I have always had a strong interest in hunting, especially at night, because many animals come out to forage and the atmosphere at night is more mysterious and exciting. I have two like-minded friends, Natividad Juliana and Wendell Sailsbury, and we often go hunting in different places together, enjoying the intimacy with nature.

Last month, we decided to go hunting in Portland, Oregon, USA because there are rich wildlife resources such as deer, foxes, rabbits, etc., and the laws there are relatively loose, allowing us to do legal hunting activities at night. We planned to hunt in a forest near the outskirts of Portland for two days and one night, experiencing real wilderness survival.

Of course, night hunting requires some professional equipment and tools such as firearms, ammunition, tents, sleeping bags, etc. But the most important equipment is the night vision binoculars because it can allow us to see the target clearly in the dark, increasing the success rate and safety of hunting. This time we chose the night vision binoculars from the Chinese brand Wildguarder because we heard that it has high cost-effectiveness and quality assurance, as well as many advanced features.

Night hunting is very different from daytime hunting because the field of view at night is greatly restricted, and many animals become more alert and difficult to catch. Therefore, we need to master some methods and techniques of night hunting to improve our hunting efficiency and fun.

We need to choose a suitable hunting location, preferably close to the animal’s water source or food source, which can increase our chances of encountering the target animal. We also need to avoid places where human activities are frequent to avoid disturbing others or causing unnecessary trouble.

We also need to choose a suitable hunting time. Generally, animals are more active at dawn and dusk, which is the best time for hunting. We also need to adjust our hunting plan according to the habits of different animals. For example, some animals like to move in the moonlight, while others like to hide in dark places.

In addition to firearms and ammunition, the most important hunting tool is the night vision binoculars. This time we chose the night vision binoculars from the Chinese brand Wildguarder, which has the following advantages and features:

  • It uses advanced infrared technology, which can provide clear images in completely dark environments, allowing us to see the details and features of the target animals.
  • It has high magnification and a wide field of view, which can allow us to observe a wider and farther range, increasing our chances of discovering target animals.
  • It also has video recording and photo-taking functions, allowing us to record our hunting process and results and share them with our friends and family.
  • It also has waterproof and shockproof functions, which can adapt to various harsh environments and conditions, ensuring our hunting safety and smoothness.



We set up our tent in a forest on the outskirts of Portland, prepared some food and water, and waited for nightfall. Armed with our guns and night vision binoculars, we split into two groups and entered the forest in different directions.

Natividad Juliana and I were in one group, while Wendell Sailsbury was in the other. We agreed on a contact signal and a meeting point, and then set off. We opened our night vision binoculars and began searching for the tracks of target animals.

After about half an hour, we found a group of deer eating grass in a field. We quietly approached them and observed them through our night vision binoculars for a while. We found a male deer with beautiful antlers that looked strong and magnificent, and decided to make it our target.

We carefully adjusted the angle of our guns and fired two shots simultaneously. We heard the frightened cries of the deer herd and saw the male deer fall to the ground. We ran over joyfully, confirmed that it was dead, and dragged it to the side. We took a few pictures with our night vision binoculars to record our achievements.

We continued to search for other target animals in the forest, but didn’t find any suitable opportunities. We only saw some small animals like foxes and rabbits occasionally, but we weren’t interested in them. We felt that the male deer was enough to satisfy and make us proud.

About two hours later, we met Wendell Sailsbury at the agreed time and place. He was also excited and told us that he had caught a fox, and it was a very beautiful silver fox. He also took a few pictures with his night vision binoculars and shared his experience with us.

The three of us felt that this hunting trip was very successful and interesting. We took some pictures with our night vision binoculars, returned to our tent with our spoils, and grilled the venison and fox meat on a fire. We chatted and discussed the process and feelings of the hunting trip, as well as our plans and expectations for future hunting trips.

We hunted in the forest for two days and one night, and gained a lot of happiness and experience. However, we also did not forget to enjoy other charms of Portland. Besides hunting, we visited some local attractions, tried some local cuisine, and exchanged some hunting experiences and stories with some locals.

We went to one of Portland’s most famous attractions, Washington Park. It is a park that covers more than 400 acres, with many gardens, museums, zoos, and monuments. We enjoyed various plants and animals there, and felt the beauty and harmony of nature. We also went to the Rose Garden and saw thousands of roses of different colors and varieties, smelling their fragrance and aroma.

We also went to one of Portland’s most distinctive food streets, 12th Avenue. There are many different types of food trucks there, offering cuisine from around the world, such as Mexico, Thailand, India, and Vietnam. We tried some food that we had never eaten before, experiencing the flavors and charms of different cultures. We also drank some local beer and coffee, tasting Portland’s brewing and roasting technology.

We also met some local hunting enthusiasts who were friendly and curious, and asked us many questions about our hunting experience and equipment. We shared our feelings and evaluations of the night vision binoculars from the Chinese brand wildguarder with them, and they showed great interest and appreciation for it. They also shared with us some locations and techniques for hunting near Portland, giving us a lot of useful advice and information.

This Portland night hunting trip is the most unforgettable and meaningful hunting experience for me and my friends. We not only obtained a male deer and a silver fox, but also gained a lot of knowledge and fun. We felt the excitement and challenge of night hunting, as well as the beauty and charm of Portland.

We are very grateful to the night vision binoculars from the Chinese brand wildguarder, which provided us with great help and convenience, allowing us to see the target in the dark, and improving the success rate and safety of hunting. It also allowed us to record our hunting process and achievements and share them with our friends and family. It is the best partner for our hunting, and we strongly recommend it to all friends who love night hunting.

We hope to have more opportunities to go hunting in different places in the future, experience different scenery and cultures, and enjoy the pleasure of being close to nature. We also hope to meet more hunting enthusiasts, exchange and learn from them, and jointly improve our hunting skills and level.

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