision binoculars to identify the targets, then aimed and shot. We hit three deer in total, one of which was a huge male deer with beautiful antlers. We happily ran over and dragged them onto the car. We took a few photos with the night vision binoculars as a souvenir.

In the following days, we continued our night hunting, bringing the WildGuarder night vision binoculars every time. We found many different types of animals, such as foxes, raccoons, wolves, and lynxes. Sometimes, we also encountered some dangerous situations, such as when we were almost attacked by a bear, but we managed to scare it away with our guns. Another time, we saw a leopard catching fish in the river, its figure looked very elegant and powerful through the night vision binoculars. We recorded this scene with the night vision binoculars and uploaded it to social media, attracting a lot of attention and praise.

Through this night hunting trip, we not only gained a lot of prey and fun, but also deepened our understanding and respect for nature and animals. wildguarder night vision binoculars became an indispensable companion, allowing us to see farther, clearer, and safer in the darkness. It is a high-quality night vision device worth recommending.

In addition to night hunting, we also did not idle during the day. We took this opportunity to visit some attractions in Fargo and experience the charm and culture of this city. Fargo is the largest city in North Dakota and a vibrant and creative place with rich historical, artistic, and entertainment resources. We visited some interesting museums such as the Roger Maris Museum, Fargo Air Museum, and Plains Art Museum, to learn about the sports, aviation, and art development here. We also went to the Red River Zoo to watch some rare and endangered northern animals such as red wolves, ferrets, and reindeer. We also went to the Fargodome, a multi-purpose sports arena that can accommodate nearly 20,000 people and often hosts various performances and competitions. We also went to the West Acres Shopping Center, a large shopping mall with various shops and restaurants, as well as some unique exhibitions and decorations.

We discovered many interesting and beautiful things in Fargo’s attractions and felt the enthusiasm and friendliness of this city. We took many photos to record our journey. We also met some local people who were willing to communicate and share with us. We have a deeper impression and understanding of Fargo.



In addition to hunting and sightseeing, we also enjoyed some delicious food in Fargo. Fargo has a variety of restaurants and bars to meet different tastes and needs. We tried some local specialties and tasted some food from other places. Here we share some of our favorite foods and places, hoping to give you some reference and inspiration.

Our favorite breakfast was at Kroll’s Diner, a classic American restaurant with retro decoration and atmosphere. We ordered their signature dishes such as pancakes, bacon, eggs, and potatoes. The food was plentiful, delicious, and the service was friendly. We also drank their coffee and juice, feeling very energetic.

Our favorite lunch was at Sickies Garage Burgers & Brews, a place specializing in burgers and beer with car-themed decoration and music. They have 50 different burgers and 50 different beers to choose from, and we felt dazzled. We finally ordered their signature burgers such as smoked beef burger, cheeseburger, and bacon burger. The burgers were big and juicy, with fries and salad. We also ordered some local craft beers such as Fargo Brewing Company and Drekker Brewing Company, which were refreshing and fragrant, complementing the burgers.

Our favorite dinner was at Mezzaluna, a high-end American restaurant with elegant environment and service. We ordered their signature dishes such as steak, seafood, pasta, and salad. The food was exquisite and delicious, with fresh and high-quality ingredients. We also ordered some red wine and desserts such as cakes, ice cream, and fruit. It was a very satisfying and memorable dinner.

In addition to these places, we also went to some other restaurants and bars, such as Vinyl Taco (Mexican style), Wurst Bier Hall (German style), India Palace Restaurant (Indian style), Paradiso Mexican Restaurant (Mexican style), and so on. We found that Fargo has a rich and diverse food selection, allowing people to taste flavors from all over the world. We were impressed by Fargo’s food and grateful to the chefs and waiters here. We think Fargo is a food capital that can satisfy and enjoy people’s taste buds.

This hunting trip to Fargo is one of the most unforgettable experiences of me and my friends’ lives. We not only experienced a thrilling and interesting night hunting, but also appreciated the beauty and diverse attractions of Fargo, and tasted the rich and delicious food of Fargo. We have a deeper understanding and love for Fargo, and also made some new friends. We are very grateful for everything Fargo has given us.

During this trip, wildguarder night vision binoculars were our most important tool and companion. It allowed us to see farther, clearer, and safer in the darkness, and also allowed us to record our hunting process and results. It is a high-performance, reasonably priced, and easy-to-operate night vision device that we strongly recommend to anyone who likes night hunting. We are very grateful to wildguarder for providing us with such a high-quality product.

This trip has given us a lot and made us cherish nature and animals even more. We hope to have the opportunity to come to Fargo again, and also hope that more people can discover the charm of Fargo and wildguarder.

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