Last month, I went hunting in the outskirts of Maracaibo with two friends Richard Mike and Winston Belloc, and had an unforgettable wilderness adventure. Maracaibo is Venezuela’s second largest city, located on the south shore of Lake Maracaibo, connected to the Caribbean Sea. It has a long history and rich culture, as well as a tropical semi-arid climate, which is very hot all year round. Since it involves night hunting, night vision binoculars are essential equipment. We chose the high-cost performance Chinese brand wildguarder, which allowed us to clearly observe the movements of animals in the dark, improving our hunting efficiency and safety. During this trip, we not only enjoyed the fun of hunting, but also visited some historical attractions in Maracaibo, tasted the local cuisine, and felt the charm of this city. In this article, I will introduce our night hunting experience in detail, as well as what we saw, heard and felt.

The process of night hunting is full of challenges and excitement. We need to look for traces of prey in the dark, use lights and firearms for accurate shooting, and also pay attention to avoid danger and interference. Here, I will share some tips for night hunting, hoping to help those who are interested.

First of all, choose the right place and time for night hunting. There are many places suitable for hunting in the outskirts of Maracaibo, such as mountains, hills, paddy fields, etc. These places usually have rich wildlife resources, such as deer, rabbits, foxes, birds, etc. We need to choose the appropriate season and time period according to the habits of different prey. For example, deer and rabbits are more active at dusk and dawn, while foxes and birds prefer to appear at night. We need to make a hunting plan in advance according to our own goals, and try to avoid places with many people or noise, so as not to disturb the prey.

Secondly, choose the right equipment and weapons for night hunting. The most important equipment for night hunting is light. It can help us find and lock the prey in the dark. However, it is not that the brighter the light is better, but to choose the appropriate light according to different situations. Generally speaking, light with a slight red color is best because red light has strong penetration power in green leaves and can easily find small animals such as birds. Moreover, red light has less interference for animals and does not easily arouse their alertness. However, the light must be focused small; otherwise it will cause glare or reflection and affect vision. We chose the high-cost performance Chinese brand wildguarder’s night vision binoculars which have high definition brightness contrast stability etc., allowing us to clearly observe the movements of animals in the dark improving our hunting efficiency and safety.

In addition to light, you also need to choose the right firearms and ammunition for night hunting. The choice of firearms depends on your own skill level and preference. Generally speaking, rifles, shotguns, pistols, etc. can be used for night hunting. However, when choosing firearms, you need to pay attention to the following points: first, choose firearms with low noise, low recoil, high accuracy, long range, fast loading and other characteristics; second, choose the appropriate caliber and ammunition type to ensure that you can effectively wound or kill the prey; third, equip with suitable sights or infrared and other auxiliary equipment to improve the accuracy and stability of night shooting. We used the American-made Remington 700 rifle, which is a classic sniper rifle with excellent performance and reliability, and performed well in night hunting.

Finally, pay attention to the precautions and fun of night hunting. When night hunting, you need to keep quiet and alert, avoid making too much noise or moving too fast, so as not to scare or disturb the prey. At the same time, you also need to observe the surrounding environment and weather changes, prevent encountering danger or getting lost. In addition, after finding and locking the target, you need to shoot quickly and steadily, and adjust the light angle and brightness in time to track the wounded or fallen prey. In this process, we can not only feel the pleasure and sense of achievement brought by shooting, but also enjoy the beautiful scenery and mystery of nature at night, playing a game with life in the dark.

In addition to hunting, we also visited some historical and cultural attractions, tasted the local cuisine, and felt the charm of this city. Here I will introduce some of the content we saw, heard and felt, hoping to inspire those who are interested.

First of all, we visited Lake Maracaibo, which is the largest lake in South America and the richest lake in the world. Lake Maracaibo is famous for its beautiful natural scenery and rich oil resources. Lake Maracaibo is the world’s highest-yielding and longest-exploited oil lake with a history of more than 90 years. Lake Maracaibo is known as the richest lake in the world. Looking around, there are many wellheads on the lake. There are more than 7,000 oil wells in the lake area with an annual output of more than 70 million tons of crude oil. We took a cruise boat on the lake to enjoy the beautiful scenery and feel the prosperity and development of the oil industry. We also visited an artificial island and a petroleum museum to learn about the process and technology of oil extraction and processing.

Maracaibo Cathedral is an ancient church built in the 17th century and is the most important religious building in Maracaibo. The exterior of Maracaibo Cathedral is typical of Spanish colonial style while the interior is decorated with exquisite murals and sculptures showing local history and culture. Maracaibo Cathedral also preserves some precious relics and relics such as a painting depicting Jesus’ suffering and a piece of rock that is said to have been appeared by Virgin Mary. We felt a sacred and solemn atmosphere in the church prayed and thanked God.

Finally we tasted Maracaibo’s cuisine which is an indispensable part of our trip. Maracaibo’s cuisine is mainly seafood with many fresh and delicious dishes for us to choose from. We tried some local specialties such as seafood soup grilled fish pickled fish seafood salad etc. These foods are very tender and spicy making us enjoy ourselves. We also drank some local drinks such as ginger beer coconut juice corn milk etc. These drinks are very refreshing and sweet quenching our thirst and refreshing us.

During our trip to hunt in the outskirts of Maracaibo we not only experienced night hunting fun but also visited some historical attractions tasted local cuisine felt charm city culture people customs habits learned humanistic characteristics city Here I will introduce some interesting noteworthy customs habits encountered hoping inspire interested friends.



Maracaibo is a multicultural city with residents of different races religions such as Malays Chinese Indians Europeans etc These residents respect tolerate each other forming harmonious atmosphere Local people friendly hospitable foreigners whether street restaurant shop place stay greet smile help When hunting met some local hunters actively communicated shared experiences invited join barbecue party felt sincerity generosity Maracaibo people.

We happened to celebrate Maracaibo’s festival. Maracaibo is a city that likes to celebrate festivals. Due to different cultures and religions, there are many different festivals here, such as Chinese New Year, Lantern Festival, Qingming Festival, Dragon Boat Festival, Mid-Autumn Festival and other traditional Chinese festivals; such as Christmas, Easter, Halloween and other Western festivals; such as Eid al-Fitr, Eid al-Adha and other Islamic festivals; such as Diwali, Ramadan and other Hindu festivals. These festivals have their own characteristics and customs, such as eating reunion dinner, setting off firecrackers, hanging lanterns, enjoying lanterns, sweeping tombs, worshiping ancestors, eating zongzi, moon cakes and so on. During these festivals, local people wear traditional costumes and hold various ceremonies and activities, such as praying, visiting relatives and friends, giving gifts, parades and performances. We happened to catch up with the Mid-Autumn Festival. We saw the full moon and the bright streets and felt the festive atmosphere.

Maracaibo is a city that pays attention to etiquette and rules. Due to different cultures and religions, there are some etiquette and taboos that need to be noticed and followed. For example, when greeting local people, choose the appropriate way according to their gender and age, such as handshake, hug, kiss and so on; when entering local people’s homes or religious places, take off shoes and dress appropriately; when dining, use right hand or utensils and respect their dietary taboos; when talking, avoid touching on sensitive topics such as politics, religion or personal privacy; when shopping, bargain appropriately and pay attention to receipts and change. We tried our best to follow these etiquette and taboos during our trip and asked local people for advice and learned their customs and habits.

This trip was an unforgettable experience that made us feel the charm of nature, the diversity of culture and the characteristics of customs. In this trip we not only exercised our bodies improved our skills but also broadened our horizons increased our knowledge We also made some local friends felt their enthusiasm friendliness We hope have opportunity come here again continue explore more mysteries beauty this city Also hope through our sharing can inspire more people interest curiosity hunting outskirts Maracaibo let more people enjoy fun benefits this kind travel.

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