Peter Bauer, Douglas Lily and I are good friends from college. We are all nature and adventure lovers, and often go to the wild for exploration and camping. After graduation, we went on different paths. Peter went to Germany to work as a software developer, Douglas went to Australia to work in environmental protection, and I stayed in the United States to work as a financial analyst. Although we kept in touch through the internet, we haven’t seen each other for several years.

Last month, we finally had a rare opportunity to meet again. We decided to go hunting in Shengjin Mountain Provincial Forest Park in Tianshui, China. This is a place we have always longed for, because it has rich wildlife resources and magnificent natural scenery. We also prepared night vision binoculars and infrared binoculars, which are essential equipment for night hunting, allowing us to see more clearly and farther in the dark. We look forward to experiencing an exciting and unforgettable hunting trip in Shengjin Mountain, and also tasting the local food of Tianshui.

For the hunting trip, the three of us made full preparations. First of all, we had to choose the right equipment, which is the key to hunting. After searching a lot of information online, we found that night vision binoculars and infrared binoculars are essential equipment for night hunting. Night vision binoculars can use faint light or infrared rays to magnify and present the objects in the dark with green images, allowing people to see more clearly at night. Infrared binoculars can detect heat radiation and display objects with different temperatures with different colors of images, allowing people to distinguish animals and other objects in the dark. In this way, we can observe and hunt wild animals at night without being discovered or missing opportunities.

The three of us found a professional hunting store online and bought our favorite night vision binoculars and infrared binoculars, as well as some other equipment, such as guns, ammunition, flashlights, compasses, knives, etc. To ensure the safety and legality of the equipment, we also applied for the corresponding documents and permits, as well as bought insurance and medical kits.


In addition to the equipment, we also had to book accommodation and guide service in Shengjin Mountain. Shengjin Mountain Provincial Forest Park is a natural reserve with an area of 12,000 hectares. It has 72 peaks and 108 lakes, as well as more than 200 kinds of wild animals and more than 1,000 kinds of plants. This is a paradise for hunting enthusiasts, but also a place full of dangers and challenges. For safety and convenience, we booked a hotel at the entrance of Shengjin Mountain online, as well as an experienced local guide. The guide can not only lead us into the forest park, but also provide us with hunting skills, animal habits, local customs and other information.

The hunting trip finally began. Three people followed the guide, riding a cross-country vehicle, and drove into the Jinshan Forest Park. Along the way, you can see various scenery, such as towering mountains, clear lakes, dense forests, and flower-filled meadows. The guide introduced the geography, climate, ecology and other characteristics of this place to the three people, and also pointed out some rare animals and plants. The three were attracted by the beauty and diversity of this place, and they often used night vision binoculars and infrared binoculars to observe and take pictures.

The off-road vehicle stopped on a spacious lawn, which was the hunting base. The guide told the three that there were some tents and facilities here for them to rest and eat. The guide also reminded the three that hunting is a dangerous and serious activity, and they must abide by some rules and precautions, such as not shooting at will, not leaving the team, not killing protected animals, etc. The guide also assigned some tasks to the three, such as setting up tents, collecting firewood, preparing food, etc.

The sky gradually darkened, and night fell. This is the best time for hunting, because many wild animals are active at night. The three picked up their equipment and followed the guide into the forest. The forest at night is a mysterious and dangerous world, full of darkness and silence, with only occasional animal calls or branch movements. The three were nervous and excited to use night vision binoculars and infrared binoculars to find their targets. Night vision binoculars allow them to see some faint light or green images reflected by infrared rays, while infrared binoculars allow them to see some hot objects displayed in different colors. In this way, they can distinguish which are animals and which are other objects.

The hunting trip was not easy, and the three encountered many difficulties and challenges. Sometimes they found some animal traces, but they could not get close or shoot; sometimes they were attacked or threatened by some animals; sometimes they lost their direction or entered a dead end. But the three also had many surprises and fun. They saw some rare or beautiful animals, such as white deer, black bears, peacocks, etc.; they also successfully captured some animals, such as rabbits, pheasants, wild ducks, etc.; they also joked or competed with each other to enhance their friendship.

On the last day of the hunting trip, the three decided to taste the local cuisine of Tianshui. Tianshui is a city with a long history and rich food culture. It mainly focuses on noodles and meat dishes, with a light and fragrant taste. The guide led the three to an old restaurant, where the dishes were made with local specialties and ingredients, with unique flavors and nutrition.

The three of them ordered several signature dishes, such as guagua, mianpi, mianyu, zahui, and liji. Guagua is a kind of cake made from corn flour and sorghum flour, with a crispy crust and a soft filling, which can be eaten with various meats and vegetables. Mianpi is a kind of thin slice made from wheat flour, which can be cold mixed or hot fried, with chili, sesame, vinegar and other seasonings, with a smooth and appetizing taste. Mianyu is a kind of fish-shaped food made from noodles, which is cooked and poured with meat soup and chili oil, with a fragrant aroma and a tender taste. Zahui is a kind of soup dish made from lamb, beef, donkey meat and other kinds of meat, with vermicelli, tofu, potatoes and other ingredients, rich in nutrition and warming the stomach. Liji is a kind of dish made from pork tenderloin cut into thin slices, fried in oil until golden, and then mixed with sweet sauce, sesame, peanuts and other ingredients, crispy outside and tender inside, sweet and salty.

The three of them enjoyed their food and chatted while eating. The guide introduced them to the history and cultural background of these delicacies, such as guagua was the army’s food in ancient times, mianpi was the favorite of Tang Dynasty poet Li Bai, mianyu was the creation of Song Dynasty famous doctor Sun Simiao, zahui was the imperial meal of Qianlong Emperor in Qing Dynasty, liji was the specialty of General Zhang Xueliang in the Republic of China period and so on. The three of them were surprised and curious about the stories of these delicacies, and also had a deeper understanding and appreciation of Tianshui’s food culture.

This hunting trip was an unforgettable memory for me and my college classmates. We not only experienced a thrilling and memorable hunting trip in Shenjin Mountain Forest Park, but also tasted the local delicacies of Tianshui and felt the food culture of Tianshui. We were proud of our courage and skills, and also felt warm for our friendship. We thanked the guide for his help and guidance, and also thanked Shenjin Mountain Forest Park and Tianshui City for their hospitality. We were deeply impressed by the beauty and diversity of this place, and also had a deeper understanding and appreciation of its history and culture. We hoped to have the opportunity to come here again, to continue to explore and enjoy its charm. We also wished each other happiness and success, and always keep in touch.


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