I have always believed that hunting is an exciting and relaxing activity that allows me to experience the charm of nature and exercise my body and willpower. So when my two good friends, Joyce Joe and Molly Silas, suggested that we go hunting in Topeka together, I immediately agreed. We all love hunting and share the same interests and hobbies. This time, we decided to try night hunting because we heard that Topeka has abundant nocturnal wildlife resources, and night hunting is more challenging and fun. Of course, to successfully hunt in the dark, we must have an excellent infrared binoculars. After comparison and consultation, we finally chose the Chinese brand Wildguarder’s infrared binoculars, which not only have high cost performance but also are fully functional and reliable. We believe that with its help, we will definitely enjoy an unforgettable hunting trip. In addition to hunting, we also plan to visit Topeka’s scenic spots, taste local food specialties, and experience local customs. This article is my record and memories of this trip, hoping to bring you some inspiration and fun.

We flew from New York to Topeka on a weekend last month. Topeka is the capital of Kansas and a city with a long history and rich culture. We booked a hotel in the city center in advance online. The hotel had excellent service and comfortable rooms. After putting away our luggage, we immediately set off to the hunting ground we had previously selected. We chose a farm in the suburbs, which has vast grasslands and forests, and is a habitat for many wild animals. We contacted the owner of the farm online, and he warmly agreed to our hunting request and gave us some hunting advice and precautions. He also told us that their farm has cabins and facilities specifically prepared for hunters, where we can rest and change.

We drove to the farm and were greeted by a beautiful rural scenery. We saw some cows, sheep, and horses grazing on the grassland, and some chickens, ducks, and geese playing by the water. We felt a sense of tranquility and natural atmosphere. We found the cabin according to the owner’s instructions and took out our hunting equipment. We all brought our own guns and bullets, as well as the most important Wildguarder infrared binoculars. This binoculars is designed specifically for night hunting, and it can clearly observe the shape and eyes of animals in the dark, as well as measure the distance and direction of animals and the temperature and humidity of the environment. It also has a high-definition camera and video function, which can record the hunting process for easy playback and sharing. Its shell is waterproof and shockproof, and can adapt to various harsh weather and terrain. Its battery is also durable and can work continuously for more than eight hours.

We installed the binoculars on the gun and adjusted the parameters and angles. Then, we split into two groups, Joyce Joe and I in one group, and Molly Silas in another group. We chose different directions to find prey. Since it was not completely dark during the day, we first used the binoculars’ normal mode to observe the surrounding situation. We found some rabbits and squirrels jumping around in the grass, and some birds singing on the branches. Although these animals were cute, they were not the targets we wanted to hunt. We wanted to find larger and more challenging animals, such as deer or wild boars. So, we continued to move forward.

As the sky gradually darkened, we switched to the binoculars’ infrared mode. At this time, we could see some animals’ thermal images, which flickered with red or green light in the dark. We carefully observed each thermal image and tried to determine their species and size. We also used the binoculars’ ranging function to calculate their distance from us to adjust the angle and strength of the gun. We also used the binoculars’ recording function to record our hunting process for easy playback and sharing.

After a search, we finally found a large deer eating grass at the forest edge. Its thermal image was very obvious, a bright red dot. Its body was strong, and its antlers were long, making it a very beautiful buck. We immediately became excited because it was the ideal target we wanted to hunt. We quietly approached it, trying not to make any noise. We found a suitable position, hid behind a big tree, and prepared to shoot. I asked Joyce Joe to shoot first because he was the most experienced hunter among us. He calmly placed the gun on his shoulder, aimed at the deer’s heart position with the binoculars’ scope, and gently pulled the trigger. We heard a crisp gunshot, and then saw the deer fall to the ground without any response. We cheered happily because we successfully shot a large deer. We rushed over, confirmed the deer’s death, and dragged it near the cabin. We used a knife to peel off the deer’s skin, cut the deer meat into several pieces, salted and spiced them, and then grilled them over the fire. We chatted while eating, feeling the sense of achievement and satisfaction from hunting. We also used the binoculars’ video function to replay our hunting process, admiring our skills and luck.


Of course, we were not satisfied with just hunting for deer, we wanted to continue hunting and see if we could catch some other animals. So, after eating the deer meat, we set out again. This time, we changed directions and went deeper into a darker forest. There were more dangerous animals there, such as wild boars, wolves, and bears. These animals were not only large and strong, but also ferocious. If we accidentally disturbed them, we might suffer their counterattack. Therefore, we had to be more careful and cautious, and avoid any carelessness or mistakes.

We encountered many unpredictable dangers and difficulties, such as poisonous plants or insects, traps, or obstacles. So, we had to be vigilant and attentive at all times and avoid any slackness or negligence. Fortunately, we had the powerful WildGuarder binoculars, which provided us with clear vision and accurate information in the darkness. It not only helped us detect and aim at animals but also assisted us in avoiding and dealing with various dangers and difficulties. It had a thermometer and humidity meter, which informed us of the environment’s conditions so that we could take protective measures. It also had a compass and GPS function, which told us the direction and location so that we would not get lost. It also had a communication function, which allowed us to stay in touch with other hunters for mutual support and collaboration.

During the hunting process in the forest, we also encountered other animals, such as wolves, bears, and eagles. These animals were very formidable and ferocious, and if we unintentionally angered them, we might face fatal danger. Therefore, we had to be extremely careful and cautious, and avoid shooting or approaching them easily. Sometimes we even had to give up seemingly good opportunities, as we were uncertain about the consequences. Sometimes we had to run away or hide because we found ourselves in a disadvantaged or dangerous situation. These were the characteristics and challenges of nighttime hunting, which gave us a sense of excitement and thrill and taught us caution and wisdom. In these processes, WildGuarder provided us with great help and support, enabling us to detect and judge the animals’ behaviors and intentions promptly and make timely responses and decisions. It enabled us to hunt in the darkness and ensured our safety and success.

Apart from hunting, we also visited some scenic spots in Topeka, tasted some local food specialties, and experienced some local customs. Topeka is a city with a long history and rich culture, the capital of Kansas and an important birthplace of the American civil rights movement. Here, we could see some buildings and attractions with historical significance and artistic value, such as the Kansas State Capitol, the Brown v. Board of Education National Historic Site, and the Old Prairie Town. We could also see some creative and interesting museums and exhibitions, such as the Evel Knievel Museum, the Kansas Children’s Discovery Center, and the Kansas Museum of History. We could enjoy some beautiful natural scenery and parks, such as Gage Park, Ward Meade Park, and Lake Shawnee. We could also join some fun activities and festivals, such as the Silent Film Festival, the Tulip Time Festival, and the Mulvane Art Fair.

In Topeka, we also tasted some local food specialties, such as barbecue, burgers, and pizza. These foods were delicious and affordable. We also tried some local bars and coffee shops, such as The Celtic Fox Irish Pub & Restaurant, The Wheel Barrel, and PT’s Coffee Roasting Co. These places had a great atmosphere and service and offered a variety of drinks and snacks. We enjoyed our relaxing and pleasant time here and made some friends with friendly and hospitable locals.

In Topeka, we felt a diverse and inclusive cultural atmosphere. The people here were friendly and welcoming, respected and appreciated different backgrounds and opinions. There were also many organizations and activities that supported equality and diversity, such as the Equality House, the Pride Festival, and the Multicultural Festival. We learned a lot about the history and stories of Topeka and Kansas and felt the charm and spirit of the people of Topeka.

This trip to Topeka for hunting was a very unforgettable and meaningful experience. We not only enjoyed the fun and achievement of hunting but also visited the scenery and culture of Topeka, tasted the food and drinks of Topeka, and experienced the atmosphere and people of Topeka. We also want to thank WildGuarder for providing us with such excellent infrared binoculars, which enabled us to hunt in the darkness and ensured our safety and success. It is a very practical and efficient hunting tool, and we highly recommend it to all hunting enthusiasts. We hope to have the opportunity to go hunting in Topeka again in the future, and we also hope that more people can experience the charm and splendor of Topeka.

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